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  1. [ The bbu colour changer didnt work for me. ] It worked fine for me. I also did some tweaking to that color app. I made the GUI alittle more detailed and added an Icon resource then packed the file with UPX. BBU_Color_Changer.zip
  2. I made some cmd files that will allow you run modifyPe and Makcab commands for the BBU steps on the fly. I also made one to to extract the WINNTBBU.DL_ files. Just copy the files to be edited in the same folder as the cmd files. I also added a copy of ModifyPe and the BBU Color Changer that was posted on here so there all in one download. BBU_Setup.zip
  3. Being a UK fan i had to make a Kentucky Wildcats setup screen. The text is replaced with a timeline of there huge games won and lost. Heres a screenshot. To big to attach the file but if anyone wants it just email me or maybe someone could host it unless im the only fan here..lol Im thinking about doing a whole series of these for Duke, UNC, etc. I also belive i will change the background photo and place the teams logos where i have that SEC pic and leave nothing at the bottom. Always use the teams colors and have a matching theme automatically installed.
  4. Well being im broke i wouldnt, just passing the info. By law, they cant do anything unless you specified its purpose and im not even sure on that part, but we know how there money is above the laws in most cases, especially when it involves Billy Bob Buckwheat posting keys online. Your head will be on Gates trophy wall. That big bankroll is how they rip off all the code from small folks anytime they want to use it for there own gain and then just buy them out if when the guy sues.
  5. It needs to not be in there "blacklisted" list. Its easier to block known leaked keys than compare bewteen millions of legals. Speaking of keys and how M$ likes to threaten sites that post them. Did you know that by law they cant copywrite numbers in effect meaning that its not a crime to post keys as there just numbers. Now, if you posted it explaining its purpose they could be some issues legally but numbers are just that and they cant copywrite a set of numbers and claim them as there property. They can seek there billion dollar bulldogs on your ISP and threaten them untill they pull the plug however. Just something to chew on.
  6. Heres the "forbidden setup" project. I borrowed the "Slipstream Edition" tag at the top right from one someone else here had posted as it fit my project and was a black background. I used a Server 2003 WINNTBBU file and still dont have the nice transparent boxes like i saw on some here. Was they anything specific needed to be done other than using one from a 2k3? I would also love to change the text mode at the begining to a black color. Those files should be the boot files correct? Like the ones on bootable XP startup floppies?
  7. Is this the file that shows the blue background when you 1st boot? If so does anyone know how i can change the text at the top that shows the OS name your installing and how to change the background to black? I opened the file using EDIT in DOS mode but didnt spot any of the text i was looking for.
  8. You need to decrease the color depth. When you saved the edited pic with your software it probally converted it to a higher value. Use the free app called IrfanView to switch between differnt color values for editing and importing. You want a higher value when importing them into Photoshop so all plugins are available. Once the pic is ready to import into the dll, open it with Irfanview and decrease the color by selecting: View-> Decrease color depth->256 Colors (8BPP) Now the error wont show.

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