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  1. i just bought a logitech mx1000 laser mouse a week ago & after using it for 6 days, the battery was drained out & it was good considering my heavy use. anyway, i put the mouse in the cradle & it started charging right away it took about 4 hours & it still didn't fully charge so i took it out & immediately noticed that it's REALLY hot in the battery area. so i put it down on my desk & started using it & it was working like a charm. next day i turned on my pc & the mouse was dead.....as if the battery was drained out again so i put it in the cradle & after 5 sec. of charging it was flashing red ...... no matter what i do it just doesn’t charge & doesn’t even light up when i take it out of the cradle....just keep flashing red anytime it's in the charger. very disappointed since i thought it was a quality product.... & to make the deal even sweeter it was imported from the UK for me so returning it for RMA will cost me about $120 in my country coooool Logitech
  2. well people.. i got it figured out! it is in fact : programfilesdir(x86) commonprogramfilesdir(x86) thanks for the help B)
  3. well i think microsoft doesn’t like the idea that u can specify that in an unattended install you see.....not even the variable for program files or profiles (in windows xp)is documented in the ref.chm (i took note of that long ago) i double checked with windows x64's ref.chm & the same goes no msdn no technet i even googled for hours....... i think it will be a challenge to do...
  4. Hi All... I'm Trying To Make An Unattended Install Of Windows XP x64... Everything Is OK Except For The Fact That I Can't Find Or Figure Out The Variable You Can Use For The Location Of "Program Files (x86)" In winnt.sif (Since I'll Be Using The Unattended Install From CD Method) I Understand That If You Put: programfilesdir=******** (Where ********= Your Preferred Directory For "Program Files") It Will Create It In The Location You Specified. Now, What About "Program Files (x86)" What Is The Variable For That Folder? I Checked ref.chm In DEPLOY.CAB In The CD But Nothing There....Searched MSDN / TechNet & The Same goes For Them I Also Made Some Guesses Like: x86programfilesdir (x86)programfilesdir programfilesx86dir programfiles(x86)dir programfilesdirx86 programfilesdir(x86) Any Help Or Guidance Will Be Greatly Appreciated Thanks!
  5. peace.. this is my first post so...... Hi Peoples! as for the issue : we all know...windows x64 has 2 Program Files directories now how can you define the location for program files (x86) in the winnt.sif file? i know that if you put: programfilesdir = xxxxxxxx it will do it's job & make the Program Files Directory In The Location you want but about Program Files (x86)? i already tried some guesses like: (x86)programfilesdir programfiles(x86)dir programfilesx86dir x86programfilesdir anybody got any clues???

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