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  1. MaloK

    WinPE VS BartPE

    while the time Bart gets busted PEBuilder will surely have 10,000 times more working plugin than windows PE and as for support and hotfixes Bart alone is lot faster to fix his things than M$ (while i never found a bug in PEbuilder except the ones that i have created on my own) it's really a question of personnal choice i prefer PEBuilder because it's available to everyone when i browse WinPE forums all i see is "cannot do this, cannot do that, how can i fix this and that" when i browse PEBuilder i find "Try this new plugin, heres a new Mass storage pack, look what we can run in Bart's PE" and the gang at the 911cd.net forum worth 100 time the M$ support you'll get on Microsoft Windows PE i'm in the business since the beguinning of computer industry and i deal with microsoft on day to day basis and their supports does simply not worth the price they ask for....
  2. www.911cd.net/forums is where i got all my tricks.
  3. From the lesson that os2fan2 gave me here's all files association needed for Irfanview... irfanview.cab
  4. os2fan2 i like your method (with the inf file) i will use it in the future i managed my way by creating a plugin that goes like this assoc.inf: ; assoc.inf ; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF file For Assoc ; Created by MaloK [Version] Signature= "$Windows NT$" [PEBuilder] Name="File Association" Enable=1 Help="" [SourceDisksFiles] autorun_assoc.cmd=2,,1 autorun_assoc.cmd: reg add HKCR\.jpg /ve /t REG_SZ /d jpgfile reg add HKCR\jpgfile\shell\open\command /ve /t REG_SZ /d "%systemdrive%\programs\irfanview\i_view32.exe %%1" reg add HKCR\.bmp /ve /t REG_SZ /d bmp_auto_file reg add HKCR\bmp_auto_file\shell\open\command /ve /t REG_SZ /d "%systemdrive%\programs\irfanview\i_view32.exe %%1" exit Associates *.jpg and *.bmp with Irfanview as an example, it Works but the way you do it is cleaner many thanks for the info...
  5. can someone provide an example how to create file association in BPE please ....
  6. what happens if you only restart the World wide web publishing service ???
  7. Look Here that plugin is working
  8. Did you scan your machine for grayware maybe your internet explorer got hijacked Remove all tool bar installled.... use Spybot, adaware, Hijackthis to do it....
  9. Works also with XP too tried it yesterday and it saved the Machine.
  10. For intel inf util: example: INFINST_ENU.EXE -a -a -p c:\extract\INF example: SETUP.EXE -a -p c:\extract\INF for Ati Catalyst Drivers: Software will be automatically extracted in a directory looking like C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-051-040825a-017633C
  11. Server: Quad PIII 350 MHz 512 kb cache 1 gig registered Simens SDRAM adaptec 2100s in raid 5 mode 4X38 go ultra-lvd seagate baracuda 10K drives kingston EtherX kne-100TX PCI Realtek 8139 Fast Ethernet 4 mo ati video card Running 2k Advanced Server Station1: P4 3.08 GHz Asus P4C800E-Deluxe 2 gig kingston DDR 2x120 go Seagate SATA in Raid 0 SoundBlaster audigy2 Nvidia FX 5600 256 mo Sony CD-RW Sony DVD-Ram Sony DVD-Rom running Windows 2k pro Station2: P2 266 asus P2L-97 384 mo SDRAM 40 Go Maxtor Hdd SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold Sony CD-RW Asus 52x CD-ROM ATI RagePro 32 mo Running Windows 98 SE Station3:(Jukebox) P1 166 mmx 512 ko cache 64 mo ram 60 Go Maxtor Hdd Soundblaster PCi 128 Running DOS 7.0
  12. insert windows xp setup cd, reboot computer, boot from cd, during install windows will promp you to select where you want to install, this is a partition manager delete the partition and select the free space to install windows, setup wil do the rest for you.... no need for a 98 boot disk and you will be able to format it with ntfs file system instead of converting it after.... hth.
  13. Pardon me but SCSI 320 on a Adaptec 39320A-R with 20k drives is wayyyyyyyyyy faster if you configure it as raid 10 it's 4 time faster than a SATA Raid sorry but SCSI RULES.
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