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  1. How do we buy the commercial version?
  2. I am going to be out traveling this next week and just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Ho-Ho and Happy New Year. I have gotten much help from here and appreciate EVERYONE's help! May MSFN have many good years to come! Louis
  3. I can host for you Wraith. I just use my site for dev work and I have plenty o bandwidth. Contact me at markhamla@29palms.usmc.mil or louisamarkham@gmail.com if your interested. Louis
  4. I am attempting to use my Unattended DVD with my motherboard and drvies. I have 4 SATA Drives in the following config Drive 1 and 2 RAID 1 = C:\ Drive 3 and 4 RAID 1 = D:\ When I start the DVD I press F6 for the additional drivers and select my NVRaid and NVATA Bus files. It sees the drives in the pick your point to install, formats the drive ok, then during file copy I get the error "Can not copy file nvraid.sys". If i use a stanrd original WinXP disc I get no errors at all. If I use the DVD with out specifying it see the 4 individual drives not my raid drives. Can anyone help with this?
  5. x00783

    Xplode Error

    Thanks worked now. Ultra Edit was not saving it right. notepad does though. Louis
  6. x00783

    Xplode Error

    I am getting this error when I run Explode.... -=-=-=-=-=-=-> XPlode start at: 04/12/04 13:01:26 XPlode { Loading Plugins (SDK2.0) { Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeAdduserPlugin2.xpd2 Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeExamplePlugin2.xpd2 Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeExecutePlugin2.xpd2 Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeFSOpsPlugin2.xpd2 Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeRegistryPlugin2.xpd2 Load successful: C:\install\xplode\XPlodeShortcutPlugin2.xpd2 } Registering commands { Command: addgroup, (0,1) Command: adduser, (0,0) Command: copy, (3,0) Command: delete, (3,2) Command: example, (1,0) Command: execute, (2,0) Command: move, (3,1) Command: registry, (4,0) Command: shortcut, (5,0) } Commandline Parameter: '/help:', Value: '' Commandline Parameter: '/xml:', Value: 'C:\install\xplode\markham.xml' Parsing XML: C:\install\xplode\markham.xml { Error opening XML file: C:\install\xplode\markham.xml Invalid XML syntax. Check UNICODE encoding? } Starting dialog { } Execution thread { } -=-=-=-=-=-=-> XPlode end at: 04/12/04 13:01:26 Here is my xml file.... <XPlode> <config> <hidewindow>System Installation </hidewindow> <hidewindow>CMD.EXe</hidewindow> <show total='6' after='2' subcount='true' /> <!-- make antialiasing false if you're running GUIinstall mode --> <font face='Tahoma' antialias='false' small='8' large='12' /> <!-- note the position attribute - it is listed in 'x,y' positions. --> <!-- 0..8 still may be used. --> <window width='440' position='8' fixmain='0' /> <!-- can be standalone, guitransparent, or guiredraw --> <!-- for the latter two, you don't need to specify background colours, or images. --> <windowmode mode='standalone' /> <colours> <header back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\head.png' /> <footer back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\foot.png' /> <progress border='#FFFFFF' back='#00000000' fore='#FFFFFFAA' fore2='#00000033' /> <main back='#FF00FF' fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\main.png' overlay='#FFFFFF22' /> </colours> <strings> <!-- main XPlode string --> <title>System Configuration</title> <complete>complete</complete> <!-- adduser plugin strings --> <adduser>Adding user #1#</adduser> <addusertogroup>Adding user #1# to group #2#</addusertogroup> <addgroup>Adding group #1#</addgroup> <!-- file/dir ops plugin strings --> <copy>Copying #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</copy> <move>Moving #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</move> <delete>Deleting #1# (#3#)</delete> <!-- shortcut plugin --> <shortcut>Adding shortcut: #1#</shortcut> </strings> </config> <items> <item display='Configuring User Accounts and Groups'> <!-- note the different use of quotes due to the data held in them --> <adduser username='Louis' password='rainbows' groups='Administrators' fullname='System Admin' /> </item> <item display='User Registry Settings for Louis'> <execute display='Applying tweaks...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %systemdrive%\Install\UserSettings.reg' username='Louis' password='rainbows' /> </item> <item display='System Registry Settings'> <execute display='Applying tweaks...' program='regedit' arguments='/s %systemdrive%\Install\regtweaks.reg' /> </item> <item display='Installing Microsoft Applications'> <execute display='Installing Windows Media Player' program='%systemdrive%\Install\WMP10.exe' arguments='/s' /> <execute display='Installing Office 2003 SP1' program='%systemdrive%\Install\Office2k3\setup.exe' arguments='TRANSFORMS=Unattend.MST /qb-' /> <execute display='Installing MSN Messenger 6' program='%systemdrive%\Install\MsnMsgs.msi' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing Journal Viewer' program='%systemdrive%\Install\JournalViewer.msi' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing Journal Viewer' program='%systemdrive%\Install\JournalViewer.msi' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing Journal Viewer Update' program='%systemdrive%\Install\JournalViewerUpdate.msp' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing Plus Digital Media Edition' program='%systemdrive%\Install\PlusDME.msi' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing High MAT CD Wizard' program='%systemdrive%\Install\HMTCDWizard.exe' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing .Net Framework 1.1' program='%systemdrive%\Install\netfx.msi' arguments='/qn' /> </item> <item display='Installing Symantec Applications'> <execute display='Installing Ghost 9.0' program='%systemdrive%\Install\ghost9\Ghost9.msi' arguments='/passive /norestart /qn' /> <execute display='Installing System Works 2005' program='%systemdrive%\Install\nsw2005\nswsetup.exe' arguments='/O REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn' /> <execute display='Performing System Works 2005 Clean-Up' program='%systemdrive%\Install\nortoncleaner.cmd' /> <execute display='Installing Internet Security 2005' program='%systemdrive%\Install\NIS2005\SYMSETUP.EXE' arguments=' /O REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn' /> </item> <item display='Installing Adobe Applications'> <execute display='Installing Acrobat Reader 6' program='%systemdrive%\Install\acroread602.exe' /> <execute display='Installing Photoshop 7' program='%systemdrive%\Install\PShop7\setup.exe' /> </item> <item display='Installing System Applications'> <execute display='Installing WinRAR 3.4' program='%systemdrive%\Install\WRAR340.exe' arguments='/s' /> <execute display='Installing Ad-Aware SE 1.5' program='%systemdrive%\Install\aawsepersonal.exe' arguments='/silent' /> <execute display='Terminating HH.exe' program='TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe' /> <execute display='Terminating ad-aware.exe' program='TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe' /> <execute display='Installing Spybot SD 1.3' program='%systemdrive%\Install\spybotsd13.exe' arguments='/silent' /> <execute display='Installing Nero 6' program='%systemdrive%\Install\nero6601.exe' arguments=' /silent /noreboot' /> <execute display='Installing DVDShrink 3.2' program='%systemdrive%\Install\dvdshrink32setup.exe' arguments='/silent' /> <execute display='Installing WinDVD 6' program='%systemdrive%\Install\windvd6\setup.exe' arguments='-s' /> <execute display='Installing Shockwave and Flash Players' program='%systemdrive%\Install\Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe' arguments=' /s' /> <execute display='Terminating iexplore.exe' program='TASKKILL /F /IM iexplore.exe' /> <execute display='Installing AvaFind' program='%systemdrive%\Install\avafind.msi' arguments='/qn' /> <execute display='Installing System Works 2005' program='%systemdrive%\Install\ymsgrie.exe' arguments='/s' /> <execute display='Terminating YPager.exe' program='TASKKILL /F /IM YPager.exe' /> <execute display='Installing k-Lite Kodec Pack' program='%systemdrive%\Install\%systemdrive%\install\klmcodec116.exe' arguments=' /VERYSILENT /LOADINF=klitesetup.inf' /> <execute display='Installing Internet Security 2005' program='%systemdrive%\Install\GoogleToolbarInstaller.exe' arguments=' /q /d' /> <execute display='Installing Internet Security 2005' program='%systemdrive%\Install\uedit32\uesetup.exe' arguments=' /s' /> </item> <item display='System Claenup'> <execute display='Performing System Cleanup' program='%systemdrive%\Install\cleanup.cmd' /> </item> </items> </XPlode> I have also attached my xml file itself to see if its saved wrong but I can not figure this out. Can anyone help me please? Markham.xml
  7. I don't know if this can work. I was using WPI and moving to xPlode. Here is a sample of my WPI code. prog[pn]=['Ad-Aware SE 1.5'] desc[pn]=['Removes Un-Wanted AdWare programs and trackers.'] cmd1[pn]=['%systemdrive%\Install\aawsepersonal.exe /silent'] cmd2[pn]=['TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe'] cmd3[pn]=['TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['System Security'] ordr[pn]=[10] pn+ Here is what I want in xplode <execute display=’Installing Ad-Aware SE 1.5’ program=’ %systemdrive%\Install\aawsepersonal.exe’ arguments=’/silent’ program=’ TASKKILL /F /IM HH.exe’ program=’ TASKKILL /F /IM ad-aware.exe’ /> Will this work correctly? Thanks!
  8. I dont know if this realtes to it but you have the PC joining a domain but did not specify any domain logon information. Might want to try sticking it in a work group. Other than that I don't think that would cause your problem
  9. Still kicking the crap out of me. I tried everything I can think of on this and still no look when installing from a fresh install. I think that if you had JRE already installed at some point then it wont give that stupid reboot. FYI. Tried reboot=supress and reboot=reallysuppres. no go.
  10. Yeah I do. It was a typo. It worked on my machine that I had already installed. I think I might have found something interesting. When I tried the runonceex on an already installed OS (installed jre 1.4 from my unattended install, then uninstalled it to simulate no jre installed) it installed ok. At this point I assumed everythign was ok. I burnt the DVD to disc and performed the actual install with my switches as posted earlier and it gove me the message saying the computer should be restarted and I clicked no and it went on ok. The only thing that I can think of is that if there was or is an installation of JRE on your computer it wont force a restart. I am going to test some other witches and post back what I find out. This is certainly VERY interesting. Louis
