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  1. The current set up: Computer A (XP Pro) has a stand alone .exe program that sits in a network shared folder that is capable of being launched on an unlimited amount of computers. The only time Computer A sees a CPU load from that program is when data is being saved. Other than that, all load is being carried from the remote computers. Also, the MS Office documents are saved to and stored in sub-folders of that same shared folder. Computers B to G (in office) all run Windows XP Pro, have their own MS Office installed. They only require access to Computer A to run stand alone .exe program, open saved and store new documents which happens to be all at the same time. This system has worked out great for years however, the time have come where multiple off-site VPN connects are required. After a lot of research, Windows Server 2008 R2 would be the easiest transition from the current set up of Windows XP Professional. I have just seen DirectAccess, so that may be a replacement for VPN because it is easier for non-computer literate people (Q: Is it plugged in? A: Is what plugged in? My computer? Yes, I just have no internet access when I switch to my laptop...) There are 6 people total and only 4 of them would require to connect from off-site. Another question: Would it be possible to have Microsoft Office only installed on Computer A and all the other computers would be able to run it like they would if it was installed on their own computer? If so, how would that be done - links please.
  2. Thanks for sharing that offer I did finally get a hold of the Activation Center and asked them about it... Only 2 computers - desktop & laptop At that price, I would rather purchase an extra copy than risk security holes big enough to drive a truck through.
  3. Straight forward question but... I have 1 desktop, 1 laptop and 1 netbook. I am also the primary user of all 3 computers. On the netbook, I am doing a dual language / dual boot install of Windows XP. How many "computers" am I able to install Office 2007 Professional (academic use only) on?
  4. A virtual machine cannot use the drivers thought. There have been plenty of disks tossed out because what worked with a vm doesn't work in the system the cd was made for.
  5. Is there a way to assign a drive letter to it when booting? My hard drive has 2 partitions - C: & D: - for a dual Windows XP boot (different languages) and when I boot up, the Sandisk automatically takes D: forcing me to install on a different drive letter.
  6. I finally got this method (post #1) to work with an untouched version of XP on a Asus Eee PC on the SanDisk Cruzer 16GB U3 Smart I mentioned earlier. It makes me wonder if the other computers are not able to boot from the USB CD, even though it is set to in the bios. witcher - I was able to use the rest of the stick as storage. Since the stick had files in there, I ended up making a new folder, gave it a name and then stored all the other files in there so I wouldn't delete anything important when not paying attention. I will be doing more tests when I have time and I will post my findings. Many thanks mg.eggink
  7. I would like to slipstream a language pack into Office 2007, then slipstream a custom install of Office 2007 into Windows XP. I think I have asked this before with 2k3, but my searches end up with too many unrelated results
  8. I just purchased Windows XP SP3 w/ Multiple MUI (Manufacturer Part# E85-05639) because I want to add the functionality to be able to switch from one language to the other without a dual boot. Is it possible to install an additional language without having to reinstall Windows?
  9. I know you mean" 'working' experiences with your 'personal' server environment " that is if we would like to respect Nlites EULA, which we all indeed would. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Windows XP x64 is considered a "work server" by many anti-virus companies even though x64 is needed to run over 4 GB of ram.
  10. Operating system? I find using a 64-bit workstation has different requirements than someone with a 10 year old laptop running Windows 98se.
  11. . Care to elaborate why the problem might be Symantec? Personal experiences with a work server environment in detail would be much appreciated.
  12. Full scan (highest settings & 10 levels deep) of XP, hot fixes and drivers came up clean. Scanned the .iso (pre-burn) and that also came up clean.
  13. The HijackThis log is from the Dell computer. I just made a new disk using only Microsoft SP3, Updates and drivers (same ones I have been using for the last 4 years without any problems) for a Sony laptop. 2 different operating systems (32 bit & 64 bit), 2 different computers, 2 different set of drivers for completely different hardware. The only things that are constant is the nLite & Symantec. I am not "blaming" anybody, I am trying to find answers so it may be fixed.
  14. Now this is completely odd... I just finished making an unattended Windows XP disk for my Sony Vaio laptop using nLite. Different operating system disc (32 bit vs. 64 bit), different drivers (Dell vs. Sony), same Symantec Endpoint Protection, same Unknown Tracking Cookie. I am really thinking that nLite is adding because the other computers using the Symantec Endpoint Protection do not have this problem.

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