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  1. well its not what i was loking for :@ it seems that version isnt compatible with the latest cdshell :@ does anyone have one that works
  2. you will have to assign the right for him to use rdp and be able to login and you also might want to apply a few gpos to block him from accessing any harddrives and so forth
  3. ive been looking for this all i need now is to get it to work with knoppiz :S
  4. oh yep just noticed it well thats all my questions thnx again
  5. ahh your rite, ill try it now. i knew it would be a little thing like that, so can anyone point me in the right direction to change the load screen for cd image
  6. <snip>i just fixed this erorr<snip> the xp error is Please insert the disk labeled Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 CD Into Drive A: Press enter when ready if i press enter it just keeps trying :S
  7. hey guys i got everything working on windows 2003 and its all booting perfectly but when i went to try out xp on my cdimage disc after it was in text mode it was asking for a floppy for the winnt.sif file or something, im pretty sure ive just missed a step somewhere but can anyone point me in the right direction also how do i change the boot image so it doesnt have the cdimage logo
  8. i did try a search but i must of just missed that one thnx anyway
  9. Hey guys i know i must have skipped past one of the tweaks in the pinned post but can anyone tell me?
  10. wel this program sounds like a good idea dont see hwy no body is replying tho :S
  11. ok well i dont know if this will work becuse ive just copied my existing shortcut and put it there to be copied:S but does anyone know if its possible to set the theme in the registry
  12. umm i must of made a mistae somewhere i was trying to ask how to get the 'show desktop' button back cuz i already fixed the quick launch bar error
  13. there was a fault when running from a cmd line becuse it will read from the wrong dirs you need to use the cmd 'cd /d %systemdrive%' just before you use the cmd line to execute the program
  14. has anyone got a solution becuse this is happening everytime now and i cant find why the themes wont apply so is there any registry tweaks or cmds i can run in windows to enable these
  15. theres not much in there becuse win2k3 has no welcome screen and just has a plain old banner
  16. but when you make the iso the hidden properties dont work i want a real secure way
  17. Hey guys i have been thinking about people stealing registry activation keys and all and releasing other makes so is there anyway i can make the disk hide all files except for the application and docs folder and the root files
  18. Hey i dont know if this has been told but i cant seem to download cd shell form the guide on the homepage
  19. hey guys did anyone test this and will it work on my win2k3 disk PS is there any security risk in having this installed PSS i noticed that it migrates drivers into it and stops at some points saying the mass torage device can be supported is there a way to supress that
  20. Hey guys with the reg code ; MasterFileTable Sizing - 1=Default 2=Medium 3=Larger 4=Maximun ; ====================== [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem] "NtfsMftZoneReservation"=dword:00000001 Does that inrease the mft like diskeeper and also whats the default value for the mft
  21. Hey i have my UA disk here its been compelted but iv noticed sometimes it wont set the defualt theme or put in the IE and Show desktop buttons on task bar :S

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