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  1. Thanks. Could you upload and share your autoIt script wpiafter.exe, and I will try. Thanks
  2. About Fonts. Inside registry_dos.js we need to write (to work properly): function installFont(filename){position="registry_dos.js";whatfunc="installFont()";var fontName=filename.substring(filename.lastIndexOf("\\",filename.length));fontName=fontName.substr(1,fontName.length);if (FileExists(ReplacePath("%windir%\\Fonts\\"+fontName))) return;if (FileExists(filename)) fontsFolder.CopyHere(filename);}function installFontsFromFolder(folder){position="registry_dos.js";whatfunc="installFontsFromFolder()";var thisFolder=fso.GetFolder(folder);for (var files=new Enumerator(thisFolder.Files); !files.atEnd(); files.moveNext()){ var thisFile=files.item(); installFont(thisFile.Path);}}And remove: if (thisFile.name != fontList)Thanks and regards
  3. Inside timers.js, we can try to add if IE10 is integrated: From line 151: if (IEVer = 10)var timerID=setTimeout("ins_iTimer()",1000); //doesn't work properly at midnightTested and works for me with IE10 integrated. Thanks to share your results using IE8 or IE9 ! Thanks and regards *Edit: post updated
  4. Could you attach your useroptions.js file and check the lang_it.js (remove line 238), please ? Thanks *Edit: What is your wpiafter.exe?
  5. That's strange, because I have no errors! WPI_Log.txt *Edit: You can select the button: Use Full Editor to upload an image previously saved on your computer and attach this image!
  6. Inside ChangeLog.txt, we can remove the line, because this option no longer exist: **** Fixed a executebefore64bit error.Thanks and regards *Edit: Inside globals_lang.js remove the line 49: var lblEnable64BitProcessing = [];Workaround given by Francesco: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158273-wpi-86-and-beyond-bugbugfix-thread/page-6#entry1045008 Regards
  7. Here is the new lang_fr.js for WPI_v8.6.7 Because the line 238 is removed: lblEnable64BitProcessing[lang] = ['Enable 64bit processing'];Thanks and regards "Edit: file given
  8. Tested WPI_v8.6.7 and I have no error or trouble with sounds. No error message about installer.js on line 890! *Edit: However, we need to make some changes inside the old useroptions.js if used for WPI_v8.6.7: Remove lines 64 and 67: ExecuteBeforebit64=false;ExecuteAfterbit64=false;
  9. Inside globals_lang.js missing on line 99 and 291; the value: var var lblUSSFButton = [], lblDefaultImage = [], lblGenUIDImage = [];var txtUSSFButton = [], txtDefaultImage = [], txtGenUIDImage = [];Thanks and regards
  10. Inside lang_it.js remove the line 719: optKeep[lang] = ['Mantieni']; And add: optFloat[lang] = ['Float']; Check the translation file from lang_en.js
  11. Does this problem exist also after adding the proposed changes? I haven't noticed anything also, and now I use WPI with all the changes and works fine for me! Regards
  12. Many thanks xper. Very nice and awesome work. Regards
  13. Many thanks Francesco! Works fine and it's very nice. Regards
  14. Works fine for me Kels! Could you give us more details about your trouble, please? Regards *Edit: Maybe we can also add inside WPI.hta On line 448: document.write('<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../common/codebase/dhtmlx.css">');
  15. @Kels It would be nice to update DHTMLX v.2.6 build 100722 to DHTMLX v.3.6 Standard edition build 130619 DHTMLX http://docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=others:toc_libcompiler#libcomplier Thanks and regards
  16. Inside themewizard.js I think we can change on line 846: function ReadTheme() SaveDefaultUserTheme(); To: SaveDefaultThemeOptions(); Because, a new name was given to this function and we can see this new name inside WPI.hta On line 513: SaveDefaultThemeOptions(); Thanks and regards
  17. However about regedit.exe we can change inside installer.js: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158273-wpi-86-and-beyond-bugbugfix-thread/page__view__findpost__p__1043118 Thanks and regards
