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  1. bman

    Making XP Install Disc

    Alright, so I will try that. Where on these forums should I post about Photoshop and Office.... and everything is put into the hotfixes section....
  2. bman

    Making XP Install Disc

    Drag them as is, or do I need to unzip and stuff like that? cause that update pack has alot of files, and alot of different kinds of files
  3. bman

    Making XP Install Disc

    Alright, I found these files. An Update package, and acouple programs, from the nlite website... What do I do with these? How do i put them on the disc...
  4. !!!This May Be The Wrong Area!!! I have tried using nLite along time ago, in the first versions. I never had success with it, and now I am trying again. I have Windows XP Pro SP2 and I want to make a install disc with all the Microsoft Updates at the Update Site. (ALL OF THEM) I also want to have this installed automaticly. uTorrent Windows Defender Firefox Windows Live Messenger CCleaner Microsoft Office 2007 Adobe Photoshop CS2 I also want these removed Windows Messenger Games (solitare kept) If possible I would also like the uxtheme.dll already hacked (i usually use the Neowin hacker program) and a few themes installed. I don't know where 2 start, help!!!!
  5. I know someone has to know of at least one of these....?
  6. Along time ago, I used to change my own shell32.dll. Now I haven't done it for awhile and don't feel like it. I remember there being custom ones already done, where I'd just have to replace my shell32. I can't seem to find this anymore....any ideas...
  7. I use outlook express, just because it's already there, and its simple. Also, Outlook Express and Thunderbird are kinda the same.
  8. well I guess I can try that, I'll let you know what happens....
  9. Sorry, just reading this now.. Umm would that really make a difference?
  10. I got all the drivers, no Firewall, and I have done this a million times before, reformatted and was fine. I don't get why this is happening now. The wizard tons of time for me. What is DHCP?
  11. The add/remove components in windows xp doesnt accually remove the programs, just deletes shorcuts and stuff.
  12. I guess its not all that great. I will stick with my Creative Nomad yea yeah
  13. Got a link to info on the new one. Is there anything different?
  14. I have 3 computers that are networked together. I have been doing this for a long time now. Just recently one of the computers have been reformated and now it can't see the network or use the internet. I have tryed so many things, I cant think of what is wrong with it. I updated all drivers you can think off, I redid the network wizard thing, still no difference. Any ideas what is wrong here...
  15. Will XPLite, i think thats what it's called, remove all those programs. I have been reading a little bit about it, not totally sure what it does, and what it can do.
  16. what is your site about. What can I look forward to? Tips on overclocking or something
  17. When I first read this I thought you were talking about those folders that show up under "My Network Places" at the bottom of explorer. Does anybody know how to permently remove them, when I delete them they just come back?
  18. I know about that. I dont want to edit my Windows CD, I already tryed that and it just dosent work for me. I am looking for something to tell me how to remove after I install windows.
  19. I am about to reformate my computer. I am wondering when I reinstall Windows XP, how I can completely uninstall Windows Messenger, Internet Explorer, and programs like that. I have never done that before. Is there a tutorial or something? Thanks invanced.
  20. Hi, I'm new here. I have been watching and reading stuff, needed to ask a question so I decided to join. I might accually stay around, cool place. You can also find me at <<spam>>, osnn.net, hardwaregeeks too This is a cool place, nice people!!
  21. yea man, its going to be crazy!

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