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  1. Nope...CAB faker didn't get it done Last INI att'd...
  2. Confirmed, KB log attached... Do I substitute the CAB "Faker" file for the real one? Or do I slipstream both?
  3. Nice find! Yes, I DID disable the Windows key, from Last INI: Explorer-Disable Autorun Explorer-Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Explorer-Disable shortcut arrow Explorer-Disable Web Files and Folders connection Explorer-Disable Windows keys I'll run a build with keyboards removed & Windows key enabled & report back, which I'm sure you'll do too. Hopefully we'll both get the same desired result...
  4. Would you be adding the add-on creator & a footnote on your Post SP3 site? If so, go right ahead Mr -X- s'il vous plait...if not, I'll just keep the keyboard files. Any idea how much space they take up on the CD? Thanks again for your outstanding work, I'm gonna throw a few bucks in your tip-jar.
  5. >>>Do you disable(like the Windows key) any keys or remap keys?<<< Negative. >>>Also, do you do anything with remove components with the keyboards?<<< Yes. I check & remove everything under ;# Keyboards # & ;# Languages # This guy "Freudi" (ironical, given my username no?) blames it on nLited installs being "unclean aka sloppy" >>>LINK<<< Above quote is translated from German to English
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out & report back any problems/success... Now about that pesky "Faulty Keyboard" update that fails--KB2686509 or is that a subject for another thread? Related links/fixes: http://answers.micro...37-03ff8927b79c http://social.techne...g-of-a-key.aspx http://social.techne...-dll-files.aspx
  7. Good work however..... what about KB2592799? Where do we put that one? In-between? Thanks for your hard work on this! "Pink"
  8. tcpip.sys is not the problem (for me) it's nLite using the older version of tcpip6.sys... It didn't. Apparently it does, see below. I found a fix but it ain't pretty. I moved (after running nLite but before create ISO) older version of tcpip6.sys from I386 to I386/System32 folder & copied newer ver to I386, made ISO & tested in VM...Good news & bad news... KB978338 & KB2509553 both installed BUT KB2592799 failed due to afd.sys conflict with KB2509553. KB2592799 adds Afd.sys 5.1.2600.6142 (8/17/11) but nLite used older ver Afd.sys 5.1.2600.5695 (10/16/08) from KB2509553. Re-ran nLite from a fresh source & did the same...before create ISO moved all "old" versions (Tcpip6.sys, Tcpip.sys & afd.sys) to I386/System32 & added "new" ver to I386, tested in VM, all is well
  9. >>>Does this bug happens on other file types? If so, then we have to be careful of these files, too. (Overlapping files that do not have .exe or .dll extension) afd.sys KB2509553 KB2592799 mswrd8.wpc KB973904 KB2485663 srv.sys KB2345886 KB2508429 tcpip6.sys KB978338 KB2509553 I hope someone can check these out.<<< KB978338 failed to install on nLited XP CD. Last session attached.
  10. >>>blushes<<< I stand corrected, I haven't used IE for years and have NEVER used IE 9 for ANY browsing (used IE 10 a little in 8 Cons Prev) Ididn't recognize the advanced results from MSDLC Here's what I'm used to in FF & Chrome (KB specific):
  11. Nice script. Good news/ Bad news... The Good: Results seem accurate at first glance The Bad (IMHO, YMMV): Opens Bing results in Innernetz Ex-PLODE-r
  12. Thank you for your follow-up, it is much appreciated. In reply to the above: 1) All updates installed via WU except the 4 hotfixes mentioned-- all 4 show under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update--Installed Updates tab, 2 show under \View update history 2) It does not. (PNG's attached) Including Hotfixes, IE9, MSSE , MSRT there are 72 items listed under "History"--vs 66 under "Installed" Just for the halibut, I re-ran the VBScript--same result.
