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  1. Hi guys , I wonder What is the reg key for IE logo on desktop ? ... i found the reg key for my computer ...my documents ... but the ie logo i didnt manage to find ....
  2. Thanks guys ..... you saved me a lot of time , cant wait to test it !!!! You guy's kick a** !!!
  3. I m using WPI .... if i save the snap shot of the minute before WPI is running how can i change the WPI's config.js file ? i got the idea of saving snapshots ... but i dont see how can i edit them ....maybe there is a way to paste the WPI's file under startup folder ... the problem is that the file will load AFTER windows is up .... not a good idea i guess .... may there is a way to load the files before logon ?
  4. Hi guys , I wonder how can i not install each time a brand new installation of xp for testing unattended installation. ... im using Vmware .... maybe there is a way to edit to vmware's files and change the runoncex.cmd ?
  5. Hi guy's , I m using 2 cd's , the first contains XP and a few appz and the second contains office + appz .... the problem is that i getting directory error during installation ... here are my batch file , its looks ok to me ..... the path is right ... * im using WPI so here is the line in the config.js prog[pn]=['kazaa Lite'] cmd1[pn]=['systemdrive','install\\kazaa.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['no'] ordr[pn]=[20] pn++ here is the kazaa.cmd : @echo off IF EXIST %systemdrive%\install\kazaa.cmd GOTO of22 SET CDROM2= IF EXIST D:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=D: IF EXIST E:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=E: IF EXIST F:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=F: IF EXIST G:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=G: IF EXIST H:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=H: IF EXIST I:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=I: IF EXIST J:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=J: IF EXIST K:\install\kazaa.cmd SET CDROM2=K: IF NOT EXIST %CDROM2%\install\kazaa.cmd GOTO next ECHO Please be patient while files are copied to your hard drive. xcopy %CDROM2%\install\kazaa %systemdrive%\install\Applications\kazaa /S /C /Q /H /Y ECHO. :of22 ECHO. echo Installing kazaa Please Wait..... echo. start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\kazaa\klitekpp210e.exe /VERYSILENT ECHO. exit
  6. Thanks m8 !!! cant wait to test it !!!!
  7. Hi guys , I have 2 users - ( Roy and User ) both of them are administrators and both dont have passwords ... the problem is that each time win boots , i get the users logon screen and i have to choose between Roy and User , i want Roy to logon automaticly .... what is the reg file for this one ?
  8. Hi guys , i'm looking for a tweak that displays my computer , my documents ..etc i searchede over the reg tweaks thread but it was hard to find cause i didnt know how to phrase the search ....
  9. Hi guys , i got 2 problems with wpi ... (i dont know if it's the right trade) ... After im chosing bu WPI the apps i wish to install , the whole installation ( i mean the windows update window - picture below ) is running while windows is up , so i m giving the desktop and it's giving me all sorts of problems ... I also notice that when i'm using INSTALL.CMD which contains this line start /wait %systemdrive%\install\WPI\WPI.HTA , i'm getting 2 intallstions at once ( because there are two files which leads to the same command 1-wpi.cmd 2-install.cmd ) so i removed install.cmd from the winnt.sif file and stick just with the WPI.CMD command .... and it's works , i dont jet two installations ... does it have any connection to the first problem ?
  10. Hi guys , i'm using wpi ... dont know the version ..., the problem is that after the wpi's application choosing screen the installation is continuing to install but its reachs to windows desktop ... and its making all sort of problems .... ( the picture is below ) what can i do? *i added my config.js ....maybe the problems start from there .... //Application Opptions: // Each application has nine parameters. These are: var prog=[] // Program Name var desc=[] // A description var cmd1=[] // drive + Command Line 1 var cmd2=[] // drive + Command Line 2 var cmd3=[] // drive + Command Line 3 var regb=[] // b=befor installing the application var rega=[] // a=after installing the application var dflt=[] // Whether it's a default option. If it's not