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  1. @Kels Tested the link at first page and works fine! I sent 100 Dollars... and could you give me one license for WPI ? I have sent using a MasterCard from a friend of mine (Jean-Pierre). Thank you very much and have a nice Merry Christmas and God bless you. Regards
  2. OK. Tested also short version code about function getIEver() and works fine! Regards *Edit: Tested also with Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition (short version) and works about IE11, but now we need more code about function getOSver() inside wmi.js
  3. I tried the long code and works fine also with IE8 and Windows 7...Also with Windows XP and IE8. Regards
  4. @Kels Please remember and donate text at first page of this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170519-wpi-v870-release-thread/?p=1062353 Regards
  5. @bphlpt Many thanks works fine with IE10 and IE11...I must test now with IE8 and Windows 7. I report the result soon! Regards
  6. @Kels The link for donation at first page isn't correct !!
  7. It is not recommended to suppress the menu CheckOnLoad...The script is inside configwizard.js If you want you can change your choice at startup using WPI configuration options, or inside your personal config.js partial config.js // Configurations tabCheckOnLoad='none';Configurations=[];ShowMultiDefault=true;You can also change only the value: CheckOnLoad (all, none or default)
  8. @Valek271183 You can try this new wmi.js and let us know. Thanks wmi.js
  9. Maybe we can add also inside information.js on line 240 : ConditionsGrid.addRow(gId ++ , 'getIEver()=="'+getIEver()+'"');Regards
  10. Thanks bphlpt. I suggest this script working fine for me even with IE8 and Windows 7. If IE10 or IE11 are installed works also fine! function getIEver(){ position="wmi.js"; whatfunc="getIEver()"; var IEver = RegKeyValue("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\svcVersion") || RegKeyValue("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Version"); if (RegKeyValue("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\svcVersion") && IEver.substr(0,4) == "9.10") { IEver = WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\svcVersion").substr(0,4); } else { if (IEver.substr(1,1) == ".") { IEver = IEver.substr(0,3); } else { IEver = IEver.substr(0,4); } } if (RegKeyValue("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Version") && IEver.sbstr(0,4) == "9.10") { IEver = WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Version").substr(0,4); } return IEver;}Thanks to try it and give your results. Thanks to check if it's OK. Regards
  11. I think we must revert back inside wmi.js for IEver to : function getIEver(){ position="wmi.js"; whatfunc="getIEver()"; IEver=WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Version"); if (IEver.substr(0,4) == "9.10") { IEver=WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\svcVersion").substr(0,4); } else { if (IEver.substr(1,1) == ".") { IEver=IEver.substr(0,3); } else { IEver=IEver.substr(0,4); } } return IEver;}Because my first suggestion was wrong and gives errors you share. Sorry... It's needed to find some code to improve this function ! Thanks
  12. Help about Autounattend.xml when IE11 is integrated inside Windows 7 image: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11582-internet-explorer-11-for-windows-7-is-out/?p=102764 Regards
  13. Yes I have a decent monitor! What do you need I test? Many thanks
  14. French manual updated on Chapter 9 and minor changes (fr.rar folder): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6696bficr91ar/WPIW Thanks and regards
  15. Whatsup! Maybe that can help you? http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170519-wpi-v870-release-thread/?p=1062965
  16. Inside configwizard.js we need to change from line 776 to: case 'cmd_cond_operatingsystem': HandleCommandsSelectionMenu("{OS=Win8 || Win7 || Vista || XP || 2K} "); break; Like was inside WPI 8.6.7 to match with installer.js on line 1054: var supportedOSes = statementArguments.split('||');Thanks and regards
  17. Timer doesn't work with IE10 or IE11 integrated! I need to add one line at last inside timers.js and works now properly: function ins_iTimer(){position="timers.js";whatfunc="ins_iTimer()"; var now=new Date();var elapsedSecs=((now.getHours()*60*60) + (now.getMinutes()*60) + now.getSeconds()) - ins_startSecs;var hours=Math.floor(elapsedSecs/3600);elapsedSecs=elapsedSecs - (hours*3600);var minutes=Math.floor(elapsedSecs/60);var seconds=elapsedSecs - (minutes*60);var txt=((hours < 10) ? "0" : "") + hours + ((minutes < 10) ? ":0" : ":") + minutes + ((seconds < 10) ? ":0" : ":") + seconds;document.getElementById("TimerDisplay").innerHTML=txt;var timerID=setTimeout("ins_iTimer()",1000); // Update display}Now works with IE10 or IE11 integrated! Thanks and regards
  18. Please Kels, take a look here, about function getOSVer() inside wmi.js (was inside WPI 8.6.7) and also on my post 4 above: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158272-languages-themes-manuals-mods/page-2#entry1011644 Many thanks
  19. function installFontsFromFolder(folder){ position = "registry_dos.js"; whatfunc = "installFontsFromFolder()"; var thisFolder = fso.GetFolder(folder); for (var files = new Enumerator(thisFolder.Files); !files.atEnd(); files.moveNext()) { var thisFile = files.item(); installFont(thisFile.Path); }}To install Fonts at startup with WPI, we need to change Inside registry_dos.js Many thanks
