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  1. My pockets consist of the following: Wallet (with cash and cards in it) House keys Car keys Samsug D900i Mobile Phone Sony NW-HD5 MP3 Player
  2. I doubt it'll have any affect on any OS market. The only people who'll give it a go is people like me who are curious, and if it's any good, will stick with it, till it gives us a problem, which means we'll format and reinstall whichever OS is in our comfort zone (usually an NT based Windows version for me, such as NT/2000/XP/2003) I think it's probably a case of Google being a bit late in the OS market. Most home users will have no inclination to change their OS as their exisiting Windows XP/Vista/7 is working for them fine as it is. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  3. I've got 1 Hitachi and 1 Maxtor in my main PC BUT, my Server has a two Seagates in it and my laptop's drive just has a HP sticker on it (but I think HP use Western Digital anyway!?! ... please correct me if I'm wrong)
  4. I most likely will be upgrading, mostly just to keep up to date (on my home PC) I'll be upgrading from XP Pro x64 to either 7 Pro x64 or 7 Ultimate x64, completely skipping Vista. However, on my work PC, I don't believe we have any upgrade plans (yet) so most likely will be sticking with XP Pro x86. To be honest, I don't think my workstation at work will cope with 7 very well anyway, as it's an old decrepid system.
  5. Classic Start Menu for the win! I cannot get to grips with the XP or the Vista/7 style start menu tbh.
  6. I absolutely ******* hate ClearType. For something that was designed to make text look better on TFTs/LCDs, it's **** poor. It looks like crap. Even more to my annoyance, the latest version of Windows Live Messenger forces the use of ClearType and it cannot be turned off (even though it can be turned off for the general OS and for IE) Ah well, that's another MS program I've ditched in favour for a superior 3rd-party alternative.
  7. I voted 4 On my main PC, I boot Windows XP Professional x64 Windows 2000 Professional Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Ubuntu 9.04
  8. Never thought I'd see any love for NT 3.51 For me, it's: Workstation OSes Windows 2000 SP4, followed by Windows NT 4.0 SP6a followed by Windows 95 OSR2.5 (but without the Windows Desktop Update crap that got bundled with IE4.0) Server OSes Windows 2000 SP4, followed by Windows 2003, followed by Windows NT4.0, followed by Windows 2008 As much as I like Windows 7 (and 2008 R2 for than matter), I hate the UI. I hate Vista full stop and XP although good, has given me some problems .... I've had far less issues with 2000 than I ever had with XP. I completely forgot to mention 3.1x .... a solid version, but unfortunately with naff all features. However, Windows 3.1x with Calmira shell on it is superb
  9. Which version? I have Easy CD-DA Extractor v11 and although it installs, it won't start under Windows 7 Ultimate Final (tried it on both x86 and x64 as well) ... it bombs out with a message saying that the program is not working, do I want to check for a solution online or just close the program (basically the normal message that you get when a program crashes)
  10. Actually, I have no problems with how Win7 runs .... it runs smoothly, I just don't like the UI and the new style Start Menu ..... simples *squeak*
  11. I'm in the Turn off UAC crowd .... it's just too annoying, and I was the same with Vista. Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways, but if I open a control panel applet, I don't want to asked if I really want to do it .... I mean, ffs, that's why I clicked the icon!
  12. Hello everybody, I'm woody.cool ... I regularly use forums etc. so I'm no noob to this. I currently work in a PC repair shop but have had roles involving System Administration/Network Administration. I use MSFN as a resource to help find answers to common Windows issues. I'm a regular Windows user and have been using Windows since the dark ages of Windows 3.0 and MS-DOS Cheers woody.cool
  13. I can't believe how anybody could actually prefer the Vista/7 style star menu? I'm a big fan of 'Classic Start Menu' and wish it'd make a return for several reasons: 1. It's quicker! It appears quicker, doesn't take so long to generate a list of programs etc. as the Vista/7 Start Menu does 2. For somebody who uses keyboard shortcuts almost 100% of the time, Classic Start Menu enables me to do that (for instance, I can start Mozilla Firefox by going Win Key -> P -> M -> Enter or can log off by going Win Key -> L) 3. Classic Start Menu is far easier to control via Group Policy .... much better suited to professional environments 4. I hate the 'Mickey Mouse' UI of Vista/7 !!! 5. I like the fact that the Classic Start Menu cascades ..... if I see that on another system, I can remember how I found a particular app much easier than I can with the Vista/7 style Start Menu. In response to whoever mentioned about cascading menus on small screeens ..... don't nest so many folders in the Start Menu then

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