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  1. I've been a long time user since the first StartIsBack version for Windows 8. I've upgraded of course to 1.7.5 for Windows 8.1. Do I need a new license for the Windows 10 version if I decide to install it? Also, where do I get my registration information? I can't find it in the program and I can't find the old PayPal transaction for it. Can I get it from my current version?
  2. What is the best way on Windows 8.1 x64 to incorporate updates in to a Windows 7 image?
  3. Thanks a million. What do I use to integrate the updates into an install DVD? OfficeIntegrator 1.1 doesn't have an option for 2010.
  4. As usual, these lists rock. They save me so much time when building images.
  5. Is anyone creating the lists for these two? I can't seem to find them here on the board any longer.
  6. What is the latest ul for Office 2003? The latest on the website is from 2006-08-19. Surely there is something newer?
  7. Sorry, Windows XP x64. There hasn't been any updates since: 2006-10-08 (October)
  8. Are there any updates to the Windows XP ENU ul? The website hasn't seen an update since August of last year.
  9. Is there a way to download the newest ul files for September? Are they mirrored anywhere?
  10. I love the idea of this contribution as Windows 2000 was my favorite operating system before MS discontinued support for it, and released Windows XP to supercede it. My question is this really need though? How many users are still working with this O/S in the home market where this type contribution is going to be mainly spread through? It is realistic to think that Windows 2000 is still a secure and viable operating system today when security bugs are being found almost daily in Windows, and no software manufactures are adding support for Win2K? I will be trying this out for sure, and will tr
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