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  1. Rules? There are rules? Welcome!
  2. You believe in being a nice guy? Do you succeed? Hope so! Anyway, welcome!
  3. Mixing up your speeches and pickup lines (or was that a prayer?). <eg> Hmmmm . . . . OK, you can stay. Welcome!
  4. Thanks for joining us!
  5. I don't know of any reason for putting DNS in a DMZ but I would make sure there are no other services running on your DNS servers if they are published on the Internet. For the same reason, you should not store files on these servers either. If you have your domain registered on the Internet, you have no choice but to publish the IP addresses of at least two DNS servers for your domain and this gives the bad guys a place to start when attacking your network. If there are no other services to exploit and there is data to steal on your DNS servers, attackers have to work harder to find hosts on your network that will give them what they want. Putting your Web and FTP servers in a DMZ, however, is an excellent idea, since outside users are actually accessing content on these servers.
  6. I think the keys are set up specifically for the type of install. I know I can't use an upgrade key with a retail version or an MSDN version. The installation seems to know what kind it is. Give it a try. If it doesn't work, get the OEM version.
  7. What books have you got/are you getting to study with? May I suggest the following: Minasi Resource Kit from Sybex (Mastering Windows Server 2003, Mastering Active Directory, Mastering Windows XP Pro, and Mastering Windows XP Registry) O'Reilly Active Directory Second Edition by Allen & Lowe-Norris I also recommend you get the Microsoft Server 2003 Resource Kit. The XP resource kit you can read online at: XP Resource Kit Another useful link for all things Microsoft: Resource Kit Web Resources Also, check out CertTutor at: CertTutor Home Forums, free practice exams and kind support! Good luck!
  8. Use the quotes around your productID or productkey.
  9. Welcome! No smoking, girls or food in the rooms please and rent is due at the beginning of the week.
  10. The link I gave you is for Server 2003. There is a separate catalog for XP. Windows 2000 still uses the HCL.
  11. Have you checked the hardware catalog to make sure this is compatible with W2k3? The hardware catalog has replaced the HCL for Windows XP and Server 2003. Microsoft Windows Server Catalog
  12. For me it was wfw 3.11 to 95. Have you ever installed 95 with floppies? Have you checked the Dell/Compaq websites for drivers for Pro for your machines? Or an upgrade path? You may luck out. At the very least you may be able to back it down to a Win2k Pro -- preferable to the Home edition because of the networking capabilities.
  13. I wouldn't do an upgrade, I'd do a straight out clean install. I also recommend avoiding all home editions of hardware and software like the plague.
  14. Order the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. You'll likely find your answers there. I don't think XP Home has the networking capabilities that Pro has.
  15. Your NTFS permissions need to allow each user at least Modify permission for non-mandatory roaming profiles. Set the permissions on the same folder as the share and make sure to allow inheritance to propagate from parent to child. If you are using the %username% variable it will set up the folders for each profile for you with the appropriate permissions, or at least it should. Do you have the Resource Kits for 2003 and XP? The XP one is available online at Microsoft's website. So are the one's for 2000 and most of what is there should also apply to 2003 to some extent.
  16. I don't think it's DNS if you can ping the name of the server and map drives. And it's not protocol binding order if you are only using TCP/IP. You've shared the Profile folder on the server with full control permissions on the share and NTFS so it's not permissions. And it's saying it can't find the path anyway so that doesn't indicate a problem with permissions. Have you checked the path carefully, letter by letter, and the folder name and server name, letter by letter, to make sure you haven't mistyped? I once had a terrible time with the path to my win95 install share because someone had named the folder 0sr2 (the number zero instead of the letter O).
  17. What protocols are you running on your clients/servers?
  18. Can you ping or map a drive to this server?

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