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  1. It WAS NOT unchecked. Thank you very much for your very prompt help.
  2. Please ignore this post which was done by mistake. In the Configuration, the check mark is removed but recently opened files are still shown for MS Word, Excell, etc. The OS is W8(not 8.1) and the StartIsBack version is 2.1.2. How can the problem be remedied?
  3. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    OK, I will post back if it recurrs.
  4. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks for your reply. I am the only one who is using the machine. Anyway, I downloaded and installed v2.1.
  5. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Try reinstalling app for your user, not all users. Ensure you have latest SIB version. Do you mean suggesting that I reinstalling application softwares? There are many application softwares that are installed. I wonder what has to do with those application softwares. Maybe I missunderstood your reply.
  6. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I am periodically getting message saying "Trial period is expired . . . " and I have to re-enter the key every time this happened. How can I stop this?
  7. Thank you very much for your help.
  8. I logged in and looked for "Manage Watched Topics" tab but could not find it. Please help.
  9. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    He means the "Advanced" section of StartIsBack's settings - right-click on the start-button and select "Properties" then select "Advanced" from the list on the left-hand side of the settings window that opens. The options you need are in the "Tweak Windows Settings" section on the right-hand side. I looked for that there but it was not there. This time I noticed "New updates is available". I installed the updates and "Advanced" emerged. Thanks for your help.
  10. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Go to Advanced - check off Store and display recently opened programs.I did not know where the Advanced is. The problem is resolved by removing check marks on the Jump Lists tab.
  11. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I guess it is relating to "Number of recent programs to display". It is on Properties > Start Menu. Try changing 10 to 0 to see if it works. I do not want the recent programs displayed at all. Presently they are added until the space is filled up. I need certain space there where I can manually place icons.
  12. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    If I launch a new app from a start menu folder, the icon of that app is added to the list which is displayed by clicking on the start orb. Is there a way to suppress this behavior?
  13. How to set memory speed and timings

    The RAM's spec shows Feature Overclock XMP 1.3. I looked for the XMP on the BIOS but could not find it. I decided to go ahead and changed mult facter from 8 to 9.33 and the timings for those I know of or 9-10-9-27, and left defaults as were for those I do not know about. The result was that the system booted fine. The defaul values left unchanged appear to have been automatically changed. The CPU-Z now shows this. The voltage as shown on the RAM spec is 1.50 but the BIOS now shows 1.510V. Probably I do not need be concerned about. But It should work at 1.50V since I am not overclocking.
  14. How to set memory speed and timings

    "Designed for Intel 6/7 Series Platforms" is printed on the package of the Patriot memory. I wonder if this means the memory is not compatible with FX-6400. On the other hand when "Manual" instead of "Auto" is used for setting the memory speed and/or timings? I thought the "Manual" is used when "Auto" fails to set them correctly.
  15. I installed DDR3 1866 but the memory is running at 1600. My question is how to change the speed to 1866. I changed the multiplier from 8 to 9.33 leaving "Auto" for the timings but that resulted in no boot. The memory is Patriot PV38G186C9KRD. The spec is DDR3 1866 with 9-10-9-27. FX-6300 is running on GA-970A-UD3. This is what is shown on CPU-Z and this is the BIOS screen for the memory speed and timings. There are more than 9-10-9-27 to be set.