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  1. Heyho, First, I think we are missing a basic Forum, "Cross Platform Issues" OR "All Platform Issues". I often have problems that exist in both of my Operating Systems(OS), and would exist in all others. I've checked all the Forum titles and found none suitable. I'm here in XP purely because that is now where I'm coming from, but the same problems exists in 7, my other regular OS. Anyway. I'm in the UK. I have often wanted to watch TV stuff, only to be told that because I am in the UK I cannot. These messages appear to be flagged by my IP address. Is there any way I can disguise my IP address s
  2. Peewee

    Win 7 Security

    Thanks for wrecking a humorous thread. Not coming back. Mark it as closed. No wonder they call you nerds. Have you no sense of humour or frivolity?
  3. Scroll bug sounds about right. Thank you for your acknowledgement. Sadly, fixing (this apparently known BUG) in Windows 8 (Any) has no effect on what it does in Windows 7. And that was rather my point. I don't really care what it does in Windows 8, as I am using Windows 7. Thank you for your response, though. I haven't checked the provided link as your post suggests it is only relevant to Windows 8 - which I haven't got. But thanks anyway. Anyone got anything relevant to Windows 7. This is a really annoying bad thing, error, mistake, failure. Oh so annoying. Ta.
  4. 7. Windows Explorer. Left-hand pane. Click on a + and the Directory Title shoots down to the bottom of the screen obscuring every subdirectory. This has been referred to before in many different posts here and elsewhere. But this is such an obvious error that I wonder why MSoft hasn't sorted it - it is NOT a feature, it is extremely annoying and wrong. Has anyone reported it to them? 7 has installed hundreds of updates since I started with it, but this really annoying thing remains. Anyone got any voice on this? Obviously an error, but why has it remained for so long? Any ideas how we can get
  5. As computing moved out of the hands of hobbyists, and computers became commonplace household items, control, via the Operating System, has been increasingly removed from the user. In DOS and DRDOS we had the single, and benign, (Are you sure? Y/N). That was it as far as interference and control went. Useful for capturing accidental keypresses - unless one accidentally then pressed Y, of course..., and completely powerless following its appearance - I seem to recall that sometimes pressing the Esc key would send it away, without either a Y or an N to its name. Poor thing. Now we're up to 7 (I h
  6. Jaclaz, many thanks for your reply. Been offline for a while, hence the tardy response. Some of this reply concerns human interaction, as well as technical stuff. You suggest that I am "seemingly missing the main point". Such a statement is semantically wrong. I cannot miss any point if I made the point in the first place. I am not missing even "A" point, never mind "THE" point or "THE MAIN" point. I made the main point, and so the main point is mine. And so I cannot miss the main point. Logic. But, to explain - again... The actual MAIN point is not what the test programs return, instead that,
  7. Heyho. Bought a 250Gig SATA drive for buttons on Amazon. Connected it up and installed 7. Things started going haywire so I checked it with Seatools and others. It FAILED. I used KillDisk to write zeroes, and then formatted it and tested it again. PASSED. I installed XP. It went wonky again. Tested it. FAILED. Did the above again and installed 7. It went bad again. FAILED. All the tests used were useless in terms of information; I just got "FAILED" or "PASSED". The only really helpful information came from one of the progs which offered, "An error occured while attempting to repair bad sectors
  8. Heyho, Am I imagining it? I'm sure that this forum used to have a "View your posts" link at the home page. It now tells me the number of posts by me, but only the number - not the actual posts, and I can't find those posts. When I post, I add it to Favourites, or whatever passes for that in whatever browser I was using at the time (mostly Sea Monkey). Sadly, Favourites or whatever can get lost or be deleted. I know I posted a specific, but I can't find it - and I've searched - trust me. I've lost all my favourites/whatevers, and searches here are not producing anything useful. Can I find a lis
  9. Hi, I've had 7 for quite a while, but had endless problems getting online, and so used it rarely - I dual boot with XP. I recently bought a painfully cheap USB WiFi adapter from China, via Amazon, which fair blisters along. So, I'm using 7 much more. I've been looking at Voice Recognition, and was wondering if anyone uses it usefully, and what for. Is it just a novelty? An advanced search here for "voice recognition" didn't get a single hit. Is that already telling me something?
  10. Again, still reading. Thanks for all your replies. My widescreen monitor opened up many possibilities, and that and your mostly positive replies mean I'm definitely going to connect up the old monitor as 2, and see what else I can do. Cheers. And a Happy New Year.
  11. Peewee

    Total Control

    Many thanks. Those links produce more links, so I'll study them. Again, much appreciated.
  12. Peewee

    Total Control

    Hiya, I'm fairly new to 7. I dual boot with 7 and XP. Because I could never get online with 7 with my WLAN card, I rarely booted into 7. A new USB WLAN has given me internet accesa, and so I am now using 7 frequently. I have searched this forum, honest, but have not found what I want. I have turned off UAC completely. I understand that security might be important in corporate situations, but I am the only person who ever uses this computer, and want (demand) complete and total control of this MY computer that I have paid for and own. I do not want anything telling me what I can and can't do. D
  13. Me again. Meant to ask, forgot, is VM = Virtual Machine? Does that mean you are running programs like Sandboxie on other monitors, as virtual machines dedicated to that monitor? I can see how that would be useful. I was recently grabbing some screenshots and editing them. I then had to re-edit several of them. Trying to remember what was in the original and needed changing was impossible, and the flipping back and forth was a pain. What I did was manually split the screen in two, using the central on/off button as the centre guide, and used the right window to display the JPG that needed edit
  14. Hiya, Just letting you know that I am reading these, and am finding them interesting. Please continue responding. Many thanks, Peewee.
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