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  1. So is it possible to put Windows Movie Maker on Windows 2000? The only thing I have tried was to put the files on Windows 2000 and run them, but it gave me an error about SHParseDisplayName in shell32.dll so I copied the XP shell32.dll over and it totally ruined the boot so I had to put the original back, lol. I have no ideas after that, unless someone could get the pertinent information with a hex editor from the XP dll and just copy that into the 2k dll.
  2. Firefox 2

    This is really good, thanks. I would just like to say that if you are concerned with privacy you should delete the bookmarkbackups folder, bookmarks.bak, bookmarks.htm, and cookies.txt in the Mozilla\Firefox folder before step number 7. You should copy the entire folder somewhere else before you do this or your bookmarks and cookies will be deleted.
  3. Reinstall Services

    I just wanted to reply back and say thanks allen2. It worked.
  4. Reinstall Services

    This is what I have tried so far... I have copied the seclogon.dll from another machine into the System32 directory. Then I used the sc.exe tool from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit to try and create the service. I named the service seclogon and pointed the binPath to the services.exe, but it failed when I tried to start it. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Reinstall Services

    From the lack of responses I take it that it is impossible?
  6. I didn't install the RunAs service and now I need it. I removed it with nLite. Is there anyway to reinstall a service? Please refrain from telling me how dumb I was, .
  7. Add ic.exe as hotfix in slipstreming?

    I just started following this and I was wondering this too. Data Access Components for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (Data Access + XML + JET + more + fixes) Internet Components for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (IE6SP1 + WAB6 + OE6SP1 + Script Engines + fixes) DirectX® Components for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (DirectX 9.0C) Where is the best place to install those files listed on your site? I understand that we are still unable to integrate them. Are we supposed to just run them after the install with runonce? What switches do those files accept?
  8. Is this really needed?

    I hate XP, nothing but a bloated piece of crap. Windows 2000 isn't boring and it doesn't lack necassary features. The features it lacks are unimportant resource hogs that make me avoid XP. Give me 5 reasons why I should switch from XP? My 2000 machine is rock solid. It stays up as long as *nix boxes. I will go with the more efficient Windows 2000 until the lack of support makes it insecure.
  9. Look At This...

    Ok, thanks.
  10. Look At This...

    http://www.embeddingwindows.com/8mb_windows98.html How is that done? I would like to run Windows 98 on my usb drive. Anyone here know how it is done? They also have XPLite and 2000Lite software like nLite, looks good.
  11. TDS3 Trojan Defence Suite

    It is not "easy" to bypass properly configured firewalls.
  12. Best Firewall for Windows XP

    outpost # 1
  13. I just install it after. If I had a DVD burner I would probally do it though. Would be nice to have VB.NET install with the MSDN Library.
  14. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "AutoAdminLogon"="1" "DefaultUserName"="*" "DefaultPassword"="**" "ForceAutoLogon"="1" * = username to autologin ** = password of user
  15. Always get fast replies. Thanks.