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  1. @-x- I would highly suggest at a minimum at least 2Gb of memory with VMware Workstation 6.5.3 build 185404, which I use. I have a 2.8 Ghz CPU, and to make it responsive in a XP Host environment I allocate 512mb memory to the XP VM, and allow the running VM option set to "Allow some virtual machine memory to be swapped" option turned on. I monitor the Host memory usage which before starting the VM is around 600mb. With the VM running, the Host memory usage goes up to about an average of 1800mb. This is before I log into the VM itself. The CPU usage on the host settles around %25 with Workstation running. mhmallory
  2. @g-force I have it pretty much working. I think there were some changes in SP3 rundll32 which produces some errors in the registry. I have commented out the offending strings, and changed the ../<string> to ./<string>. [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [newhive] [b];HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",,0x00000012 ;HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",Title,0x00000000,"Applying custom settings" ;HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",Flags,0x00010001,0x00000020 ;HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\Infs",,,"Applying Inf's"[/b] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\Infs",1,,"rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection XP 128 [b].[/b]\Windows\Inf\runonceex.inf" I have attached the error I get in the registry. I was using autoruns to monitor the registry. This works as advertised, but documentation needs some updating. Good learning experience though. If I could get some help from someone to resolve the syntax of the offending strings, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again, mhmallory Windows_XP_SP3_reg_error.zip
  3. @Hell Racer The plugin is a little hard to find. You have to use IE to see it and download it. If you want, I can upload it to Skydrive and provide a link. Let me know. mhmallory
  4. @Hell Racer When you go to Skydrive, you have to down load a plugin for your browser. Take a look at http://www.alpesh.nakars.com/blog/skydrive...p-with-firefox/ if you are using Fire Fox. mhmallory
  5. @Hellraiser Try Windows Live Skydrive. You get 25gb free disk space. You make any portion of the space available to public by a hyperlink, supports drag n' drop with XP Windows Explorer, and the account does not expire. Also Adrive, my favorite provides 50gb of free disk space, but no drag n' drop with free service. Lastly, Dropbox which only provides 2gb of space but upgradeable by paid subscription, buts support real disk syncing form your desktop. Basically, you use the space as a Windows Share, and if you want to sync you copy your file to your Dropbox share. Great for documentation or small .exe files. mhmallory
  6. @g-force This is where I'm at so far. Found another post http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t12964.html. And as I thought in txtxsetup.sif [sourceDisksFiles] runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3 Does NOT work in SP3. However the following in SP3 works: [sourceDisksFiles] unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,0,,3,3 runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 I can test in VMWare runceex.inf by right clicking on the file, and choose "Install" After installing, I executed rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess and logged of and back on to see the .inf run. This did help me find a syntax error. The next file I'm debugging is unattended.inf. I'm having a problem with this line, which does not load into the registry. When using <shift> F10 regedit at T10, and search for runonceeex key, it is empty. HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\Infs",1,,"rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection XP 128 ..\Windows\Inf\runonceex.inf" I do not know what ..\<dir> means when used like this. I know ..\ means to move up one in directory tree. I going by trial and error to see if something like %windir% will expand in the string. TIA mhmallory
  7. Okay, made some progress. I created on source $OEM$\$1\Install\Packages\7Zip\7z907b.exe, which was copied to destination. I made the following changes in txtxsetup.sif - [sourceDisksFiles] unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,0,,3,3 runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 This executes unattended.inf, and copies runonceex.inf to %windir%\inf. I just now have to figure out why runonceex.inf did not get executed. I will debug runonceex.inf, but I'm sure it finds the source file. It just did not run because the application did not get installed. mhmallory
  8. So far what I have been able to gleam out of the following matrix - filename = status, subdir, size, 3, 4, 5, diskid,subdir, upgradecode, newinstallcode1, newfilename, newinstallcode2, 6 unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3 So far I think '_x' references a compressed file. I don't what 'x' is yet, but I know the source file is not compressed. TIA, mhmallory
  9. @g-force Thanks for the reply. The process looks tough at first, but once you dissect the bottom of the page and break it down into basic steps it's hot is bad as it looks. I think I'm getting the error from txtxsetup.sif. I think the entries runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3 are in the wrong place. I tried moving it to - [sourceDisksFiles] runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3 but no go. Also, I think the runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 might be wrong. I'm google'ing to find a simple method to decode the string. So far I'm looking at http://www.msfn.org/board/txtsetup-sif-lay...ce-t127677.html as a guide to attempt to decode it. Thanks, mhmallory
