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  1. 98 SE SP 2.0.2 Download. (16406016 Bytes, md5: 1fedb86aa5414bc18a96010ce7e0e923) ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST! Installation and Semi-slipstreaming Guide for SP What's new: * Added MSMOUSE.VXD from Q254660. * Added "(Remove Only)" to the uninstall string. * Removed COMCTL32.DLL from the SPUNINST.INF. * Fixed ERRORLEVEL bug in RUNPOST.BAT. * Removed ATTRIB.EXE and FIND.COM from the package. * Fixed a minor bug in the TWEAKUI.HLP. * Updated boot logo and added shutdown logo. - Full changelog. Special thanks to Petr, erpdude8, hp68guser, MDGx, Lilla, Excalibur007. Known problems: * Some old audio drivers (like Crystal CS423x) are not compatible with SP 2.x. Please, update your audio drivers, if you have problem. * Uninstallation needs Windows 98 SE CD-ROM. It also doesn't remove all installed files. It only reverts back half of the installed files with original 98 SE files. So, I don't recommend uninstallation of the pack, if you don't have any serious problem. Important notes: * If you installed SP 2.0.1 previously, you don't have to install this version. You can install only Q254660. * If you want to use only Tihiy's unofficial Q891711 fix, you should uninstall official Q891711 fix from Add/Remove Programs. * If you want to make a localized version of this pack, you can find DDF (for making CAB files), and SED (for IEXPRESS) files as an attachment in this post. For more information about localization, you can look at Petr's post. * Unattended installation support is added, but it only installs "Main Updates/Hotfixes" part. For unattended installation, use this command: sesp202en.exe /q * If you like this pack and feel like contributing a little something, you can send me some donation via Paypal. Other works: * MDGx's 982ME. * Tihiy's Revolutions Pack. * Maximus-Decim's 98SE Native USB Drivers (NUSB). * Petr's 98FE Service Pack. 202files.zip
  2. Good work, Petr. I tested it briefly. BTW, I am going to finish my master degree soon. So, I was very busy in the June. I hope I'll back to work on the SP after the July 8.
  3. Hi, Could you update or re-install your drivers?
  4. Agree. Whole update or just one file... What's the matter? Personally I don't want to add them. First, they're recommended. Second, some people doesn't need (or like) them. Agree. I think, any cosmetic enhancements should be optional at least. This update is marked as critical. Also, it does not affect Sun JVM. If you have Sun JVM, it continues to work as primary Java VM. On the other hand, it is big, I'm not sure now. Could you check this link ? Please, don't forget that bigger registry causes slower Win98. Maybe a few WinUpdate registries should not affect the system much, but generally Win98 users has low CPU and RAM resources. Don't agree. Because if a program uses it (i.e. MSN Messenger), SP will update the Unicode Layer to the latest version. Agree. But, SE SP has complete packages, too. Did I miss something? Agree. I think NTFS support is not a good idea. IMHO, there is not any good totally free NTFS reader for Win98. Yes, any opinion. Probably, I will return to patched Notepad. I recommend fesp201en or 98fesp201en.exe.
  5. Finally, I downloaded it. I think the server has hotlinking protection. So, you have to copy the link manually into the browser's address bar.
  6. I agree! I agree again. I explored most DDF, SED and INF details myself. So, they was not as useful as I hope. I changed my environment. Thanks!
  7. Ex, I got "corrupt file" message for these RAR files. Could you check them?
  8. Got it, thanks! Please, give me an example. Sometimes, we don't need whole package, but it doesn't mean that we don't have it. We don't have to add all files, because some of these files are already in the original Win98 SE. Note that: I made my DCOM list with help a MVP. Please check this site.
  9. It's newer I have not examined it yet, but probably it contains very minor changes.
  10. Most of them are already included in the SP 2.0.1. I checked it again, I only missed Q323708 (NSCIRDA.SYS), and unofficial patches: KRNL386.EXE, VOLTRACK.VXD. I'm not sure about these unofficial patches. I want to include them, but they should be optional at least.
  11. Gape


    Could you write the exact error message? Also, a list of your hardware may be helpful.
  12. Good job! [*]USB 1.x Mass Storage Device Support Is it from SP 1.6? Also, I kindly ask to include a reference to my site, something like: "This work has originally started by ...". [if you included a reference in the LICENSE.TXT, please discard this request].
  13. File changes in the next version of the SP: * Add OPENGL32.DLL [from Q240896]. * Add NSCIRDA.SYS [from Q323708]. * Update NWPP32.DLL [to updated Q250876]. * (?) Add MSWRD632.WPC [from Q885836]. * (?) Add MSWRD832.CNV [from Q841532]. * (?) Add JPEGIM32.FLT [from QCONVPCK.EXE]. * (?) Update EXPLORER.EXE [to IE401SP2]. Do you agree? Did I missed something? Other changes I did: * Replaced "MaxFileCache" setting with 512FIX.EXE tool [i wrote it in NSIS. It detects the system memory, if the system memory is more than 512 MB, it adds "MaxFileCache" setting]. Other changes I will: * Remove modified EXPLORER.EXE and SHELL32.DLL. * Better uninstaller [i hope].
  14. The reason of that problem [as Petr explained previously] is updated SYSDM.CPL file. It fixes a very minor cosmetic bug, but I doesn't display CPU info. So, I think we can remove this SYSDM.CPL file from the SP.
  15. Sorry, IE and DirectX's slipstreaming seems impossible on Win98. But I think you can install them automatically in silent mode, after completing the setup.
  16. Ex, they're great! Excellent job! Could you make an another version for 98 SE Service Pack (without 2 ME part) ?
  17. But, note that RP contains original Windows ME files.
  18. These USB 2.2 drivers are generally for storage-based devices Flash Disks, Cameras etc. So you need to (re)install your printers' drivers individually. Has your printers USB connection? Did they work previously before these packs?
  19. Please install these packs in this order: 1- Remove all related (printer) drivers from Add/Remove Programs and Device Manager in Safe Mode. 2- Boot in normal mode. 3- Close ALL open programs (antivirus, ICQ, etc.). 4- Install Service Pack. 5- Install 982ME. 6- Install USB 2.2 drivers. Service Pack and 982ME has newer and better USB files, so they contain some USB improvements.
  20. Thanks! Did you try Updated FDISK (from Microsoft) and Tihiy's SCANDISK (1.0) ?
  21. Could you try to Scandisk in MS-DOS mode from F8 menu ? Did you try to Scandisk a individual partition like: Scandisk C: ?
  22. Could you write your detailed hardware list, please? Also your IE version, Office version will be helpful.
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