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  1. Yes, I remember about K-Meleon or Flock (in fact, I haven't tested them) but I mean just major browsers. In that way, Opera is practically the last one. I mention it because the developers include a non-unicode build specifically for Windows 9x. A version based on Gecko trunk 1.9 is underway. Gecko 1.9 on Windows 95... imagine... Does the latest Flock work on 9x?
  2. I think this problem is flash-specific. See: this thread Ahem, K-Meleon?
  3. sp193, thanks for posting status. Among the programs I have working thanks to SH95UPD: Virtually all incompatible 98/ME stock programs; InfraRecorder; GTK+ 2.6.10; import function in Firefox 2. Opera 10 milestone 1606 and Firefox 3 need to point to the 98 shell; I mention these because I don't think it's from missing ExtractIconExW/Shell_NotifyIconW functions. SHGetSettings is used by a few programs, notably Tihiy's RP9 setup.
  4. Do you have any idea what is wrong with me in my case? I can install Flash 10 on Firefox 2 with registry trick. However, my installed Flash 10 does not function. On my system, Flash 10 works with Firefox 2 as long as KernelEx is enabled for firefox.exe. The thing is, enabling it creates a problem with mailto links (Thunderbird 2 has the inverse problem).
  5. I misunderstood. I rarely deal with such files; I view hdd free space a lot more often.
  6. I have no official OSR2 shell to test, but I maintain that the >4GB display problem goes away when I use the patched 95B shell. Did you try it?
  7. Using it. I have a small compatibility list for your thread if you want. I see now that it was probably fixed in OSR2, as the patched 95A shell doesn't do it and Controller doesn't mention it.
  8. If autopatcher works for you, stick with it. Everything in there is about as recent and comprehensive as possible. I wouldn't call 98se with IE6 stable, but it'll run supported apps with minimum hassle. If it's stability you want, run a 98lite clean install with Gape's sp2.cab slipstreamed in. Zero effort, solid 98se.
  9. I have to comment here: I've just tried Chun Sejin's Imagine and it is spot-on what I was looking for. Super-solid; fast; non-flaky UI; intuitive operation (on an image viewer—imagine that!) Proof that modern apps—however small—are in development for 9x. Thanks, Drugwash, for bringing it to my attention.
  10. This is the first time I've seen 98lite's main draw referred to negatively. My 98micro system has been running 5 years without a shell conflict.
  11. You're using SLEEK V1 interchangeably with 98lite's sleek shell-swap option. I thought SLEEK Vx was a buggy attempt to improve program compatibility by leaving shell32 as-is and pointing explorer and comdlg to shell95.dll. Controller has a 95 shell update that fixes this...

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