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  1. There's no necessity to add to the SP5. A rollup pack that can be slipstreamed as a hotfix by nLite would quite sufficient. The great value of SP5 is in using it to make a slipstreamed install disk that will result in an install that requires very little updating. Since most of us use nlite already to do this, any additional pack should simply be in a form that can be handled by nlite. The end result -- the install -- will be the same and that's all that matters. Gurgelmeyer, wherever you are, your work has benefitted many people. We thank you.
  2. Windows installs can go pear shaped from various hardware issues. Since installs are often prompted by some kind of problem or failure, it's generally a good idea to run two simple tests before proceeding: the hard drive manufacturer's test utility and memtest86+ for the ram. Both of these will run from a self booting floppy, and thus require no working OS in the computer. If you lack a floppy, the Ultimate Boot CD contains all the hdd utiilities and memtest.
  3. I slipstreamed USP5.1, removing OE and WMP, and have had no problems.
  4. I've installed from a slipstreamed USP5.1 disk, with OE, WMP, and Messenger removed, and it loads Gmail without a problem. Again, thanks to Gurgelmeyer. You've produced a fine resource that's an enormous help to so many of us.
  5. Yes, I used nLite, but the install I did it on has been wiped. It's not the browser. I just installed FF 1.5 on another machine with a different install of 2K and it accesses Gmail without a problem. Either I'm missing a plugin like Flash or JS, or I did something wrong during the slipstreaming. No problems with any other sites.
  6. I've made a slipstreamed install disk with USP5.0 SR1, removing OE and WMP, and have used it, along with the ic, DA, and DX files. I can't connect to Gmail with this install -- I get "done" but a blank page, using either FF 1.5 with Adblock or IE, even if I disable my firewall. I've been able to connect on another machine with an older 2K install. Can anyone suggest where I should look to solve this?
  7. Trying hard to be patient. I've slipstreamed USP5.0 SR1 and it's great. But I removed OE and WMP with nLite, and ic.exe puts OE back in again. And because ic is a package, I can't remove it with Add/Remove Programs. I'm hoping that when 5.1 comes out, I'll be able to remove OE while slipstreaming it with nLite. Hoping you're feeling better, Gurgelmeyer, and not just for 5.1. All your hard work has made a difference for thousands of us out here.
  8. I've finally begun slipstreaming USP 5.0SR1 using nLite. I'd like to try adding Gurgelmeyer's Internet Components file, ic.exe, to the slipstream, so that it would not need to be installed later. I'm going to give it a try, but wondered if anyone has already tried it, or if anyone knows whether it can be treated as a hotfix for the purpose of integration by nLite. My hope is to integrate it, and then run it through nLite a second time to strip out Outlook Express. Eyeryone has their own preferences. I need IE for updates, but I don't need OE.
  9. I had nLite 1.0 RC1 installed. I redownloaded USP 5.0SR1, and installed nLite 1.0 RC3, and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the query about the nLite version. I suspect that was the key change.
  10. nLite version was the latest, 1.0 RC1or 2, just downloaded. If I have time in a few days I'll try running the USP 5.0SR1 just as a service pack on a fresh install of 2K. If that runs fine, the compass will point at nLite. I know of two other slipstreaming tools I could try. I slipstreamed SP4 the hard way, but it took me several tries. Software isn't my strong suit.
  11. I'm trying to slipstream the USP5.0 SR1 for Win 2K. When I get to the integrate step, the program stalls and just sits there, after I've set the location of the service pack. I've read all the instructions, have .NET 1.1 installed, have the service pack unzipped so that the file I'm pointing to is the .exe. I went through nLite again just removing some components, not attempting to integrate the sevrice pack, and it ran properly. The SR1 file I downloaded last Friday from Major Geeks, if that makes any difference. Any suggestions?
  12. If you have a download manager, disable it. You won't be able to download it with one active.
  13. Glad to hear you've decided to add them, particularly in light of the most recent, apparently very critical PnP flaw. And yet again to add how grateful I am for your enormous effort in doing this project.
  14. Nurse, scrub up. We'll have to induce the birth. It's too long overdue. As a fellow perfectionist, I can sympathise. It reminds me of when I built computers for my son and daughter. "I've still got to........" "Never mind, Dad, just give me the computer now." It can be hard to let go of your baby.
  15. I hope I'm speaking for more than merely myself, but I like 2K because it's lean. The only reason I have IE in a computer is for Win Update, and now that I know I can have Opera id itself as IE, I may not need it at all. I don't need DX9 or Messenger. My vote is to keep those components as extras, not in the base USP5.
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