  11. How I got it to work....... I use WPI but should be the same command elsewhere just lose the WPI stuff. I extraced the 7z archive ad put it in my %systemdrive%\install in a folder called jre. Here is the WPI code I use and it works ok. prog[pn]=['Java2 Runtime Environment 1.5'] desc[pn]=['A must have, if you want to run JAVA applications. <b>REQUIRED</b>'] cmd1[pn]=['msiexec /i %systemdrive%\\install\\jre\\jre5.msi /qb /norestart ADDLOCAL=jrecore,extra /norestart'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['Internet Applications'] forc[pn]=['true'] ordr[pn]=[8] pn++
  12. Solved it. I went to Generate.js and changed the code to this function CreateFile(arg) { var programs = new Array(); var KeyBase = "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\RunOnceEx"; var j = 0; var msg; //window.alert(getText(msgStartInstall)); if (arg=='exit'){ // when pressing exit button, removes default checked checkboxes remChecks(); } Just remmed out the line window.alert.... works great!
  13. I have looked and not been able to find it. I am sure I am missing something stupid... here goes When I let WPI run its course on the timer it gives me the message box. Is there anyway for it not to give the message box once the timer expires?
  14. Could someone post a copy of their install file so I can take a look at it on how to use it please? Thanks
  15. I just want to say thank you to everyone here at MSFN for the extensive knowledge and ablities that enabled me to build my WinXP Custom DVD. The knowledge here is amazing and truely gives MSFN its title, "Where People Go To Know". I came into this as an intermediate in knowledge. I knew how to slip stream cds and that was about it. I followed the guide on this site and was amazed at how easy it was to use. I strongly recommend anyone to memorize it and do what it say. Now on to the more important part of my post. Trying to read through threads and find that one application switch can give ou head aches. I found all my switches i needed by googling it. I used "%appname% unattended installation" and 90% of the time MSFN likns were the first ones. for those that didn't I just added "msfn" to the query. For those hard to find switches look at wha installer it uses and you can figure it out from other programs. Some prgrams are weird like Norton Applications but you can get everything you need to do in a real simple and easy manner. Good luck and thank you for all your help! Louis
  16. WPI is a great utility, but there is one thing that I am trying to do. I modified the original code from boxes.js in the function FillBoxes() code Original for (i=1; (prog[i]!=null); i++) { if ((cons[i]!=null)) { a = cons[i][0]; b = cons[i][1]; if (replpath(a)!=replpath(b)) // constraint ... continue; } if (cat[i] != null && cat[i][0] != oldcat ) // insert new category header { txt += ('<div class="category">' + cat[i][0] + '</div><hr>'); oldcat = cat[i][0]; cats += 2; } Modded OriginalI capped the line I added. for (i=1; (prog[i]!=null); i++) { if ((cons[i]!=null)) { a = cons[i][0]; b = cons[i][1]; if (replpath(a)!=replpath(b)) // constraint ... continue; } if (cat[i] != null && cat[i][0] != oldcat ) // insert new category header { TXT += ('<BR><BR>') txt += ('<div class="category">' + cat[i][0] + '</div><hr>'); oldcat = cat[i][0]; cats += 2; } The reson I added this was to put some spacing in the screen between categories. When I did this some of my text ran off screen. Any ideas on how to fix this? I am not the most fluent Java programmer but I can handle some stuff. Thanks!! Louis
  17. Extract avafind.msi from the exe file using WinRar. Put the msi in your install folder. Set your RunOnce as follows. REG ADD %KEY%\074 /VE /D "AvaFind" /f REG ADD %KEY%\074 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\avafind.msi /qn" /f
  18. Is there any real advantage to getting a 64 bit chip and board right now? I know that the 64bit edition of windows is in some form of beta but if Iget that release of windows will i see any real performance boost or not yet?
  19. I am sorry..... mods can delete if they wish....
  20. I just realized (for the 5 millionth time) that UI is good for multiple computers as it detects drivers.. duh silly me.....
  21. <<spam>>.net just posted a new Nero Release. Made me think of nVidia and its 2 million updates. I wonder how many people here when they reinstall their desktop what do they use. I find it a lot easier to use Ghost and make a baseline image with all my installs, drivers, apps, registrations, activations, settings, etc then using the Unattended install. I made a UI (unattended install) and tried it out. It took me a number of tries to get it right and to be honest resetting up everything on my computer using the UI seemed a bit more work for me than I wanted to spend. With Ghost I just restore the image, udate programs etc, then rewrite and verify the image. Mostly an easy process. One advantage UI has thought is the cost. UI is free, it just costs your time. What do you gusy think? Note.... I reinstall about every 2 weeks not because of problems but I do beta test a lot of software and tweak and tweak stuff left and right........ Semper Fi!
  22. I have heard comments and some rumor that you can link NVidia cards together for extra performance? Is this true? How do you do it? What cards will it work on etc.... Thanks!!!

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