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  1. Well i did some changes although im not sure if it would help as i dont have a setup to try a slave drive without cracking open the tower and adding one. Added a hexed FINDCD.EXE you add in the images and a file for each 9X's you place in the root of the CD/CD's (renamed WIN51 files). I also added how the autoexec.bat looks now as well. Someone with a slave drive and old empty hardrive to play with will have to check it out or just boot from a master drive only, which i feel is the easiest method. DVD Burner is the only drive someone should own because it can function as a: *CDROM *CDRW *DVD Player *DVD Burner All in one drive, set it as master, throw slave in garbage. Problem solved...lol
  2. There should never be a need for slave optical drive IMO. I see no reason why it wont work, because if it didnt work in a slave drive, then that means booting a default 98 cd wouldnt have worked in that situation ither as all i changed from the original code, in that area, is to boot as Z instead of D. So, if thats the case then its M$'s fault..lol
  3. I'll have to check that, but who boots a Windows disk with a slave drive? If you have a CDRW theres no need for a cdrom added as it is just sapping the PSU. If you have a DVD burner, theres no reason to have a seperate CDRW or CDROM installed ither. So, technically, you just one master optical drive.
  4. Details? The cdrom will always boot as drive Z, C will always be the 1st active partition, and you cant format D untill you create an extended D partition to format which will boot the cdrom as E, by default, after the reboot, but the edited autoexec should boot it as drive Z anyway.
  5. I went ahead and threw in all the small DOS apps needed as well and reuploaded the attachment. XCOPY files, CHOICE.COM, and REBOOTER.EXE
  6. Ive attached my finished boot image files for these OS's and quoted the 98 example. The 95 is the same just edited to say 95 instead. The attachment has all the files needed to inject into your current images sepeated by folders. Both include a JO.SYS file which gives you the option to boot from hardrive or CDROM with hardrive being default with a 10 second timer. This is best if you use these for seperate Windows cd's. So, if you use these for a multiboot CD or DVD, you will need to edit in your paths to the windows folder inside the Autoexec.bat and it would be better to not use the JO.SYS file so the multi-boot menu jumps straight to the Autoexec.bat. The Autoexec.bat included is edited assuming the WIN95 and WIN98 folders are in the root of the cd. 95_98_Custom_Boot_Files.zip
  7. You need to use the F8 key to boot the PC, like you would to nomally chose Safe Mode but choose to boot into DOS mode and try the command there. Be sure there is a space between SCANREG and /RESTORE If that doesnt help you could install Windows Me over top of itself which will fix missing or corrupted files but does nothing to any virues that may be there. If they have stuff they want to save i would do the reinstall overtop, without formating of course, save the data then format it clean and start a fresh install. Be sure to go to Windows update and grab the system restore update or disable that garbage as it usually never works and just eats up resources and space. Plus it will backup virues and lock them causing antivirus software to complain that the files cant be deleted.
  8. If you havent rebooted to many times you may try a command prompt like: SCANDISK then do, SCANREG /RESTORE Which will restore the registry back to a older version and may get you booted unless it a virus or missing boot files thing.
  9. Thanks for the info and help. Just about have the 9X's done now. XCOPY.exe is located in the WIN98_47.CAB file if anyone needs to extract it without needing a 98 install to copy it from Windows. CHOICE is a external command as well. To bad, as i would love to create Yes and No choices throught the install process like: Yes or No to Format Yes = would Format No = goto Drive Drive section would run another Yes and No to copy setup files to drive C, picking no would default to command prompt: Z:/Setup/95os2/Win95/ With a prompt to type in Setup.exe to run setup from CD. Throw in a Fdisk choice for good measure.
  10. This works, thanks a bunch. Now its time to edit the 98 image to do the same. I also edited the original thread with the changed settings incase anyone wants to use this. *Edit, added a automatic volume label switch for format.exe and forgot to edit out those 98 setup switchs which only work on 98 and ME, but did add a 95 setup switch which will bypass scandisk before starting setup. Here is a list of setup switchs
  11. Im creating a multi Windows DVD and i am using CDshell to load a 98.IMA image file that i renamed to 95.IMA to use with 95B OS2 setup. I edited the AUTOEXEC.BAT to allow auto formating and i have that part working. I set my cdrom drive letter to load as Z and a DIR command in DOS shows it is booting in that drive letter. The last part is giving me some issues however. I want a line added to AUTOEXEC.BAT to allow me to copy win95 setup files from the cd to C:\CABS. The line i added to create the cabs directory on drive C works, but the line added after that to copy the files isnt. It keeps saying invalid path, although i can manually CD my way there and have checked spelling errors which they are none. Below is my edited AUTOEXEC.BAT, highlighted in bold are the lines i have added thats not working. I assume the setup.exe line should work once those files gets copied? ** Problem found and fixed, edited AUTOEXEC.BAT below with correct switchs. ** Thanks.
  12. More than likley the cd is bootable, he probally didnt set there PC bios to boot from CDROM 1st.
  13. I was going to, but some people may not have it installed and its just a extra thing to do if you didnt.
  14. Thanks, props for the ideal should go to the person who posted the directX9c silent guide using IExpress. Its simple, clean and doesnt require any 3rd party apps installed, like Winrar, although i wouldnt know any reason why it shouldnt be installed.
