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  1. Hello: I have a Canon LIDE 100 Canoscan. I simply can't install the drivers. The device is detected, and Windows Updates pulls the drivers down and tries to install them, but the installation fails, with the device reporting Error 18 (reinstall drivers). I've tried the drivers from the Canon site, but they will not install either. I know this scanner used to work with Windows 7, so the problem must lie with something I'm removing with RT7 Lite. Also, I'm having a problem with WinSAT. While it runs initially on Windows installation, I cannot initiate a new system rating from the system control panel applet. Further, besides the total performance index rating, no other numerical values are displayed...the categories are blank. I can initiate a WinSAT session via command line, but the values are still blank. Would someone help me troubleshoot this problem please? I've attached my lastsession.ini Thank you, C
  2. No...he's not trying to integrate Office; he's saying that after installing Windows 7 from his RT7 Lite customized disc, he is not able to install Office...he has removed some crucial component for Office to install and is unsure what the prerequisites for Office are.
  3. That means you've effectively selected the item for removal. sorry, I mean, what does the component do? I'm not sure; probably support for same. But why mess with it? Removing it will yield absolutely no benefit in performance or hard drive footprint. If your goal is to have an installation with the smallest possible footprint, removing natural language support, unnecessary language packs, winsxs cache (being careful to preserve .NET if you need it), tablet pc support, and disabling hibernation and pagefile if not needed will yield the largest reductions.
  4. You need to use a special unattended ATI driver pack...check out this page: http://driverpacks.net/
  5. The lastsession.ini needs to supersede what RT7 Lite would ordinarily select by default in the right hand column, but that's not what is happening.
  6. Un-check it on the left side, then uncheck it on the right. Now you can remove it on the left side as well. Your welcome.
  7. Folks: If you happen to like IE9 as I do, you can integrate it with RT7 Lite by first running the downloaded IE9 installer. While it's running, going to /user/local/temp/ and find the extracted .msu. You can miss it; it'll be in a folder named something like IE9xxxx and the windows installer will be about 33mb. Copy it to the directory of your choice for use later. Cancel the install. Load the .msu in the updates section of RT7 Lite, then make sure you have IE selected for installation in the right hand column of the components removal section. Works like a charm.
  8. Tell me: Are you trying to use it on a Windows installation that has already been modified by some other person or program; a "Lite" version of Windows 7? Those error messages indicate that you are missing .NET version 2.0. Unless there is an issue with the specific language you are using, I'd doubt this is the fault of RT7 Lite.
  9. AFAIK, Ultimate works with vLite. But I bought an OEM Home Premium edition of W7, and Vlite only messed it up. IMHO, vLite is obsolete, with RT7 largely stable and more feature rich than vLite.
  10. Nope. vLite and RT7 Lite do not play nice together. And AFAIK, you cannot integrate Windows 7 updates with vLite.
  11. As I recall from previously using the advanced option, I think the themes service and themes are completely removed. I would suggest creating your own custom profile to suit your needs. I would be willing to help you with this if you can tell me what options/features you would like to leave intact.
  12. My hunch would be windows encoders/decoders. I say this because if you've ever watched the SAT compile data, it both encodes and decodes media as part of the process.
  13. You mean the issue you were having with the Spanish language? Ben had me test a new beta last night, one to address your issue...I am about to report to him it works fine, but of course, I have no way of testing the language fix.
  14. I thought you all might find this tool useful for SP watermark removal: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/06/remove-watermark-32-bit-and-64-bit-universal-patch-free-download-for-windows-7-vista-and-server-2008/ Tested on Windows 7 SP1 beta, x64.
  15. Did you tested the ISO in vmware? I see what happened - I was missing a boot.sdi from my Windows 7 source boot folder.
  16. Sorry Ben...I thought I had attached it to my original post. I've attached it to this one: Lastsession2.inf
  17. i just now installed on my machine friend....its working Do you see anything in my LastSession.ini that would cause any problems? I can't even get to the setup GUI from my DVD.
  18. Ben: I used the new beta and integrated the beta service pack. When I try to load the bootable dvd to install Windows, it says it cannot boot the DVD because of the boot loader:
  19. Are you looking at the inf while the program is open, or after you've exited the program? It's my understanding that changes are only written after the program is closed.
  20. My fear would be that you'd lose basic theme support. Then you'd likely be looking at Windows Classic. My suggestion would be to leave as is...removing themes and the like would save practically nil on your hard drive foot print.
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