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  1. This issue is very common as most web browsers do not prevent the screensaver from getting activated. I found this issue marked as fixed in the Firefox 44 release notes: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/44.0beta/releasenotes/ (Bug 1193610)
  2. I know it has probably something to do with performance that the board administrators chose to archive the old content at the time. It might be that in newer versions of the forum engine the indexing of content is improved. So I would like to be able to search in archived content, as to look up what I have written at the time. This content is still visible online and might come up in searches. I have no need to search other people's posts this old as searching other people's posts is limited to only a few posts for normal users. I'm more interested in what this board was in the early years (2001-2004) as at that time Windows XP was just released. On topic: Tripredacus, your link http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/20197-autoit-script-collection-contributions-only/?p=739676 is redirected to http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/20197-autoit-script-collection-contributions-only/page-11#entry739676 and afterwards changed immediately to http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/20197-autoit-script-collection-contributions-only/ resulting in the first post of the topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/20197-autoit-script-collection-contributions-only/#entry137461 instead of pointing to http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/20197-autoit-script-collection-contributions-only/page-9#entry739676 The link is displayed correctly in the archived thread (Winamp 5.52 FR&US Version PRO) I don't think it is dependant on the browser but a server issue. I'm using Firefox 43.0.3.
  3. I remember I started an old Nero Lite thread before the current one. That one is archived and contains some posts I made: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/69886-release-nero-7-lite-micro-v7751/ However any posts I made in that thread do not show up when I search for my posts. In this thread I announce the first release of Nero Lite: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/59483-nero-7-ultra-only-the-basics/page-9 I think it's a problem that these threads are archived at some time. It would be great if posts in archived threads can be made visible in the search interface.
  4. Yes, I think it has something to do with the topics being closed.
  5. Yes, sorry Jaclaz for hijacking your thread. I did experience your issue searching through old HFSLIP forum posts. I first thought it had to due because these posts were very old, so I had not bothered to open a topic about it. The second issue is a bit strange. My username has been changed in the past from hp38guser to Acheron, but in my post history I have some posts from before the name change assigned to my current username. My oldest post is found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/32285-ntfs-native-read-support/?view=findpost&p=220861, but I'm pretty sure I did post before this. I registered my username to be able to post something. Using the search function I only have access to 417 posts now (not 425). I don't think I changed my e-mail address anytime from the one I use now. But if you need a list of some of my e-mail addresses used I can provide you the information.
  6. I also experience this issue. As I was looking at my post history I notice a lot of my posts are lost. I have been only able to find 425 so far of the original 982. It might be possible that some posts were removed because of a previously Nero Lite topic being closed, but the number of lost posts should be at most around 50-100. Is there a restriction applied to the board search engine to limit the search to 425?
  7. I'm working on finding out exactly what features of the HFSLIP 2.0 branch created by Tomcat76 were incorporated into the official HFSLIP version by TommyP. For this purpose I have examined the HFSLIP changelog and this board to find material. So far I have been able to get copies of HFSLIP 1.7.8, HFSLIP 1.7.9 and latest HFSLIP 2.0 alpha version (June 30, 2008). Tomcat76 published his first alpha on April 28, 2008. I don't know when he started work on his code but I think he branched his version of 1.7.7 or 1.7.8 beta version. Some of his fixes were incorporated into HFSLIP 1.7.8 and 1.7.9. In that time period lots of different builds were published. I'm interested in any builds from that time period. There is also some buzz about restricting the use of HFSLIP to non-commercial use only. Older versions of HFSLIP were released as GPL v2 or newer. These versions only had a note that you could use HFSLIP for personal use. It did not restrict the use for other uses (businesses or corporate environments). TommyP released later versions under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. The problem is that when it comes to restrict running the software for specific purposes only you will have to let users know about the license and have them agree with it. HFSLIP does contain a prompt you have to answer. The problem is that it only asks you to answer if you have read the instructions about using the software. Nowhere is stated that you have to agree with it. I changed the wording to have people read about using HFSLIP to mim0's site, as the original website is no more and it's content was never archived by archive.org. So anyone can basically run the software for any purpose as the developer does not request you to agree with it.
  8. You can find a collection of different Universal Extractor mods at http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=20420&start=0 The first post is not updated very much. You can find the latest mod versions at the end of the thread. You probably need to register to be able to download the files. I have not tested any of the mods, except the ones from Gora. For a English translation of the site you can use the following link. https://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi%3Fforum%3D5%26topic%3D20420%26start%3D0 The latest version of Universal Extractor created by Gora can be found here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=140405#140405 You need to use 7-zip to extract the password-protected file as PowerArchiver does not open it correctly. You can use shift-click to install it as a portable version. I have not installed this version yet. I have also created a custom installer for Universal Extractor (Gora Mod) using Inno Setup. If you want the iss script for reference please PM me. http://updatepack.nl/custom_setup/uniextract17995.exe BTW, if you name your version somewhat different you can drop the 'unofficial' from the name. Something like "Universal Extractor [bioruebe edition]" will make it more clear that your version is a fork of the one created by Jared Breland.