  15. In the same section he posted above add: "serial_number"="GXXXXXXX" "serial_number2"="7XXXXXXX" "register_code"="XXXXXXXX" Replace X's with your codes. To keep it from wanting to connect to verify codes change: "Session"=dword:00000000 to "Session"=dword:00000001
  16. Think nothing of it man, i can never explain things without coming off as p***ed..lol. I just meant that the way i posted this was so any newbie, me included, could get this on there cd ASAP ready to go without much hassle and that if anyone else can include a better or cleaner way to install or add the reg tweaks during setup then post those steps for everyone else with detailed instuctions and not just that it could be done better a certain way while not explaining how or going into details on the methods if they have done it. Theres a bunch of apps here i would love to try on my cd, but most all require knowlege of some advanced editing of HTML or XML stuff and i feel these apps should have been made with automated GUI step by step guides like the nLite app to make the custom files, aid in adding custom options, and applying these to the Windows source etc. Not only would it simply the process for newbies, it would avoid many user errors in the editing of those files the hard way and cut down on "This app dont work for me" threads. They usually dont work because they were written as if everyone using them has the same knowledge of the person making the software.. ex: Linux.
  17. I posted this to be a simple way to do it so anyone could add it to there unattented cd. People who dont know how to write inf files or want to, me included, just want it installed in the end. If anyone else who can make it a cleaner process with inf files, etc and wants to post detailed steps then by all means do so. Lets just see if that actually happens.
  18. Only way i know is to delete the .pwl files after 1st boot and to set the settings as i suggested. During the msbatch creation process it will let you choose Windows Logon as the default. If one could add something to delete the pwl file before 1st boot then you would only have to press the OK button the 1st time on 1st boot. At least it should work that way.
  19. Basically the tweaks disable everything in the Player Tab in Options. The default ripping should be set to MP3 @ 256 bitrate. Everything else is default settings. If you want to tweak them to your settings then set your settings the way you want in Media Player and then open regedit. Find and replace any thats differnt from mine and create your own custom reg file.
  20. Heres how to create a silent install and some registry tweaks to apply afterwards which will adjust the options, etc. Once WMP 10 is downloaded rename to: MP10Setup.exe and copy it to the root of drive C. Extract to a folder by Start>Run: MP10Setup.exe/c /t:C:\MP10 Go back to Start>Run and type in: IEXPRESS.EXE to start the silent file creation. 1) Once that loads up push Next ... 2) Extract Files and Run Installion Command is already checked, press Next ... 3) Package Title name: WMP10silent.exe then press Next... 4) No prompt is already checked, press Next ... 5) Dont display license is already cheked, press Next ... 6) Add files section, browse to the extracted MP10 folder in the root of drive C and add all the files inside and press Next ... 7) Install Program area; copy-paste: setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N 7a) Leave "post install command" set at <none> and press Next ... 8) Show Window setting; Set this to Hidden and press Next ... 9) Finished Message setting; Leave this set at No Message and press Next ... 10) Package Name and Options; Choose name to save as: WMP10silent.exe and browse to select where to save the file. Check to Hide extraction process from user then press Next ... 11) Configure Restart: Choose No restart and press Next ... 12) Choose Dont Save and press Next ... 13) Press Next to create the silent file. ============================== Adding file and reg tweaks to unattened cd: 1) Create a folder named WMP10 inside the $OEM$\$1\install folder and copy the created silent install inside. 2) While inside the WMP10 folder, create a Tweaks.reg file and copy the contents below: Now add a line in one of your CMD files to install and run the reg tweak files: All done.
  21. Well teh thread wasnt wasted as i learned that my OEM 98 cd needed extra tweaks in the msbatch file so i wouldnt have to press Next when the cd key came up. The instructions gave later in the thread to fix that works great. People who had 98 and didnt know the differnce or knew one could make a msbatch file learned alot more. Wasted thread? only if you didnt learn anything, but its better than 300 posts requesting the info and only getting something like; "Noone uses 98 anymore, you should format that right away and upgrade everything now before the feds break in and take your out of date box that wont even play Doom 1 (insert any new popular 13 year old game that requires 512 ram and 128MB card).
  22. Do a file search for: *.pwl and delete any that shows up. Go to the Control Panel and doublclick Network and set "Primary Windows Logon" to Windows Logon. Reboot the PC and it will show up once more. Leave all passwords blank and push "OK" and it shouldnt show up again.
  23. A guy called in on Tech TV once with that question and they told him it wasnt illegal to let a friend borrow a 98 cd to install Windows , it was just illegal to make him a copy. I dont know how true that is, but if i paid for the cd i'll do with as i wish. I dont know if the same applies with XP, but with activation it wouldnt matter anyhow.
  24. Yeah this will have all that stuff done during setup. The only exception is the sound acceleration tweak wont work if 2003 cant install audio drivers during setup so that will need to be done manually after updating drivers if that is the case. This will be the case with Soundblaster 5.1 and the emulated audio in Virtual PC 2004. There is a way to add your drivers and have setup look for and use these updated drivers, but its extra work. Everything else i can think of is taken care of. The registry tweaks are optional i just enabled and disabled some start menu items to appear more like a XP Pro would and added some IE tweaks i use if wanted.
  25. Havnt played with nlite yet, but i used a regular 2003 Server Standard as the source. If you use Virtual PC to test the ISO's just create a new one and try it out.

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