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  1. [Release] Windows XP PowerPacker

    Looks like a really nice application, what other future developments do you plan on integrating? Or do you plan on adding unattended software installations or something with some type of nLite integration or something similar to that in your app, along with customized boot screens etc....
  2. Unattended Site Updated!

    I tried both Firefox and IE at school, that's why I had to it from home, so it might be a issue with my school's firewall, although I doubt it.
  3. Unattended Site Updated!

    must be something on my laptop, disabled my FW, but I can d/l it just fine at home, so who knows.
  4. Unattended Site Updated!

    Hmmm... not sure what it is then still does that for me, got a FTP link I can get it from or possibly able to email it to me please? E-Mail Address
  5. Unattended Site Updated!

    PDF file won't d/l just links to a .html file not .exe
  6. Unattended Site Updated!

    I'm having issues viewing the pdf I am getting the following error: You do not have access rights to the encrypted document
  7. Unattended Website Additions

    you'd be surprised... So any new updates on current ETA?
  8. Unattended Website Additions

    Can you PM me with a link to the new site as well?
  9. Unattended Website Additions

    Sounds like things are coming along nicely any new updates in the last 10 days, or can we at least get a peek at what is to come.
  10. Unattended Website Additions

    so what is the current ETA January 17th?
  11. Unattended Website Additions

    Any updates on the new guide as of yet?
  12. Unattended Website Additions

    database? could you explain more in detail please.
  13. Unattended Website Additions

    Do you plan on putting out a PDF version of it as well, so users can look at it offline?
  14. Unattended Website Additions

    Any new updates to when this new guide will be out so I can take another crack at trying to make my own XP.
  15. Dude, looks absolutely sweet!! I can't wait to see how this develops in the fututre