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  1. Sure have added Data File Host Mirror to first page
  2. Update: Version - Use "Noerr lines" in VHD creation only if needed - multi boot improvements - automatically unload system BCD if necessary - creates a log file in the system root of the new installation - copies NT6.x $OEM$ folder content to its respective location - all registry operations are done through the offline registry libary - no longer depends on reg.exe and bcopy.exe - fixed save settings to ini forgot some options - fixed file copy errors for some nlite update packs - reduced CPU usage - cosmetics
  3. You didn't missed anything, I should have give this information earlier.
  4. WinNTSetup uses a "fast" install mode The complete section <settings pass="windowsPE"> is ignored in this way of setup. You should get unattended setup by adding SkipMachineOOBE and SkipUserOOBE in your <settings pass="oobeSystem"> <OOBE> <HideEULAPage>true</HideEULAPage> <HideWirelessSetupInOOBE>true</HideWirelessSetupInOOBE> <NetworkLocation>Home</NetworkLocation> <ProtectYourPC>2</ProtectYourPC> <SkipMachineOOBE>true</SkipMachineOOBE> <SkipUserOOBE>true</SkipUserOOBE> </OOBE>
  5. Hi Atari800XL, The system drive needs an extra parameter: -sysletter. WinNTSetup2_x86.exe -nt6 -source:f:\sources\install.wim -syspart:c: -setup -unattend:"autounattend.xml" -savedriveletters -sysletter:C EDIT: Just found a parsing bug: -sysletter only accept C but not C:
  6. Hi amitri, Seems I forgot the $OEM$ folder for Vista and newer windows version. Will be fixed in next release.
  7. 1. select your windows distribution 2. choose a installation partition 3. push the setup button hmm, maybe not my biggest talent to explain things... Could you make a list of questions that arise while using the tool? So i can address every thing that is not so clear.
  8. You can load /save settings with CTRL +S and CTRL +L XP Setup Launcher, I don't know this tool and screen shots and download links aren't working anymore. If this all about having gui options for unattended file then no won't be integrated. You could easily create your own editor tools for this with autoit3, that could do exactly what you want.
  9. None. So let's say freeware Actually by the high download count I should consider changing to the beerware license
  10. Yep, since version Windows 8 is fully supported
  11. JFX

    boot.wim error

    This was wrong, right would have been: imagex /export H:\s1\sources\bootsetup.wim 1 H:\s1\sources\bootpe.wim "Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)" -boot to fix this simply use imagex -info H:\s1\sources\bootpe.wim -boot 2 @Kullenen how does this affect all the pathes inside HKLM\Classes? Will they be auto adjusted during boot or still point to the old location ((X:$windows.~bt\window) ?
  12. JFX

