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  1. Hello, I would like to audit/inventory (pull all hardware and OS info) all my domain workstations. I've found a few apps that do the job, but are fairly expensive. Does anyone know any good FREE apps? If there isn't any decent free ones available, perhaps any recommendations on a fairly priced one. Thanks
  2. i renamed it. but i'm not allowed to disable it, or remove it from the domain admin group.
  3. Hello, I set up a new domain admin and want to carefully remove the built-in admin. I tried to disable it, so I can see if anything goes wrong, but I can't disable it because of what a pop-up error says, "can't disable built-in accounts." Any recommendations on the best way/steps to clean out domain administrator accounts? Thanks
  4. well, after sitting down to try it out myself. YES, i can block imesh by making a forward lookup zone on my DNS server. would still like to know the port blocking though...
  5. is there a way to block imesh within the dns lookups? or, has anyone been successful with port blocking? got a few p2p services. having trouble blocking them with a SonicWALL 4060. thanks
  6. I've recently got a Tiger Direct corporate account, and was wondering if there's any other good places (with good discounts) that fit in the same category: pc upgrades and supplies. thanks
  7. Hello, I've been using my standard xp pro volume license CD for my unattended installs. After obtaining a few new Dell workstations, I was wondering if there's any difference from a standard xp pro volume license install CD and the Reinstallation OS CDs given by Dell. Any replies are appreciated, thanks
  8. Thanks, very cool! If I want to return, then where do I do that? If I get the "properties" of the zone, I see the tabs: General, State of Authority, Name Servers, WINS, Zone Transfers.
  9. I created a new Zone. Does it matter if it's primary or active directory-integrated? I just left the zone blank. It seems to work just like that, the chat feature doesn't load.
  10. Hello, I need help. I want to disable gmail chat in a network, under a DNS server. I found these directions on the gmail help center, but I'm clueless of DNS server editing. How/where do I block DNS lookups? "I am a network administrator, and need to disable Gmail's chat features on my network. We understand that it's sometimes necessary to disable instant messaging services on a network. If you need to prevent Gmail users on your network from chatting, we suggest blocking DNS lookups to chatenabled.mail.google.com, by returning" Any replies are appreciated!
  11. hello, was wondering if anyone could help with a batch file. it will be used at a shared workstation. users want to pull files from a network folder, the batch file should prompt for a user name. the folder should be mapped, then specified files should be copied to the workstation (lets say user_folder). (the users will then modify those files) then somehow, maybe in another batch, the user_folder contents should be sent to the original network folder. this is kind of a puzzle to figure out the best way for the setup. any replies are appreciated.
  12. BLUE_SS.DL_ and LUNA.MS_ I replaced the originals with copies from Media Center. I noticed that it changed the default background base color, to a dark navy blue. Am I able to edit these files(s) so that I can change that color? Or any other colors associated with the change to MC. If so how? Thank you for any replies!
  13. Holy bat ****, Batman. I was looking forward to the next release. I hope someone can built a worthy replacement and continue the legacy. This is one of the coolest programs I found on msfn.
  14. i really didn't get that one. maybe because i didn't spend much time with Mac versions older than OSX.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows about alternatives to Mount Rainier. I'm looking for something that atleast a solid click and drag (like a floppy) feature. and supports DVD DL...
  16. this is a bit off topic. but did anyone else read this, in thier head, with the voice of Stewie? The pix just kinda did it pretty well... fits the character.
  17. my advice may not 100% pertain to your situation, but i hope it may offer an alternative thought. why nursing? don't forget possibilities in going for a B.A... not just for knowledge, but for the resources that are available. there are TONS of internships regularly posted on my state U web site (big names like Microsoft and Dell to small banks just looking for sys admin). if you got a chance for creditable work experience, then scoop it up and cut back on the classes if you have to, nothing replaces creditable experience. the basic certs, like A+, won't do much alone (...in my opinion...). i've asked quite a few admins/engineers how they got a "foot in the door." they either had the certs+B.A. or experience (no certs at first) for thier "foot in the door." i do live in WA, so maybe your local U resources aren't the same, but i recommend checking atleast a few of them. good luck (to both of us)
  18. I have a set of UA install CDs that I have used for a while with IDE. I just did an install on a Shuttle XPC that has SATA drivers on a floppy. For some reason, I would get a "file not found" when using my old UA install CDs, when the install copies the SATA drivers. When I use an untweaked install CD (it's UA, but not slimmed+tweaked), it works fine. What could I have possibly done, so that my UA installs can't copy a SATA driver file? (I'm guessing there are supplimentary drivers on the win CD to go with the drivers given on the floppy?). Thanks
  19. I've tried several ways. I like this one. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...hl=royale+theme
  20. Isn't there a .dll file or something we can edit? I remember I did it before, added some hex value to something, different hex for diff color... but forgot what file.
  21. How do we edit the Display Properties > Appearance > Advanced Appearance > Color I remember there was a thread about it, but I can't find it now.
  22. Yes, I just found that out. I followed this guide: http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/theme.htm But it is still not working. I saved the theme style to the "themes" folder, then customized the winnt: [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.theme" Finally I copied the shellstyle.dll to $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\Luna\Shell\Royale Maybe I have to copy ALL of the files in the "theme" folder over to my CD's "theme"? I will try that when I can... Please let me know if I missed something -- it's a headache with these repeat installs. Thanks ---------------- EDIT: The theme file did copy over properly to the new installation. I just tried to open the theme file, and it makes an error... I'm assuming it's because the new install is missing a theme file... Which one?
  23. i just want the royal theme. so i will use all switches -- except which ones? what switches stop royal from being installed? ----------------------------- EDIT: Never mind. My test install finished before anyone responded. ;P
  24. I did a silent install. Royal installs fine, but isn't the default. How can I make royal default -- from the xpize installation. I do not want to replace files in my i386 cd folder, I just want xpize to take care of it. is there a reg or batch i can run after the xpize install? i'm using runonceex.cmd. thanks
  25. wow. didn't catch that one. thanks! worked like a charm. ...maybe if i was smart enough to read the popup's options, i woulda tried that. cheers!

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