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  1. OK, so there is no code (i.e. JavaScript) that I could add to a php generated image that would make html pages which included the php photo be redirected?
  2. Hello, I am making a photo with php, I wish to have a percentage of the people who view this photo to be redirected to a different site so I added this code to the php photo: if (rand(0, 100) == "50"){ header ("location: http://www.othersite.com/"); } This works if you are accessing the photo directly from your browser, but if the photo is just included in an html file it doesn't work, is there a way that I could get this to work?
  3. Hello, I have a friend and for some reason his website gives a 403 if you try to access any file or directory other than the main page, I opened the FTP client (smart ftp) and noticed that "public_html" was set not to allow read access to the public, I changed it to 755 and clicked "OK" to apply the settings, then reopened the chmod properties and it had automaticlly changed itself back to how it was. Does anyone here have any ideas????
  4. How would I rewrite that if statement to work better?
  5. Hello, My friend is learning c++ and is making a test program, but he can't get it work right, here is the code. #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string> #include <windows.h> using namespace std; int main( void ); class Gun { //data member declarations string color; bool draw; bool lock; int numOfBullets; public: Gun(string aColor); //constructor ~Gun(); //destructor //methods void drawn(); void locked(); int fire(); }; Gun::Gun(string aColor) { numOfBullets = 10; draw = false; lock = false; color = aColor; srand((unsigned)time(0)); //seeds the time (we need the rand() function in the fire() method) } Gun::~Gun() { } //draws the gun void Gun::drawn() { if(lock) { cout<<"gun has been locked and therefore cannot be loaded.\n"; } draw = true; cout<<color<<"gun has been loaded.\n" <<endl; } //locks the gun void Gun::locked() { if(!draw) { cout<< color << "gun has not been drawed.\n" <<endl; } if(draw) { lock = true; cout<<color<<"gun has been locked.\n" <<endl; } } //fires the gun if locked int Gun::fire() { if(!draw) { cout<< color << "gun has not been loadedand therefore could not fire.\n" << endl; return 0; } int score; score = rand() % (10 - 0 + 1) + 0; if(score == 0) cout<<color<< " missed the target!!!\n" <<endl; else cout<< color << " scored " << score << " points!!!\n" <<endl; return score; } //the main function int main(void) { int go; char load; char lock; system("cls"); cout<<"Gun Control - TS Software V1.0\n\n"; cout<<"Welcome to gun control!\n\nToday you will learn how to aim, draw, and fire a gun at" " a target. Good Luck!\n"; Sleep( 1000 ); cout<<"\nGlad you agreed. Come on over.\n\n"; cout<<"Ok, now we are going to use the nice, pretty old, black shotgun.\n\n"; Gun shotgun("The old, black shot"); cout<<"To load the shotgun type in load. You will then be told that is loaded.\n"; cin>>load; cout<<"\n"; if (load = load) { shotgun.drawn(); } cout<<"Then you would have to lock it, type in lock.\n"; cin>>lock; if (lock = lock) { shotgun.locked(); } /*shotgun.draw(); shotgun.fire(); shotgun.loced();*/ return 0; } Though I don't know c or c++ I think that the main problem is the if statements, I have read a few tutorials recently and it looks like the if statement isn't working. Shouldn't the if statements have two equal signs? And even then it looks like it is comparing the variable against itself and that would always be true, well, those are just my ideas, I don't know enough to fix it, but I thought that someone here would! Thanks In Advance! Zach Doty
  6. Explorer.exe Crash

    Hello, I am used to having explorer.exe crashing once in a while, it automaticlly restarts itself, but recently I am having a different problem, it crashes and I loose the icons and taskbar, then instead of restoring the icons and taskbar it opens explorer.exe like it would if you ran it when explorer was already running, it doesn't restore the icons and taskbar, it just opens explorer to "My Documents", so I close it and go to the task manager and run explorer.exe and it still doesn't restore the icons and taskbar, it just opens an explorer window to "My Documents", any ideas? Should I replace explorer.exe? When I restart the computer it loads explorer correctly, but when it crashes I have the same problem.
  7. This is a great forum!

    Hello, I recently registered on msfn and have to say that it is very nice! I have only had access to a computer for about a year and a half, but have been on them a lot in that time and now I am quite good with them, I have been doing some webdesign and recently (about two months ago) setup my own computer help forum but have still got very little traffic to it, I know HTML, some VB and JavaScript and a little PHP (if you noticed that the forum is in php, I used pre-made forum software to do that). Zach Doty
  8. Problem Changing Background

    I have a friend and when he changes the background on one users account it changes it for all the accounts? Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. I think that EasyCleaner has something that does that
  10. how do i run DEFRAG in Scheduled tasks?

    Try This!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rename Start?

    Yes, Resource Hacker works great, the reason that I wanted to use PE Resource Editor is because it is open source and allows you to host it on your website! I wanted to find a good one that would let me host it on my site
  12. Rename Start?

    The reason that 5 characters is the limit with hex editing is because with hex editing the exe will not work if the number of characters changes, you can however use a resource editor instead of a hex editor (As has already been mentioned) without the 5 letter limit. I have renamed the start menu on several computer using the instructions found here and using resource hacker, I have tried with PE Resource Editor and failed. Has anyone here been succesfull changing it with PE Resource Editor?