yes, then it will assume no var forc=[] // Force installation of application even if not Checked // drive = 'systemdrive' or 'cdrom' or 'programfiles' or 'windir' or '' //Other opptios //Timer: var timer // turn the timer on or off var i // set the timer interval in sec max 3600 //Loading with boxs are checked: var load_checks // loading with ('default' or 'all' or 'none') of the boxs checked //Really Force Opption var ReallyForce // Set Force install of applications even if exit button is pressed. var discPath // cdrom will return "drive letter of cdrom"(x:\) or "x:\i386\ // use 'root' if installing applications directly from CD/DVD while // applications is placed in a folder at the root of the disc. //Your Settings: timer='on' //('on'or'off') i= 60 //(0====>3600) load_checks='all' //('default' or 'all' or 'none') ReallyForce= 'no'; // ('yes' | 'no') discPath=''; // ('' or 'root') prog[0]=['ProgramName'] desc[0]=['Description'] regb[0]=['Drive','Registry Key Path'] cmd1[0]=['Drive','CommandLine 1'] cmd2[0]=['Drive','CommandLine 2'] cmd3[0]=['Drive','CommandLine 3'] rega[0]=['Drive','Registry Key Path'] dflt[0]=['no'] forc[0]=['false'] prog[1]=['Adobe Reader 6'] desc[1]=[''] regb[1]=['',''] cmd1[1]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\AR6\\AR6.msi /QB'] cmd2[1]=['',''] cmd3[1]=['',''] rega[1]=['',''] dflt[1]=['no'] forc[1]=['false'] prog[2]=['HEBREW INTERFACE'] desc[2]=[''] regb[2]=['',''] cmd1[2]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\muiinst\\muisetup.exe /i 040d /d 040d /r /s'] dflt[2]=['no'] forc[2]=['false'] cmd2[2]=['',''] cmd3[2]=['',''] rega[2]=['',''] dflt[2]=['no'] forc[2]=['false'] prog[3]=['WinIso'] desc[3]=[''] regb[3]=['',''] cmd1[3]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\WinISO\\WinISO.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-'] cmd2[3]=['',''] cmd3[3]=['',''] rega[3]=['',''] dflt[3]=['no'] forc[3]=['false'] prog[4]=['Sun Java 1_4_2_5'] desc[4]=[''] regb[4]=['',''] cmd1[4]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\java\\j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v/qn'] cmd2[4]=['',''] cmd3[4]=['',''] rega[4]=['',''] dflt[4]=['yes'] forc[4]=['true'] prog[5]=['Symantec AntiVirus Corp v9.'] desc[5]=[''] regb[5]=['',''] cmd1[5]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\sav\\SymantecAntiVirus.msi /qn RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS'] cmd2[5]=['systemdrive','install\\navtaskill.cmd'] cmd3[5]=['',''] rega[5]=['',''] dflt[5]=['no'] forc[5]=['false'] prog[6]=['Xvid'] desc[6]=[''] regb[6]=['',''] cmd1[6]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\xvid\\XviD-1.0.2-29082004.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-'] cmd2[6]=['',''] cmd3[6]=['',''] rega[6]=['',''] dflt[6]=['yes'] forc[6]=['true'] prog[7]=['Google Search bar'] desc[7]=[''] regb[7]=['',''] cmd1[7]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\google\\GoogleToolbarInstaller.exe /q /d Extraction needed: No'] cmd2[7]=['',''] cmd3[7]=['',''] rega[7]=['',''] dflt[7]=['no'] forc[7]=['false'] prog[8]=['Nero Burning ROM v6.3.0.2'] desc[8]=[''] regb[8]=['',''] cmd1[8]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\Nero\\Nero63110.exe /silent /noreboot'] cmd2[8]=['',''] cmd3[8]=['',''] rega[8]=['',''] dflt[8]=['no'] forc[8]=['false'] prog[9]=['WinRAR 3.30'] desc[9]=[''] regb[9]=['',''] cmd1[9]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\WinRAR\\wrar320.exe /s'] cmd2[9]=['',''] cmd3[9]=['',''] rega[9]=['',''] dflt[9]=['yes'] forc[9]=['true'] prog[10]=['ISOBuster 1.4'] desc[10]=[''] regb[10]=['',''] cmd1[10]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\ISOBuster\\IsoBuster.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-'] cmd2[10]=['systemdrive','install\\isobustertaskkill.cmd'] cmd3[10]=['',''] rega[10]=['',''] dflt[10]=['yes'] forc[10]=['true'] prog[11]=['AdAware SE'] desc[11]=[''] regb[11]=['',''] cmd1[11]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\adaware\\aawsepersonal.exe /S'] cmd2[11]=['systemdrive','install\\adaware_taskill.cmd'] cmd3[11]=['',''] rega[11]=['',''] dflt[11]=['yes'] forc[11]=['true'] prog[12]=['Macromedia Flash + Shockwave'] desc[12]=[''] regb[12]=['',''] cmd1[12]=['systemdrive','Install\\Applications\\Macromedia\\mm.msi /quiet /passive'] cmd2[12]=['',''] cmd3[12]=['',''] rega[12]=['',''] dflt[12]=['no'] forc[12]=['false'] prog[13]=['Tight VNC 1.2.9'] desc[13]=[''] regb[13]=['',''] cmd1[13]=['systemdrive','install\\applications\\VNC\\tightvnc.exe /silent'] cmd2[13]=['',''] cmd3[13]=['',''] rega[13]=['',''] dflt[13]=['no'] forc[13]=['false'] prog[14]=['MSN Messenger 6.2 Final'] desc[14]=[''] regb[14]=['',''] cmd1[14]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\MSN\\MsnMsgs.msi /QB'] cmd2[14]=['',''] cmd3[14]=['',''] rega[14]=['',''] dflt[14]=['no'] forc[14]=['false'] prog[15]=['Importing Registry Tweaks'] desc[15]=[''] regb[15]=['',''] cmd1[15]=['systemdrive','Install\\Regtweaks.reg'] cmd2[15]=['',''] cmd3[15]=['',''] rega[15]=['',''] dflt[15]=['no'] forc[15]=['false'] prog[16]=['Cleaning Up and Loading Windows XP'] desc[16]=[''] regb[16]=['',''] cmd1[16]=['systemdrive','install\\cleanup.cmd'] cmd2[16]=['',''] cmd3[16]=['',''] rega[16]=['',''] dflt[16]=['no'] forc[16]=['false'] /* prog[21]=[''] desc[21]=[''] regb[21]=['',''] cmd1[21]=['',''] cmd2[21]=['',''] cmd3[21]=['',''] rega[21]=['',''] dflt[21]=[''] forc[21]=[''] prog[22]=[''] desc[22]=[''] regb[22]=['',''] cmd1[22]=['',''] cmd2[22]=['',''] cmd3[22]=['',''] rega[22]=['',''] dflt[22]=[''] forc[22]=[''] prog[23]=[''] desc[23]=[''] regb[23]=['',''] cmd1[23]=['',''] cmd2[23]=['',''] cmd3[23]=['',''] rega[23]=['',''] dflt[23]=[''] forc[23]=[''] prog[24]=[''] desc[24]=[''] regb[24]=['',''] cmd1[24]=['',''] cmd2[24]=['',''] cmd3[24]=['',''] rega[24]=['',''] dflt[24]=[''] forc[24]=[''] prog[25]=[''] desc[25]=[''] regb[25]=['',''] cmd1[25]=['',''] cmd2[25]=['',''] cmd3[25]=['',''] rega[25]=['',''] dflt[25]=[''] forc[25]=[''] prog[26]=[''] desc[26]=[''] regb[26]=['',''] cmd1[26]=['',''] cmd2[26]=['',''] cmd3[26]=['',''] rega[26]=['',''] dflt[26]=[''] forc[26]=[''] prog[27]=[''] desc[27]=[''] regb[27]=['',''] cmd1[27]=['',''] cmd2[27]=['',''] cmd3[27]=['',''] rega[27]=['',''] dflt[27]=[''] forc[27]=[''] prog[28]=[''] desc[28]=[''] regb[28]=['',''] cmd1[28]=['',''] cmd2[28]=['',''] cmd3[28]=['',''] rega[28]=['',''] dflt[28]=[''] forc[28]=[''] prog[29]=[''] desc[29]=[''] regb[29]=['',''] cmd1[29]=['',''] cmd2[29]=['',''] cmd3[29]=['',''] rega[29]=['',''] dflt[29]=[''] forc[29]=[''] prog[30]=[''] desc[30]=[''] regb[30]=['',''] cmd1[30]=['',''] cmd2[30]=['',''] cmd3[30]=['',''] rega[30]=['',''] dflt[30]=[''] forc[30]=[''] */ var FiltersEnabled = 0 // if your not going to use transitions or filters in any of the tips set this to 0 Text[0]=["Whoops!","This should be replaced with a working tooltip. If you are not Becky or Derek, then call them and tell them about it."] Text[1]=["Begin Installation","Initiates the script generator<br /><br />Click this to begin generating the install script."] Text[2]=["Exit Button","Closes this application<br /><br />If you want to stick to the application defaults, press this. Minimal updates and applications will be installed. This includes Windows XP security updates."] Text[3]=["Help","Displays basic usage, version information, and disclaimer."] Text[4]=["Select Defaults","This option will enable the default recommended options.<br /><br />Click if you only wish to install basic recommended options."] Text[5]=["Select All","Click this will select all available options."] Text[6]=["Return","Clicking this will return you to the option selection screen."] Text[7]=["Check Box Test","By clicking this, you will enable the test check box.<br /><br />Enable to if you intend to fly off a donkey cart."] Text[8]=["Select None","Click this will deselect all available options."] Style[0]=["black","black","#FFb200","#FFD980","","","","","","","","","","",200,"",2,2,10,10,51,1,0,"",""] //Style[...]=[TitleColor,TextColor,TitleBgColor,TextBgColor,TitleBgImag,TextBgImag,TitleTextAlign,Text TextAlign, TitleFontFace, TextFontFace, TipPosition, StickyStyle, TitleFontSize, TextFontSize, Width, Height, BorderSize, PadTextArea, CoordinateX , CoordinateY, TransitionNumber, TransitionDuration, TransparencyLevel ,ShadowType, ShadowColor]
  11. Hey guy's I want to ask you all what is the best way to test your unattended installations without reinstalling everytime a brand new installtion .. i'm sure you all use VMware or ConnectixVM .... i wondering if there is away for reaching the runoncex stage or the install.cmd without waiting for the whole installtion ... thanks any way
  12. Hi guys , I m using Nlite and i accidently cancle to netmeeting service ... is there is any way to install the service beside creating a new CD ? ( i also installed the cd on 15 pc's and i it would be a mess to format them ....)

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