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  1. great work. any update list (english version) for windows 2003 or 2000? is it possible to get the list from website?
  2. !!!!! STUPID POST !!!!! Kaspersky detect the rar file with Exploit.Win32.Nakani.a (Malware)
  3. you may try Mdaemon. quite good.
  4. me too. found high cpu and memory usage with firefox 1.5. better stick with 1.07
  5. did anyone know what is the reason???
  6. just use qchain and add a new command for new update in batch file
  7. can share with us the chinese software?
  8. you may try this: start - run type "shutdown -r -t xx" xx=how many xx seconds to execute this command press enter
  9. you may use RealVNC with win2000 or win9x. just make sure you open port 5900 at firewall
  10. try slipstream sp1 and do a fresh install. make sure you backup your data first. i also facing the similar problem
  11. May I know is there any free web hosting that provide following feature? -subdomain -=>100MB -no file size limit/ <5MB -no file extension restiction -control panel/ftp upload -password protected area java script:emoticon('') smilie
  12. Great!!! download it now. :w00t
  13. boot into recovery console using winxp CD. perform fixmbr

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