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  1. Vanished on Friday 2020-03-13, from one day to the next.
    Worrying since awhile, hope you're okay...

    1. Mathwiz


      I'm still alive! It's been a long, sad year. So many things have changed for the worse:

      • My wife became very ill at the start of 2020 and finally passed away in November from kidney failure. That took up most of my free time last year.
      • Obviously the pandemic. Had to start working from home about the time I disappeared from MSFN. Luckily managed to avoid COVID so far; got vaccinated in March
      • The workload at my job has absolutely exploded since then! So even after my wife died I haven't had much free time to get back on MSFN or my other favorite forums.
      • And after all the above, a little re-entry anxiety made it hard for me to finally decide to sign back on.

      But, I'll try to start participating again. May not be as regular as before but I've missed you guys/gals.

    2. VistaLover


      My most sincere condolences for your loss :} ; as you'd imagine, I personally had feared for the worst for you, after your sudden "digital" vanishing act, coinciding with the start of the pandemic no less...

      I am aware that mere words can't soften the blow one suffers after the loss of one's better part (or any family member for that matter), but perhaps being inundated with work must have made days more tolerable, not having to think constantly about her sad, untimely departure...

      In contrast, just consider how many people worldwide lost their jobs due to the pandemic (my sister is employed in the PR sector, she was severely affected...).

      I, too, have lessened the frequency of my posts here due to RL issues, although not as grave as yours, of course...

      Just glad I saw your "username" post again, please take great care of your physical (and mental) health, this is what really matters! ;)

      Best greetings, my Texan friend! :)

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