    boot.wim error

    Giving exact commands used would be easier to know what's happen. Seems the boot index is wrong, the winpe index 1 is not suppose to run from WIM Ramboot. Change the index to boot the "setup" image: imagex -info boot.wim -boot 2
  13. Update: Version - fixed WIM file selection only shows "install.wim" Thanks click-click - fixed UniqueID issue with instant VHD creation since version - changed "LANG" folder from 2000/XP/2003 source now always copied - removed option for "XP Partition Mode" - added option "No Reboot on BSoD" - fixed GPT Partitions could not be selected - fixed MountedDevices entrys for MBR/GPT devices - display Alignment for select partitions
  14. Hi click-click, WIM file name should not matter, seems that i have set up the filter for "Choose the install.wim file" dialog wrong. Will be fixed in next release. For now just type "*.wim" and hit Enter, it should display all wim files now.
  15. Hi ilko, great work on WinSetupFromUSB small cosmetic fix: http://ayende.com/blog/4360/how-to-opt-out-of-program-compatibility-assistant Applications with "Setup" in their name need supportedOS entries in their manifest on Windows Vista and later.
  16. Update: Version - ISO File support* - fixed instant VHD creation no longer requires fsutil.exe - add "F" button that bring up the windows format dialog - accept "Preview" edition type for native VHD Boot - added bootice button, if bootice.exe is in same folder - updated tool MSSTMake * check up the WinNTSetup2_iso.cmd batch and define how to mount the ISO
  17. @maanu I truly respect the work on alternative file backed disk drivers like winvblock, firadisk or vboot. But at current development state their are just far cry from Microsoft's own drivers. They never will be supported if this not change. Anyway it's up to the end user to decide. You currently can launch winntsetup with option -DisableVHDChecks which let you install any system on a mounted VHD. Next version will ask on click of the VHD icon. @ghfujianbin Yes i tried all of this, MBR/PBR icon are not important if one choose option to update boot sector (default set). Only active primary icon is highly recommended to be green. 0xc0000225 - means inaccessible device so far it seems that the destination of the boot entry for your new Win2008 install point to an invalid location. maybe it helps if you boot your winxp and try fixing the BCD store with tools like bcdedit/easybcd. most interesting would be the output of: bcdedit -store C:\Boot\BCD -enum all where C: is the drive you selected as boot drive in winntsetup. @jaclaz don't think he meant anything to circumvent the VHDBoot license restrictions. The first time one noticed that a system isn't licensed for nativeVHDBoot is on the first login. To avoid that "useless" install i added a check right before installing into a VHD mounted drive.
  18. @maanu why not let PECmd call a batch file that start both? I found a way to bring up the native format dialog of windows inside default winpe, so next version will have a (F)ormat button. @ghfujianbin that strange, i installed Windows7 several times that way next to Windows XP and never had a problem. If there is an entry in boot menu means, that the update of boot sector did work all right. What exactly is the error message?
  19. Hi maanu, bootice is not included anymore, because of bugs and missing x64 version. an option to format i can properly add. but why not launch Partition Guru before or parallel to Winntsetup and use it to make partitions ready?
  20. Hi zamarac. Thin Client and Embedded versions are not supported, one reason they mssing boot files. Another reason they often gives 0x7b or a blank screen with this direct install method. I never had the time to find out what really happens there. You can run Winntsetup from any OS (Windows XP SP1 up to Windows 8 Pre) It also support running from WinPE and from any read-only device like CD-ROM's Unsingned drivers are only integrated if cmdline option -NT6 -ForceUnsigned -TESTSIGNING is used. A driver that have not a trusted signed cretificated, win7x64 will always need to run in testmode it use bcdboot X:\Windows /s C: /l en-uS there is actually no suppression of error, it would show error message. some people want to create VHD's in their forensic WinPE (no automount, readonly disk access). The 4 NOERR lines are added that this works now. ALIGN and UINT is usually not needed to set by user, Windows 7 default is okay in all cases. Newer harddisk, will often have a recommanded Aligment size, if this case user should select it. higher UINT values can result in slightly better perfomence
  21. You can not! Only Windows 7 and later is supported for direct install to USB device.
  22. ... oh should turn off opera turbo ... anyone can delete this double post
  23. No, it's not mandatory. install will overwrite files and abort if there would be a problem. But yes there will be files remaining from old Windows installation. With removing an old installation without formating, i see 2 problems: 1. NTFS security settings - one would need to take ownership & grant access or using a tool like xdel 2. Junctions and Symlink (and this is the thing that scares me ! ) - junctions and symlinks in Win7 are created with full path. think you have an offline win7 that has C: as normal drive letter and is now under your current running windows mounted as D: It's junctions and symlink will still point to C:, but that could be the current running windows Even Mircosofts own tools like robocopy don't handle symlinks right. It might happen that deleting an offline windows switch the drive and start deleting files/folder one the current system drive !
  24. Hi maanu, alright here, hope everything is okay by you too. Sounds interesting, please send me additional "information" about this GHO image via PM.
  25. You can't remove the wimfltr driver if it was started, without a reboot. Why would you need both versions?
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