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  1. yea i agree that i wont impact windows desktops and laptops much, maybe make a dent in the netbook market though... i dont think that it will take most of the linux market becuz about 1/2 of the linux running machines are supercomputer, servers etc cuz they cant get viruses and depending on the distro are fast... they also have pretty good server support, something i dont think that chrome os will have anytime soon i hope it advertises linux though i find it great and use it for more than half my stuff (not to mention i dont have to worry about viruses and it doesnt get overloaded when i open 5 appliaction at once lol)
  2. i was thinking that chrome isnt going to have something that really ccan catch a normal Linux user.... for instance ubuntu is great for everything i need and is ppretty fast; it boots up in about 30 seconds, firefox and opera are quite fast, etc. also, chrome os is going to have to think of something catchy besides being really fast to catch a windows user... my brother optimized vista to boot in 45 seconds, about 25 seconds faster than the XP he had on it before. AND windows 7 is coming out soon. With new apps availiable more support (as in it grows with time), and is (should be) faster i think
  3. well, my brother somehow (1 year ago) managed to have syslinux in UBCD 411 chainload the ubuntu syslinux... im still trying to figure out how he did it i dont want to use grub actually cuz i know a little more about syslinux what i have now is: ubcd 411 on the first partition; the computer boots from that... so now all i need to figure out is how to make a syslinux entry in syslinux.cfg that chainloads the ubuntu syslinux
  4. personally i think that gparted on its own CD is a waste of a CD (unless ur using a CD RW) why use a whole cd for something as small as gparted when u can have gparted and another WHOLE OS on it at thesame time? just install ubuntu live, then just run gparted off a cd! it has many advantages, i.e. u dont have to restart every time u want to google a problem (if there is one )
  5. right, i got a 16 gb flash drive, and want to install persistent ubuntu and ubcd 411... and maybe also windows (but ubuntu and ubcd have the priority). i also would either like to use grub or syslinux. i already have ubcd 411 installed next to ubuntu 904 persistent, on seperate partitions. ubcd is installed on the first one. i use ubuntu quite a lot side by side with XP on my computer, but i do all my "hacking" of ubuntu and flash drives (which is allowed right?). ubuntu is also a lot easier when messing w/ partitions, so ill be doing this mostly from ubuntu can any1 help?

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