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  1. i like th following USB gadgets USB-Flash Drive USB-Pendrive U-Universal S-Serial B-Bus
  2. Mostly I like ACDsee9.0 ver the i recommend Windows default picture & fax viewer the irfanview make your best option
  3. both are best but VMware for me
  4. i want to learn it i already know it little such
  5. I'm Proud to Upgrading on the windows7 i'll upgrade it on end of the year
  6. At the same time most of windows OS's like CE,NT,etc.. ar absent here
  7. use blank password & change password Don't use Special characters mostly for better
  8. Thanks a Lot for the nuhi for his awesome Program vLite also
  9. Thanks a lot for the nuhi for the awesome program nLite B)
  10. Hi But most all of the Windows editions are forever i think some of x64bit OS's are bad i hate the x64 os's and board's ME-Made Ever XP-eXtra Premium Use MS-Windows Forever to make Better performence
  11. Hi I've Used Windows 7 for a little such day it's a great success for Microsoft corp... i've used the release canditate only i'm expecting i'll buy the genuine windows 7 at the year end of 2009
  12. Intel and Asus are the best boards I recommends Intel forever-the great compatiblity for windows
  13. Hi Run restore do the system restore to the as earlier as possible it makes to get on all
  14. When You Enabled OEM Preinstall it will apperars the folder $OEM$ on your installation To make $OEM$ Folder Make Sure That u have enabled the OEM Preinstall
  15. Hi Nothing Goes Along. I've also Created Some Unattended Windows XP Through the nLite. But I've Got a Sucessful Installation. B) I've Used LatestPack Drivers Completly from Following http://www.driverpacks.net You Can Try it! All the Best
  16. use the clock icon on taskbar
  17. You are Using Compaq PC So the Vendor makes recovery partition to recover and reformat your vista using it at your bootup It's nothing to worry about
  18. Hi Use the Data Doctor NTFS & FAT Recovery(as based on the partition type) That's Alllllll ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any help Mail me at balaji.pm@livecom
  19. Hi Use the Beta Version Of Kaspersky 2010 I ecommend th program which it's only Best for Trojan's & malware's Download the Trial of Beta Version Of Kaspersky 2010 at following Link. http://www.kaspersky.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Help mail me at balaji.pm@live.com
  20. It may be based on x64bit platform Use x32bit platform drivers -------------------------------------------------------------- Any help mail me at balaji.pm@live.com

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