  20. Hello Kels, Here is the new french language file for WPI 8.7. Many thanks *Edit: File given
  21. Many thanks for the new WPI public release kels ! God bless you. *Edit: It's needed to change inside wmi.js Lines 53 and 55 to: if (Caption.indexOf("8") != -1) szOSVerCache="Win8"; if (Caption.indexOf("7") != -1)
  22. Thanks! Tested on my computer and I've no trouble or error. WPI_Log.txt Fichier journal de l'installation WPIDébut de l'installation: lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:15Information WPI: Version=8.6.7 Exécutable utilisé=true Version d'Internet Explorer=10.0 Connexion Internet=trueSystème d'exploitation Version du Système=6.1 Système d'exploitation=Win7 Version actuelle=7601 ID Edition=Ultimate Edition Service Pack=1Architecture Nom de l'Architecture=GenuineIntel Chaîne du Nom de l'Architecture=Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz ID Architecture=x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1 Nombre de Processeurs=1 MHz=3001 Type d'Architecture=x86 Bits Architecture=32 Fichier Configuration=C:\WPI_v8.6.7\UserFiles\config.js Fichier Options=C:\WPI_v8.6.7\UserFiles\useroptions.js Fichier Réseau=C:\WPI_v8.6.7\UserFiles\networkoptions.js Fichier Thème=C:\WPI_v8.6.7\UserFiles\themeoptions.js Fichier Options Fenêtre=C:\WPI_v8.6.7\UserFiles\windowoptions.js// Window tab Resolution=0 MainWindowWidth=800 MainWindowHeight=600 MainWindowX=-1 MainWindowY=-1 InstallerWindowX=25 InstallerWindowY=25// General tab NumCols=3 // --- Timer=true Seconds=29 StartBeepAtSecs=10 // --- Language='fr' // --- DefaultInstallPath='%wpipath%' CustomInstallPath=[''] // --- AbortInstallIfFailure=false ExecuteCommandIfFailure=[''] ContinueWhereFailed=false// Features tab ShowDownloadOutput=true DisableInstallCombobox=false ShowExtraButtons=true DoNotShowIfCD=true USSFSilentMode=false VerifyInstallHDD=false AllowCheckForInternet=false LoadDesktopBeforeInstall=true ReOpenAfterInstall=false DisableCatCheckBoxes=false SortWithinCats=false DisableOnDepsNotMet=true AlwaysUseScrollBar=true DontSplitCats=true InstallByCategory=true ReallyForce=false DisableIfDoGray=false InstallFonts=false ShowCommandInInstaller=true ShowInstallerImages=true AlwaysShowOutputWindow=false EjectCDWhenDone=false DoNotShowIfUSB=true DisableHotKeys=false MaintainAutoLogonCount=false// Tools tab MonitorResolution=0 MonitorDepth=0 MonitorRefresh=0 // --- ExecuteBeforeEnabled=false ExecuteBefore=[''] ExecuteAfterEnabled=true ExecuteAfter=['"%wpipath%\Install\hostread.exe"'] // --- RestartComputer=false RestartType=0 RestartSeconds=30 DoNotLoadDesktop=true // --- LogInstallation=true LogPath=['%systemdrive%\WPI_Log.txt']; TimeStampLogFile=false// Audio tab PlayAudioInInstaller=true InstallAudio=['Kalimba.mp3'] Volume=75 Shuffle=false CopyAudioFolder=false CopyAudioPath=['C:\Audio'] DeleteAudioFolder=false// Sounds tab SndWPIStartCB=true SndWPIStart=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\Alert.wav"']; SndInstallStartCB=true SndInstallStart=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\AtBeginning.wav"']; SndInstallSuccessCB=false SndInstallSuccess=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\Yes.wav"']; SndInstallFailCB=false SndInstallFail=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\No.wav"']; SndInstallFinishCB=true SndInstallFinish=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\AtEnd.wav"']; SndInstallWarningCB=false SndInstallWarning=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\Warning.wav"']; SndWPIExitCB=true SndWPIExit=['"%wpipath%\Audio\SoundsScheme\Exit.wav"'];// Style tab Theme='Win7' Skin='SkyBlue' BgPicture='' // --- LayoutStyle=2 // --- ShowToolTips=trueVariables Globales: %OSLANG%=FRS %WPIPATH%=C:\WPI_v8.6.7 %ROOT%=C: %CDROM%= %USB%= %DOSPATH%= %SYSTEMDRIVE%=C: %WINDIR%=C:\Windows %PROGRAMFILES%=C:\Program Files %TEMP%=C:\Users\Antoine\AppData\Local\Temp %SYSDIR%=C:\Windows\System32 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%=C:\ProgramData %USERPROFILE%=C:\Users\Antoine %APPDATA%=C:\Users\Antoine\AppData\Roaming %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%=C:\Program Files\Common FilesListe des programmes à installer: Ashampoo Execute After2 Eléments, 3 Commandes-----lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:18 Programme: Ashampoo ID unique: ASHAMPOO Ordre: 000002 Catégorie: Applications lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:48 - cmd1 Succès (Code de retour 0): "C:\WPI_v8.6.7\Tools\Sleep.exe"30 lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:49 - cmd2 *** Abandonné *** (Architecture incorrecte): {OS=Win8 || Vista || XP} "%wpipath%\Install\abs6_free.exe" lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:49 - Installation terminée.-----lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:49 Programme: Execute After ID unique: EXECUTE_AFTER Ordre: 0 Catégorie: WPI Built In lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:49 - cmd1 Succès (Code de retour 0): "C:\WPI_v8.6.7\Install\hostread.exe" lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:50 - Installation terminée.-----Nombre d'installations échouées: 0Installation terminée: lundi 12 août 2013 20:46:50
  23. It's not possible to download your hostread.exe file! Try to do a zip file please. Thanks

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