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  1. @duron: can you post your wallpaper, i had it but i lost it! thx
  2. Hello,Hello my contribution for this month..... Ask for details.
  3. @mr.brownstone Can you share your Wallpaper, simple it is and i like it!
  4. Very good idear, black si so clean on my desk !
  5. It's just an Art diplayer on desktop like one you have but maybe smarter than yours.
  6. Just ask which one you want... @binarykult What is your VS? Can you share it? Thx
  7. If you want to hide your account name in the first screen try to hide it everywhere .....
  8. Nice Alternative, very cute!
  9. There is an ubuntu theme for XP, i don't know exactly the name.
  10. Try searching In Neowin forum, there is a link.
  11. Re apply patch, and try again. I think there is little bug in your ressources.
  12. Brand new: Avedesk Lucid Weather Avedesk recycle Bin Wall: Visiosn from CrystalXP And Luna Royale Xpize + Xpize 4.5.1
  13. Nice with Vista start button. Just a color of touch!
  14. hum........... French touch' very Nice
  15. There is no full view we can't see. Maybe ask to the autor.
  16. @Wip: Just search in MSFN Forum, there is some website dedicated to wallpaper, or DeviantArt of course (best wall, VS.....site) Hope it will help you
  17. @pS-: As always a very beautifull desktop........I would like to be your computer.

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