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  1. dos resolution

    don't know if this is the right forum, but i have a question regarding the resolution in dos when the windows starts.first tell me that i was experimenting with the tv as my display but after i swithed back to monitor the resolution in the dos was 640x480.but when it comes to windows the resolution swiths back to normal.i wanted to play bf2 but when it's loading it crashes back to windows efore there are any logos or similar .i think it's beacuse the dos. just that you know the game was working perfectly yesterday,so is there a way to change the resolution in dos? P.S:i don't know what exactly i was doing but once the monitor (LG1715S) changed the resolution on its own on the loading screen of win XP , and then i hoped that it would again but it didn't happen
  2. i looked the tutorials that are listened on this site but there aren't any that tell how i can do it from images. i want to do an animation from images. i tried it with the "print screen" method but then i don't get that what i wanna. so i made a screenshot from every frame. when i open the 1. image i don't know how to add the next one. the next image gets its own "animation" window. i wanna that the second image continues in the first "animation" window. so please help me if its possible to do it from images.
  3. thanks for the info both but theres still the windows massenger icon in the notification area. i uninstalled the messenger with the add/remove program but it's still there. it's annoying to me
  4. it says: "Message from System to User on 21.11.2005 16:59:12 STOP! WINDOWS REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. Windows has found 39 CRITICAL SYSTEM ERRORS! To fix the errors please do the following: 1. Download Registry Repair from www.fixscan.com 2. Install Registry Repair 3. Run Registry Repair 4. Reboot your computer FAILURE TO ACT NOW MAY LEAD TO DATA LOSS AND CORUPTION" now i'm asking f this is serious problem? PS: i installed the windows 4-5 hours ago.
  5. [Desktops] 2005

    Something evil 'bout this http://img355.imageshack.us/my.php?image=36jo.jpg
  6. VPU Recovery

    i found the vpu recovery options but i don't know if it's ok to turn it off
  7. VPU Recovery

    Hi, i have a ati radeon 9550. i'm playing battelfield 2 when out of the sudden it kicks me out to windows. it says something bout vpu recovery and that it will switch to software render.btw im downloading so i have the computer on for a long time so im wondering if the video card is overheated. i wanna know if theer's a way to fix this