  18. Maybe that can help you about UAC, I use this registry file: Disable UAC More help: UAC Group Policy Settings and Registry Key Settings 1 - Inside your SetACL_full.cmd we can see Administartors and Administrateurs !? 2 - About takeownership inside your registry file MyTweaks_64.reg: For English is (y for: yes): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-5-32-544:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-5-32-544:F /t" For French language (o for : oui): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d o && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-5-32-544:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d o && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-5-32-544:F /t"
  19. Inside themes.js It seems useful to add about: case "exitbuttonL": From line 567: if (FileExists(wpipath+"//Themes//"+Theme+"//"+image)) { document.getElementById(id).src="../Themes/"+Theme+"/"+image; } else { document.getElementById("exitbuttonLspacer").style.width="2px"; document.getElementById(id).src="../Common/imgs/spacer.gif"; isExitImage=false; } break; Because we can see also "exitbuttonL" inside wpi.htm ! Thanks and regards
  20. About CacheLimit, the valid pass is using oobeSystem pass! Cheers
  21. Thanks Watsup! No, it's not needed to change those values. They are correct ! However, I think we can change inside installer.js: From line 1096: if (programs[item].bit64=="yes" && OSBits==64) cmd='"'+sysPath64+'RegEdt32" /S ' + cmd; To: if (programs[item].bit64=="yes" && OSBits==64) cmd='"'+windir+'\\RegEdit" /S ' + cmd; To use regedit.exe 64bit version. Inside globals.js, we can add: On line 205: // wmi.js var NumberOfProcessors, NumberOfCores, NumberOfLogicalProcessors; Thanks and regards
  22. To avoid not being able to click on the extra buttons on the left WPI pane, we can add inside tips.js on line 102: function stm(t,s) if (fl && s[23]>0 && s[23]<3) return; When we select Tooltips Behavior using position left or center, these positions are disabled. Positions Right and Fixed are available! Works fine for me. Maybe there is a best way to do. Thanks to check if it's OK. Regards
  23. About LayoutStyle and Tooltips Transition, I use this workaround: 1 - Inside themewizard.js: Change on line 699 (value: -1 to value:51): Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",0,-1,0.4,0,0,"#738da2",0,0,,]; To: Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",0,51,0.4,0,0,"#738da2",0,0,,]; 2 - Inside wpi_style.js: Change (value: -1 to value:51): Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",0,-1,0.4,0,0,"#738da2",0,0,,]; To: Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",0,51,0.4,0,0,"#738da2",0,0,,]; 3 - Inside globals.js: Change line 296 (value: -1 to value:51): Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",2,-1,0.4,0,2,"#738da2",0,0,,]; To: Style[0]=["#ffffff","#000099","","left","Arial",10,"#000000","#e8e8ff","","left","Arial",8,,,2,"#000099",2,51,0.4,0,2,"#738da2",0,0,,]; 4 - Inside themewizardtemplate_tooltips.htm Remove the line: <option value="-1"></option> 5 - Inside tips.js: Change the line 99: if (fl && s[17]>-1 && s[18]>0) To: if (fl && s[17]>=0 && s[18]>0) Change the line 221: var at=tb.trans>-1 && tb.trans<24 && tb.dur>0; To: var at=tb.trans>=0 && tb.trans<24 && tb.dur>0; Change line 218: if (tb.trans==51) To: if (tb.trans==50) Added more values on line 83: mig_layCss().filter="revealTrans()"+d+"Fade(Overlap=1.0 enabled=0)"+d+"Inset(enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=SQUARE,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=SQUARE,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=PLUS,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=PLUS,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=DIAMOND,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=DIAMOND,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=CIRCLE,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=CIRCLE,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=CROSS,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=CROSS,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=STAR,motion=in enabled=0)"+d+"Iris(irisstyle=STAR,motion=out enabled=0)"+d+"RadialWipe(wipestyle=CLOCK enabled=0)"+d+"RadialWipe(wipestyle=WEDGE enabled=0)"+d+"RadialWipe(wipestyle=RADIAL