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  1. yeh i know i need the reg keys to make it for a unattended install
  2. Hey guys once again im in need of help, now i know win2k3 shouldnt be a workstation but it can be one so i do but anyway does anyone know what registry keys need to change for the graphics card accleration to be taken to full audio card aceleration taken to full directx settings taken to full
  3. Ive been using the sp 1 build 1218 i didnt know it was included in the new one i guess ill find out when i compile this cd
  4. Well encase yous havnt noticed im building this for windows 2003 enterprise which has got the sp 1 rc1 for it
  5. well im calling my auto install windows 2003 professional edition so i need to customize it my self so thanks anyway
  6. Hey guys ive used Nlite to modify my windows install and i have made it use the basic screen for installing windows now is there anyway to modify that black screen with the logo on it
  7. Hey guys how can i change the boot screen so before it boots into any windows it changes it, and also there are banners in loading windows and shuting down windows i was wondering how i can change them safely
  8. Hey Guys i know how to install wmp10 in win2k3 but i want it to be unattended so is there any guide to do this
  9. Hey guys ive seen cds that can run windows off of them and i was wondering is it possible to make a windows dvds like knoppix which has all the software and you can boot it and install it
  10. OK well i fixed it my self after making a msi that installs the service which i used the above site as a template
  11. ok well i think i found the command to run the audio service i just need to find out how to install it Command : svchost.exe -k netsvcs PS i got my info from 'http://www.theeldergeek.com/windows_audio.htm'
  12. no becuse the service its self inst installed im well aware of how to enable it but the service is not there so i cant enable it
  13. Hey guys i just reformatted with my win2k3sp1 cd to find after all my custimizing windows audio service is not installed (meanning its not on the service list to enable) so instaed of reformatting how can i just reinstall this service
  14. but is there a guide becuse this is 2 totally different netoworks rember so you can attach a domain to another one
  15. it cant be i have the cd and its not corprate it must be something else becuse it only happened on the copy i did with tweaknt
  16. hi i didnt use tweak nt for ilegal reasons i just didnt want to reformat anyway when i upgraded to sp2 and logged in it gives me the following error is there a way to fix this
  17. cool i just need it to have handy or to install a program that uses 98 to modify bios so where can i get the optimium one
  18. hi i was wondering is there anyway to cut win98 down to fit on a 118mb flash drive or would 95 fit on there anyway
  19. hi i was wondering if it is possible to have a laptop with xp belong to 2 domains that are on totally different networks like my schools network and my home network is it possible
  20. Hi i was wondering how to enable infared under 2003 ent becuse i would like to use my palm and laptop to print stuufto the server

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