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  1. Hey guys i want to modify the part of setup.exe so that when clicked it gives intructions on how to install windows then say reboot and abort is there any program to do this
  2. Hey guys heres my problem im making a multiboot disk that lets you select what windows you want to install but i want both to get the same $oem$ folder is there any iso tools or something to munipulate the table which tells the pc where the data is
  3. if you want to replace notepad why dont you rename the exe to notepad.exe then us ethe makecab command then place the new file in the i386 Ps this only works on 1 file based programs so if it has other files youll have to use the $oem$ folder
  4. parallel? do you mean inside the folder or what
  5. well guys nvm about the guide i must of missed the link on the home page but is there a way to make it so the os's on there have seprate $OEM$ folders
  6. Hey guys im building a windows UA disk and some people wanted xp added so im wondering how i can put xp pro sp2 on there as well, i know that youll say search but i have but couldnt find any easy guides and im really tired so any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. yeh i would like to see a swedish keyboard BTW your computer name should hav ' ' around it should it so 'Mainframe'
  8. Request 1:Instead of having to put 2 install options in WPI to run the prepare.cmd and the cleanup.cmd can there be a option in the main program either to run these cmd files before and after anything goes on, or even make it so we can write the command lines directly into the config somewhere Request 2: as there is already i thread i though it should at leats keep talking in the correct place but anyway it would nice to have a choice of skins which would be like the ones we have now and the real eye candy better looking ones people want Request 3:This one works with the above one which is that there be a option to import skins other people have made Request 4:A way to just upgrade your WPI to the latest some how with out losing all your modificatioms
  9. be nice to have a full eye candy buttons or skins selection too PS if you make more titles try not to add the xp bit becuse i use windows 2003
  10. Can mods or admins please delete this thread as i have solved my problem
  11. well what happens is the cd finishes installing windows then it starts the install.bat on first logon which is ment to start the aftersetup.cmd at next boot install.bat: Removes systemfiles patches some files starts WPI makes aftersetup.cmd run next logon aftersetup.cmd: removes shotcuts tweaks regitrsy registers nero starts cleartype makes relnotes for next boot This unattended install cd is based on Windows 2003, Standard
  12. woops you edited your post at the same time umm yeh its all located in %systemdrive%\install or on the cd $oem$\$1\install
  13. well obviously if you looks at the rar attached it has the batch files and you would have all your answers and yes im using nlite
  14. Hey guys ive tried everyway possible to get these regkeys applied except they wont get applied unless you run them in explorer buy double clciking on them ive included the 2 files in a zip below if anyone can help please do i really want to finish this disk for once install.rar
  15. Hey guys i was wondering how i could make my folders: Install Drivers Hidden or protected by a website that open in explorer just like the hp and compaq restore partitons ------------------------ IF THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED DONT TELL ME TO SEARCH BECUSE I COULDNT FIND IT IN SEARCH
  16. Hey guys how would i go about making some infs install
  17. well i cant use the config wizard becuse i removed the exit button and now you cant click on save new and all them
  18. i ahd this error too when using nlite on dvd mode it is best to use the intructions on the guide msfn has
  19. Hey guys i did find the solutions before but i cant ifind it again so anyway is there a way to suppress the hardware detection of the virtual cdrom during silent install?
  20. Hey guys i know this has most likely been answered but i went looking and couldnt find it, so anyway after a while during the wpi installtion of programs a error comes up saying a Internet Explorer script is taking too long to process. Im wondering if there is a solution for this anywhere
  21. Hey MCT could i have the backround you used there
  22. ok heres the story i have MSN Messenger 6.2 in the config.js inlcuded above except the in UI of WPI if i untick MSN Messenger 6.2 the proccess that runs WPI will take up 100% usage untill i kill that process
  23. hey guys i want to remove all the new documents except new text document and bitmap image from the new menu in explorer how would i go about deleting the other keys <snip>

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