enabled=0)"+d+"Pixelate(MaxSquare=35,enabled=0)"+d+"Slide(slidestyle=HIDE,Bands=25 enabled=0)"+d+"Slide(slidestyle=PUSH,Bands=25 enabled=0)"+d+"Slide(slidestyle=SWAP,Bands=25 enabled=0)"+d+"Spiral(GridSizeX=16,GridSizeY=16 enabled=0)"+d+"Stretch(stretchstyle=HIDE enabled=0)"+d+"Stretch(stretchstyle=PUSH enabled=0)"+d+"Stretch(stretchstyle=SPIN enabled=0)"+d+"Wheel(spokes=16 enabled=0)"+d+"GradientWipe(GradientSize=1.0,wipestyle=0,motion=forward enabled=0)"+d+"GradientWipe(GradientSize=1.0,wipestyle=0,motion=reverse enabled=0)"+d+"GradientWipe(GradientSize=1.0,wipestyle=1,motion=forward enabled=0)"+d+"GradientWipe(GradientSize=1.00,wipestyle=1,motion=reverse enabled=0)"+d+"Zigzag(GridSizeX=8,GridSizeY=8 enabled=0)"+d+"Alpha(enabled=0)"+d+"Dropshadow(OffX=3,OffY=3,Positive=true,enabled=0)"+d+"Shadow(strength="+TipShadowStrength+",direction=135,enabled=0)"; Now when I select another StyleLayout, Tooltips and Transition are also saved, and not restored with default values! Tested and works fine! Thanks to check if it's OK! Regards *Edit: Inside themewizard.js We can change Transition to: with (getElementById("Transition")) { options[0].text=getText(tranBoxIn); options[1].text=getText(tranBoxOut); options[2].text=getText(tranCircleIn); options[3].text=getText(tranCircleOut); options[4].text=getText(tranWipeUp); options[5].text=getText(tranWipeDown); options[6].text=getText(tranWipeRight); options[7].text=getText(tranWipeLeft); options[8].text=getText(tranVerticalBlinds); options[9].text=getText(tranHorizontalBlinds); options[10].text=getText(tranCheckerboardAcross); options[11].text=getText(tranCheckerboardDown); options[12].text=getText(tranRandomDissolve); options[13].text=getText(tranSplitVerticalIn); options[14].text=getText(tranSplitVerticalOut); options[15].text=getText(tranSplitHorizontalIn); options[16].text=getText(tranSplitHorizontalOut); options[17].text=getText(tranStripsLeftDown); options[18].text=getText(tranStripsLeftUp); options[19].text=getText(tranStripsRightDown); options[20].text=getText(tranStripsRightUp); options[21].text=getText(tranRandomBarsHorizontal); options[22].text=getText(tranRandomBarsVertical); options[23].text=getText(tranRandom); options[24].text=getText(tranFade); options[25].text=getText(tranGradientWipeDown); options[26].text=getText(tranGradientWipeLeft); options[27].text=getText(tranGradientWipeRight); options[28].text=getText(tranGradientWipeUp); options[29].text=getText(tranInset); options[30].text=getText(tranIrisCrossIn); options[31].text=getText(tranIrisCrossOut); options[32].text=getText(tranIrisDiamondIn); options[33].text=getText(tranIrisDiamondOut); options[34].text=getText(tranIrisPlusIn); options[35].text=getText(tranIrisPlusOut); options[36].text=getText(tranIrisStarIn); options[37].text=getText(tranIrisStarOut); options[38].text=getText(tranPixelate); options[39].text=getText(tranRadialWipeClock); options[40].text=getText(tranRadialWipeRadial); options[41].text=getText(tranRadialWipeWedge); options[42].text=getText(tranSlide); options[43].text=getText(tranSlidePush); options[44].text=getText(tranSlideSwap); options[45].text=getText(tranSpiral); options[46].text=getText(tranStretch); options[47].text=getText(tranStretchPush); options[48].text=getText(tranStretchSpin); options[49].text=getText(tranWheel); options[50].text=getText(tranZigZag); options[51].text=getText(optNone); } *Edit: after many days trying to find a way to keep the good order, I see this workaround works fine for me. I found help here: Introduction to Filters and Transitions I can share the tips.js file if needed. Thanks and regards *Edit: post updated
  24. Inside themes.js It seems we can change: On line 40 (adding at last \\): f=fso.GetFolder(wpipath + "\\Common\\Skins"); To: f=fso.GetFolder(wpipath + "\\Common\\Skins\\"); About function LoadThemedContent() On line 280 (adding 'd'): alert("LoadThemeContent() error:"+ex.message); To: alert("LoadThemedContent() error:"+ex.message); Thanks and regards
  25. About window size at startup, inside wpi.htm Using like this maybe works: Adding on line 401: sizer(); Works fine for me. Thanks to check if it's OK. Regards
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