  10. I use the following to build a Nlite/Xpize ISO. 1). Start with a fresh XP source. 2). I use Nlite to install service packs, hotfixes, and addons. a. Configure Nlite NOT to build ISO. b. As an addon I include .NET combo pack. 3). Start Xpize with xpize5R6.exe /ignoreCondition 4). From Xpize menu choose, "Install xpize 5 Release 6" 5). From Xpize Menu I choose the desired theme. Important, If you switch to advanced mode, be very careful. Selecting additional themes can cause you unexpected results because during integrate process the same resource files and DLL's will be modified numerous times. Xpize does allow change this behavior. 6) From Xpize Menu, I choose "Install to a Windows Setup CD (I386). 7) It is important after Xpize completes, DO NOT USE NLITE again to build the ISO. I use MagicISO with a extracted CD image from the source CD to build the ISO. 8) Once ISO build is completed and installed on a target, I use Autopatcher to install missing hotfixes or desired additional tweaks. I have followed this procedure at least 75 times during ISO builds and debugging. It works %100 with reliable results. I HAVE never had a problem integrating Xpize using the outlined procedure. I have to thank Xpize Dev for pointing me in the right direction. The movie clip they refereed me to helped a great deal. Once I get Unattended install using runonce inf method working for me %100 percent, the next step is integrating Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPacks 8.12.5 into my ISO. mhmallory
  11. I was attempting to use Gosh' method of installing packages with XP Pro SP3 using RunOnceEx guide at http://gosh.msfn.org/using_runonceex.htm. I modified the files according to the directions, but I get the following setup error. Here are the steps I followed. 1) Edited xp source file txtxsetup.sif and added the following - [HiveInfs.Fresh] AddReg = hivedef.inf,AddReg AddReg = hivesys.inf,AddReg AddReg = hivesft.inf,AddReg AddReg = hivecls.inf,AddReg AddReg = hiveusd.inf,AddReg AddReg = hivesxs.inf,AddReg AddReg = dmreg.inf,DM.AddReg AddReg = unattended.inf,newhive runonceex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0 unattended.inf = 1,,,,,,_x,,3,3 2) Edited xp source file dosnet.inf and added the following - [Files] d1,runonceex.inf d1,unattended.inf 3) Created file unattended.inf in source i386 folder and added the following - [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [newhive] HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",,0x00000012 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",Title,0x00000000,"Applying custom settings" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx",Flags,0x00010001,0x00000020 HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\Infs",,,"Applying Inf's" HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\Infs",1,,"rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall XP 128 ..\Windows\Inf\runonceex.inf" 4) Created file runonceex.inf in i386 folder and added the following: [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] AddReg = RunXP [XP] AddReg = RunXP [RunXP] ;http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=232509 HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\",Title,0,"Installing Applications and Extras" HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\",Flags,0x00010001,20 HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\install001",,,"7 Zip" HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\install001",1,,"%10%\Install\Packages\7z465.exe /S" [Strings] RunOnceEx = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx" 5) Created the folder <my source drive>\$OEM$\$$\Install\Packages 6) Placed 7 Zip program in <my source drive>\$OEM$\$$\Install\Packages\7z907b.exe I have google'd the forum, but I'm at a lost. Any help would be appreciated. mhmallory
  12. One thing I need to point out. If you intend to integrate Xpize into a Nlite'd CD, ALL of the files in the 'root' of the CD directory share file attributes must be set to +A. If you attempt to Xpize the XP share, and Xpize immediately gives you an error message of 'Invalid Root of CD', I have consistently found the file attributes (permissions) are wrong by Xpize standards. If you need to change many files or directories in mass, I found the tool Attribute Changer shell extension (freeware) from http://www.petges.lu/ does the job really well. mhmallory
  13. Ok, I fixed it. Following are the steps I followed - 1) I noticed TaskSwitchXP was not running. It was in the registry start, but was not installed in /Program Files/. 2) Started Xpize5R6 installer with /ignoreCondition 3. After reboot, went to /WINDOWS/Resources and removed duplicate directories. 4) Went to /WINDOWS/Web/Wallpaper and removed duplicate .jpg and .bmp files. 5) Went to Control Panel, System, Advanced, Settings, Performance Settings, and toggled 'Adjust for Best Appearance:. 6) Went to Desktop Properties, Desktop, Background (any except none), Apply. 7. Went to Desktop Properties, Settings, Advanced, "After I Change Display:" and toggled " Apply the new display settings without restarting" to "Ask me before applying the new display settings" and then back to " Apply the new display settings without restarting". Note, I did not change any registry keys. I also attached the install log and a shot of my Desktop. Thanks, mhmallory Anolis.Installer.log.7z final_desktop.7z
  14. Shot of my Desk Top. mhmallory desk_top.7z

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