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  1. well your first suggestion revealed all of the ones i need now i would like to know where the reg key for the explorer to be set to tiles not details
  2. well besides copying 1.6 gigs of data during setup ive made it so users can reinstall there software at anytime
  3. ive already tried that and ive also tried looking for the reg keys with no luck does anyone else have any ideas:s
  4. Hey guys im almost complete all i need now is the location of where th xp style start menus settings are stored the settings i want are -Pinned Applications -The right side selection of stuff they let you select -and the internet and email client buttons
  5. yeh i made a exe out of it and named it install.exe, and would it matter if its on one line
  6. hey i cant get it to work but im using Aut2exe v3 would that matter
  7. im running windows 2k3 sp1 and i have taken it from a power pack which includes a heap of software and i have take it out of that and modified it so i can run it on its own but it complains about not having a directx higher then 8.1 when i have 9.0c
  8. and what script is that could you post a link to it
  9. Hey guys i have got my powerpack form my Power Colour ATI cd pack and removed just powerdvd and made it so the setup will run but now it complains about requiring DirectX 8.1 or higher when i have DirectX9.0c
  10. oh btw i used NLite to intergrate these which i dont know if it even does it correctly PS which also means me to ask how to intergrate all the ati radeon/nvidia gfore and nforce drivers so you dont have to install them later
  11. Hey guys im very close to finishing this dvd but i have noticed one error i cant fix is that i added a driver that keeps stuffing up, can anyone help me remove the driver PS its for a hp keyboard
  12. on second thought is there just a registry key we can use
  13. Hey it wont run on my win2k3 machine it says its missing some .ocx file how do i get that file and intergrate it into my setup
  14. umm its hex so how do i change it so its %systemdrive%\docs\relnotes.txt
  15. is it allowed to have %systemdrive% in there
  16. Hey guys how can i make it so a text document will appear on the reboot after all the programs have installed and all so the user can read what was included and all the product keys and all
  17. I cant seem to get this program doing what i want is there anyway to make it watch just one program like dxdiag or the startmenu
  18. i cant seem to figure it out the program exactly does anyone know those regkeys and the ones for "the manage this server dialog not to appear next logon" and the keys to make "windows browsing appear as tiles" and also to remove the pinned start menu items
  19. Hey guys is there any programs that are quick and easy to use that i can use to monitr the changes that happen when i change settings from windows if you get that
  20. also how in batch file can i make it start the theme service then bring up the dialog with all the themes to choose
  21. well DLF maybe i couldnt find that key in the serach, did you ever think of that

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