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  1. Will try to explain this as best as I can. We currently do this with an XP based build we use. We currently copy a couple boot files and a bootable ISO to a machine, reboot that machine and have it load into a WinPE RAM setup and use some custom script to reimage the machine. We want to replicate this setup in a vista enviornment, which looks like I need to tweak BCDEdit and use a wim instead of an ISO. What I want to know is if anyone knows how to use BCDEdit to just replace the default boot device with an existing WIM image. I have found many articles that talk about adding a menu item to
  2. Been using your tool for a little while now and just had the need to add the ICHR10x board to my disk. The tool looks like it added the driver the same way it always does, but Windows PE can not reconigze any hard drive on the computer. I put the disk in my older boards (ICHR9x), and it works fine. Any ideas?
  3. I have a PCMICA card that when it is put into a machine brings up the New Hardware Found wizard. Now the wierd thing is if I just tell it to Install the software automatically, it will go it's merry way and install the drivers/device. I do not need to point it to a special folder or do anything else(the driver is already in system32). I am confused because since it can already find the driver, why does the prompt appear. Only thing I can think of it because the drive it gets(atapi.dll) seems to be unsigned. Any way for XP to just install automatically regardless of signing. I know that I
  4. Yes, but we are looking to be able to script this all of this. In theory we could have the machine rebuild itself every night using PE to setup and install XP. My understanding and experience with PXE is that it still requires some user interaction. Thanks for the reply though.
  5. Did some searching and was wondering if anyone has been ale to do the following. Have an existing XP based machine, booted and running Copy the PE 2.0 to the hard drive, have the machine reboot and load PE instead of XP We are looking for a way to deploy PE without neededing a flash drive or CD of Windows PE. Thanks.
  6. Found a bunch of information on doing it for PE 2005 and just plain Vista. But nothing on Vista PE, figure there has to be a way to do it.
  7. Anyone have a way to edit the boot screen for vistape. Looking to add our custom logo while it boots up. Thanks.
  8. I am having a very odd issue. I need to install some windows components after the OS is loaded(IIS and MSMQ). I am doing this via the sysocmgr.exe at the command line. Issue is that it is asking for the windows CD. So I did the following to point it to the DVD that is in the drive when this step is done. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/Q811260 Problem is that I am still prompted to locate the files, even though the browse window is defaulting to the correct location. I can fix this by two ways. 1. Hit browse, then manually highlight the dll and it will install the component 2. Copy the dl
  9. Thanks, that does help. I found my drive on e and it had my files. Thanks again.
  10. I have installed XP from PE 1.5 for awhile now, but I am running into issues with PE 2.0. I think I am getting confused because of newer image based install now. At the moment I have the basic PE setup winpe_x86 ...............ISO ...............mount ............... other PE related files I have my XP files already configured I just cant seem to figure out where I need to put the files so they will be on my PE disk when it loads. I know I need to mount the PE image and I have tried putting the XP folder in a variety of places inside the mount folder. Most of the time PE will crash on boot
  11. Hey guys, need help with this one. I am working on installing XP from a WinPE disk, can get WinPE to load fine, but from there I have issues. The system I am working with has a SATA card that needs to be loaded during textmode. I have read at various places I need to create a $OEM$ folder at either the root level of the xp install or inside of the I386 folder. The main issue is that when I run the following command winnt32.exe /u:x:\xp\i386\unattended.txt /s:x:\xp\i386\ /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /makelocalsource /noreboot the SATA driver is not copied over to the c drive, so when I reboot th
  12. Have done a bunch of searching but am unable to locate the solution. I have been able to boot a PE disk up that has my installer for windows XP. The HD has been partitioned correctly, I run this command. winnt32.exe /syspart:c /tempdrive:c /unattended:winnt.sif The installer starts, copies some files to the c drive, I manually reboot the machine. Windows starts the text mode installation, but dies when it cant find the RAID driver. The XP install PE cd has it in the correct spot, but it looks like the installer does not copy it over to the C drive. Any idea how to get all the drivers incl
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