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  1. I've forgotten the file!! sorry!! XPFIX.bat
  2. Thx I've done many work since last day on my script just look at this and tell me..... I've just a problem with partition magic ( It demands an answer file) and tweakUI ( impossible to kill the process) thx
  3. I've worked on the script all the night...........; XPFIX.bat
  4. Thx for your poste first i use cd .. because my application are in directory, > enter directory / execute /back in main directory of the .bat:
  5. Maybe that can help som newbies like me.......: @cd COMMANDES @copy .\kill.exe %windir% @cls @echo ****************************************** @echo ****** Installation des applications ***** @echo ****************************************** @cd .. @cd 7.ZIP.3.13 @echo Installation de : 7.ZIP.3.13 @7z313.exe -y /q /r:n @cd .. @cd ABC.TORRENT @echo Installation de : ABC.V2.6.8 @ABC.v2.6.8.exe/S @cd .. @cd ACROBAT.READER.6.0.1 @echo Installation de : ACROBAT.READER.6.0.1 @ar6.0.1.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\"" @cd .. @cd ALCOHOL.120.v1.9.2.1705 @echo Installation de : ALCOHOL.120.v1.9.2.1705 @Setup.msi/qn REBOOT=suppress @cd .. @cd ANYDVD.v3.6.1.1 @echo Installation de : ANYDVD.v3.6.1.1 @SetupAnyDVD3611.exe/S @cd .. @cd DC++0.403 @echo Installation de : DC++0.403 @DC++0.403.exe/S @cd .. @cd DIRECT.9X @echo Installation de : Direct.9X.B @DX9NTopk.exe /Q:A /R:N @cd .. @cd DISKEEPER.8 @echo Installation de : DISKEEPER.8 @diskeeper8.msi /qb @cd .. @cd EMULE.0.43B @echo Installation de : EMULE.0.43B @eMule0.43b-Installer.exe/S @cd .. @cd FTP.EXPERT.3.50.00 @echo Installation de : FTP.EXPERT.3.50.00 @setup.exe/S @cd .. @cd GOOGLE @echo Installation de : GOOGLE TOOLBARRE @GoogleToolbarInstaller.exe /s /qn @cd .. @cd ISOBUSTER.1.6 @echo Installation de : ISOBUSTER.1.6 @IsoBuster.1.6.exe/SILENT @kill isobuster.exe @cd .. @cd K-LITE.CODEC.PACK @echo Installation de : K-LITE.CODEC.PACK @klmcodec103.exe /verysilent/COMPONENTS="mpclassic,divxdec,divx,divxmpeg4,xviddec,xvid, mpeg2ligos,3ivxdec,3ivx,wmv,vp3,vp6, dvd,indeo,indeo4,indeo32,i263,huffyuv,msmpeg4, qtcodec,qtdirectshow,qtcpl,qtplugins, realcodec,realdirectshow,mp3audio,wmaaudio,ac3audio,oggvorbis,aac, musepack,voxware,ape,oggvorbissplitter,vsfilter,gspot,disg400,disffdshow,qtcodec,qtdirectshow,qtcpl, qtplugins,qtbrow serplugin,realcodec,realdirectshow,realbrowserplugin" @cd .. @cd MAGIC.TWEAK.2.70 @echo Installation de : MAGIC.TWEAK.2.70 @Magic_Tweak_2.70.exe/S /SILENT @cd .. @cd MCAFEE @echo Installation de : MCAFEE @vse800.msi /qb @cd .. @cd MESSENGER @echo Installation de : MESSENGER PLUS 3.01 et de MSN 6.2 @MsnMsgs.msi/QB @MsgPlus301.exe /SilentInstallNoSponsor @kill msnmsgr.exe @cd .. @cd NERO.v6.3.1.6 @echo Installation de : NERO.v6.3.1.6 @Nero6316.exe /SILENT /NOREBOOT /no_ui /SN=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /WRITE_SN @cd .. @cd OPEN.OFFICE.1.1.2 @echo Installation de : OPEN.OFFICE.1.1.2 @setup.exe -r .\response.txt @cd .. @cd PARTITION.MAGIC.8\sETUP @echo Installation de : PARTITION.MAGIC.8 @setup.exe /s /v/qn @cd .. @cd PHOTOFILTRE @echo Installation de : PHOTOFILTRE @PhotoFiltre.exe/S @cd .. @cd POWERBATCH @echo Installation de : POWERBATCH @setup.exe/silent @kill PowerBatch.exe @cd .. @cd REGISTRY.MECHANIC.3.0 @echo Installation de : REGISTRY.MECHANIC.3.0 @rminstall.exe/silent @cd .. @cd TWEAK.UI @echo Installation de : TWEAK.UI @setup.exe /qb @cd .. @cd VLC.0.7.2 @echo Installation de : VLC.0.7.2 @vlc-0.7.2-test2-win32.exe/silent @cd .. @cd WINISO.5.3 @echo Installation de : WINISO.5.3 @WINISO53EN.exe/verysilent /sp- @cd .. @cd WINRAR.3.30 @echo Installation de : WINRAR.3.30 @WinRARv.3.30.exe/S @cd .. @cd REGISTRE @echo ********** Modification registre @REGEDIT /S cmdlines.reg @cd .. @C: @cd C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Bureau @del *.lnk @cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Bureau @del *.lnk @echo ****************************************** @echo ***** REBOOT SYSTEME ***** @echo ****************************************** @shutdown -f -r -t 05
  6. Hello I would like to know the swith for Tweak UI xp ( PowerToys) to make a silent install THX (My first post lol)

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