  13. @cluberti: Thank you for these easy & very useful VBScripts. The "not installed" script worked perfectly & showed the 9 updates I have chosen to hide. The "installed" script only showed 11 results (attached), however in WU cpl I have the following: 4 "Hotfix" 42 "Security" 19 "Update" IE 9 -------------- 66 total Win 7 Home Prem SP1 x64 on a Gateway NV59C Notebook, recently (about a week ago) clean installed to rid myself of the OEM bloat...if that makes any difference.
  14. TY, I will try that. Worked like a charm, tyvm for the suggestion. I did make one mistake on my installation---I mistakenly removed Windows Sounds
  15. Last one I did (Dec '10) I ran "by the book" (folder structure @ root of C: in XP environment using the Dell 2200 I mentioned)...took about 30-40 minutes for nLite to compile IIRC, from a "fresh" (SP2) source... the failed install compiled in Windows 7 and the subsequent successful install sans IE8 took about 10-15 minutes using nLite and the successful install in VMWare took 12-15 minutes from Power on to desktop.
  16. @Ponch: Thank you for your prompt & most informative reply. Allow me to address each of your points: -It seems you are applying SP3 running nLite in a Vista environnement. This will get you trouble (like rejected key). Yes, I used my Win 7 laptop. The Dell laptop (2200 Inspiron) only has 1.25gb RAM which is the max supported--and nLited builds take FOREVER and a day--even @ highest priority with only the host OS AV (Avast) running in the background. My Gateway running 7 Home Prem has 8gb & fairly buzzes through the process in about 1/3 the time. If you feel it may be an issue I will do a new build on the Dell lappy -Putting everything on the "user\Desktop" (XP files, packages, drivers, iso) is known cause trouble as well. I didn't remember that--I should have, as I've read that here often enough. I will put all my work @ C:\ XPCD for my newest build with the adjustments noted below. EDIT TO ADD: This may explain why the Royale Noir theme failed to install (empty folder @ c:\ Windows\Resources\Themes\royale_noir) on my last build noted below, do you agree? -You might be integrating some stuff that is made for WMP versions (11) that are not in your build. This is known to cause reboots. I will remove them from my new build as I dont use WMP. (use VLC) -finally the obvious; enough RAM and HDD space for your VM to run ? (Try with your original Dell cd). I attempted 3 seperate builds, each with a 40gb virtual HDD starting with the fresh Dell SP2 source each time (could it have become corrupt/scratched, it's 3 yrs old)--using VMWare's recommended setting (@512mb), next @1024mb & lastly @1280mb--all with the same reboot loop result. With my subsequent build (removed onepiece's IE8, @512mb) it installed completely unattended, start to desktop in under 15 minutes. Regards, Joe AKA PinkFreud
  17. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster, and admittedly a NOOB. My topic and description pretty much says it all, and I'm not even sure this is so much an nLite issue vs problem in my VM player .vmx config. I'm attaching my last INI per forum protocol, along with a copy of the VMX config and also attaching a png of the error, which reads: Not enough virtual memory or paging file quota is available to complete the specified operation. I used a clean SP2 Dell reinstallation CD (I have used this successfully a dozen or more times, twice on my old Dell and the rest in VMWare) integrated SP3, X's UDC for post-SP3 updates & hotfixes, Dell's chipset, audio, etc...drivers, IE8 w/the add-on creator linked to on X's UDC page...and very little else--Royale Noir theme, latest Flash, JRE 6 24--booted from the nLite ISO. Install runs smoothly until loop after formatting and reboot. Any help is much appreciated. Last INI: VMX file: EDIT TO ADD: Apparently onepiece's IE8 add-on is the "culprit". I just rebuilt the ISO this time WITHOUT IE8 & XP is installing on VMWare as I type this... 2nd ETA: Just to clarify, I am not "blaming" nor denigrating onepiece's IE8, quite the contrary AAMOF as I've used it successfully a half dozen times or so. Apparently something I did/didn't do/did inncorrectly "broke" my IE8 integration. (See Ponch's reply below)

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