  9. Happy New Year! Looks like MSFN will also celebrate its 15th anniversary this year.
  10. Hi Bioruebe, as Universal Extractor contains 3rd party copyrighted code you are probably not allowed to link directly to the full installer on MSFN. Linking to your github page should be fine, as it contains no direct download link to the binary files themselves. I like the fact that you have published the source code on Github so it can be viewed by anyone without asking the developer for a copy. I currently use the Universal Extractor version created by Gora. He also publishes the source code of his version, but only when asking. You might want to contact him if his version contains useful code.
  11. Hi sdfox7. It is good to know if there are different versions released for Chrome, IE, Firefox and other browsers, but it is not the first time in the history of the Adobe Flash Player. I have seen a difference in version numbering last year, when Adobe released for activex and for npapi plugins. And in 2013 Adobe released 11.8.800.174 and 11.8.800.175 for activex only.
  12. Hi Pica, thanks for reporting this. There was a problem downloading attachments from MSFN.org some time ago. I checked the download link after this was fixed and it worked fine at the time, but after you reported the download link was broken I also got the error message. I have reuploaded the zip file and the download link should work again. If you keep having trouble downloading attachments please report it and I will add a direct download link to my website.
  13. Instead of the exe installer I prefer the Shockwave msi installer: sw_lic_full_installer.msi
  14. I noticed Ricktendo has been including updates for Windows Vista and Server 2008 into his AIO .NET update pack for Windows XP. I have sent him a message to tell me more about this.
  15. Thanks for providing the download link, but can you tell us how do you get these update links for .NET? After investigation I also found .NET 2.0 needs an update, but KB3074541 is only available for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 right now.
  16. Hi Tomasz86, I have added the changes 2 3 and 4, but I don't understand why you need change 1. I have tested the command on Windows 7 and the only file created by reg.exe is SETUPREG.HIV.LOG.
  17. I have uploaded build 20150814 to fix integrating xpsp4res.dll and also restores the command prompt window and buffer size on exit.
  18. Caps_buster, HFSLIP should create the directories if not found. Weird that it doesn't work in your situation. Anyway, I have worked on a new feature to redirect HFSLIP command output to a file. This was no longer possibly when I rewrote the script to increase the command prompt window height. By specifying OUTPUTFILE in your HFANSWER file all command output is redirected to a textfile. It has helped me to fix some warning messages already, but it can also help you find superseded updates by looking for the "0 files copied" message in the output stream. Other change in v9 is the renaming of uiautomationcore.dll (KB2564958) and browserchoice.exe (KB976002) to shortname for DOS based installations.
  19. I have uploaded HFSLIP 1.7.10 beta K v8 again. It should fix the issue integrating KB3065822.
  20. rootsupd can be placed in the main HF directory. The other updates are in the correct folder. I have updated HFSLIP to fix integrating KB3065822. The problem was jsprofilerui.dll not getting updated.
  21. HFSLIP should integrate KB3065979 just fine. As this update contains the latest gdiplus.dll version you shouldn't have to integrate other gdiplus.dll updates. The only problem is that Windows Update complains about missing updates. I fixed this by adding stub registry entries. You can place these files into a new folder called HFINFS. HFINFS.zip
  22. I have not tested integrating all three updates combined, as I only integrated the one for WM11. To find the correct one I used Universal Extractor to extract each update and look for the one containing the WM11 directory. Are you sure this is the cause of the iertutil.dll error you get?
  23. I fixed this bug. The fix isn't perfect as I have no access to the beta K versions older than v6, but works nevertheless. I've created a GitHub repository where you can track all the changes: https://github.com/tomasz1986/HFSLIP Apart from fixing the bug I also removed the special characters mentioned above ( #56) from the script. They don't play nicely with different code pages. There are some other issues in the script but I've had no time to have a look at them yet. hfslip-1.7.10_beta_K_v7.zip What do you mean the special characters don't play nice. Does it break the script? Your fix does look more like a workaround. Changing ECHO>>%SOURCESS%\I386\SVCPACK\HFSLIP.CMDto ECHO>>WORK\HFSLIPCMDP1.TXTshould do the trick. Anyway do you think the beta K series are an improvement or not? I'm working to get the code more readable and useful, not only bugfixes.
  24. Hi, I have quit Windows 98 development a long time ago, but I do know how I translated some English hotfix files to Dutch language using resource hacker. Later I switched to Restorator as Resource Hacker broke some binary files in the translation process. For 16 bit files I used Exescope. And finally for some stuff I ended up using a hex editor. I used IExpress from Windows XP to build the Service Pack. I do have saved the project files to build the Dutch Windows 98SE Service Pack, so if you need specific information I probably can still provide some.
  25. There are many reasons to prefer HFSLIP over nLite. nLite is a closed source solution with no documentation. When you run nLite it does a lot of 'cleaning up' behind your back modifying more than necessary. There is no guarantee that your Windows Source doesn't break when running nLite multiple times on the same source. HFSLIP does not alter your Windows Source files, but keeps everything in separate folders. The program is Open Source so you can modify the script yourself to keep full control over the output. It might not seem as easy as nLite, but for long-term maintainability HFSLIP is definitely a better solution.

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