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  1. Same to you Problemchyld! The updates are so cool and I now have them on five or six of my ancient pcs. This Service Pak project is SO much better than in those days when win98 was in its first versions.
  2. Just ignore me if I'm not helping ..... I also like to see folder details rather than icons on win98. I dunno why, but the only way I can ever make that stick (after say, a clean install).. is to set a folder to the view I want ....then go to control panel... folder options (or whereever it is there in that neighborhood) and then UN-check "remember folder view" (or whatever that is there where you can also check whether to see hidden files etc). Seems that win98se then is fine in calling up my folder details view from then on... which is strange because I've basically told windows to NOT remember the folder views. Don't know why that is, but it's a subconscious thing for me now to always un-check that box in folder options. Stuff then stays the way I want.
  3. Just wanted to say that I'm still enjoying playing with the Service Packs on 6 of my old old pcs. So much fun. By the way, SP 3.2 took 12 seconds to download via one of my Win7 64bit IE9 systems on Fios.
  4. I haven't downloaded win 8 yet, but plan to on a system here in a couple of weeks. I'm historically, a messy computer user. I hardly ever use the start orbs/buttons or taskbar. For win98, xp, win7, I pretty much have shortcut icons all over the place on the screen to click start programs that I use. It's really random and messy and all over the place... the way I like it (I guess) I don't often search files.. I just go into the folders where I know I have stuff and pull up things I need. If I can find a drive letter icon somewhere, I'm set for searching. My question... Is Metro basically the same workflow I've used now all these years? That is... my program icons will still be all over the place... but now they'll be tied to little colorful squares that I click on? If so... cool. MS has finally caught on to the way I work. If I'm somewhat correct on the above, I guess the only thing I'll have to locate is device manager and control panel for the random times I need to access those.
  5. I even asked that question when 3.0 was first released. And I read the instructions. I can understand a question becoming boring torture. Maybe a quick edit of the black release instructions might help. Something like ..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USB 2.0 NOTICE - Unplug all USB devices. Install main updates. Remove ALL current USB/EHCI drivers + controllers from Device Manager in safe mode. "All" means "ALL YOU SEE". You wouldn't believe how many people don't get what "all" means. Then, REBOOT! Let all drivers redetect on startup. Plug in USB devices one at a time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'd certainly understand that wording. Of course, you'll still get a few who still won't get it and will ask again. By the way, I'm still having so much fun with 3.1 as well as a few of the Revolutions skins on several old systems. I'm sort of bouncing between these installs and checking out windows 8 on other systems. Such a long trip from the dos days.
  6. Just installed sp3 on another computer. An old 1993 Packard Bell with a 75mhz P1 and only 24mb of ram. I also popped in an Adaptec pci usb card I have here. Runs great with the usb and with the limited ram. Some third party programs won't load due to the low ram, but overall, this is pretty cool.
  7. I'll try the new files in about an hour. The machine in its current working form after the tests yesterday (where I also manually copied in the via driver after the fact)- in regedit for the root_hub20 line- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\USB\ROOT_HUB20\PCI&VEN_8086&DEV_24CD&SUBSYS_80891043&REV_01&BUS_00&DEV_1D&FUNC_07 hardware ID details- usb\root_Hub20&Vid8086&PID24cd&rev001,U --------------- When returning to windows and looking at the properties of the usbhub20.sys file in the system32 drivers folder, the info is- 4.90.3000.11 VIA USB 2.0 HUB Driver Copyright © VIA Technologies, INC. 2002-2005 ------------------------------------------ In device manager, the driver details on the usb 2.0 root hub say- c:\windows\system32drivers\wdmstub.sys (provider Walter oney software ver 5.00.006) c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbhub20.sys (provider Via Technologies Inc ver 4.90.3000.11 c:\windows\system\vmm32\ntkern.vxd (provider Microsoft ver 4.10.2224)
  8. Here's what I did which on a couple of tries, didn't work very well.. fresh install win98se installed main sp3 updates -no to reboot rebooted into pure dos With your test files... copied the 2 inf files to windows\inf... system prompted to replace usb2.inf?... clicked yes copied the .sys file to windows\system32\drivers rebooted into safe mode removed all references to usb rebooted system showed building databases system came up.. I popped in a Lexar 16gb flash drive and got the blue screen zapped the drive and tried again from a fresh install and got the same thing. This time, as a test, I did all the above steps with the test files but I then also manually copied the usbhub20.sys 4.90.3000.11 driver that I had from last week... rebooted... and all is now fine with the flash drives Don't know why this is since I'm guessing your .sys file is the same 4.9.3000.11 (at least the file size seems the same) Did I do the steps wrong? In any case, I do have this system working.
  9. I can try that on the Compaq 6350 that was causing problems last week before the answer was found. I'll just restore a pre-sp3 ghost image of the clean install and it'll be like starting over with whatever modded sp3 install you have. Let me know! I think I have other via based machines in the pile to try although I haven't gotten to them yet.
  10. Didn't see it on a search but I bought Roxio RecordNow 7.3 a few years ago for my xp systems.... but it also works fine with all the win98 systems I've set up here so far. Popped in quite a few different cd/dvd burners in the machines and RecordNow works fine with just about everything under win98se. A little flakey on one of the oldest 96mb ram 98se machines, but that's life. I'm not sure if it's still sold anywhere. Maybe Amazon etc.
  11. Ha! Didn't even think of looking that way. You're right. Thanks!
  12. Just swapped usbhub20.sys files back and forth and here's what I know. Don't know how to interpret this. ... The usbhub20.sys file that came with sp3 is 50,032 in size and causes bsod and crashes if I plug in a usb flash drive.It's name in regedit is - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\USB\ROOT_HUB20\PCI&VEN_8086&DEV_24CD&SUBSYS_80891043&REV_01&BUS_00&DEV_1D&FUNC_07 For Via, I have the Viausb2v270-l set of "stuff" and from within its Win98me folder, I pulled out the usbhub20.sys file there. The size on that one is 67,568 When I rename the 50,032 size usbhub20 file and replace it with the one from the Via folder that is 67,568 .. the computer works fine with all usb flash drives. Although, in regedit, the actual info is just like the file I took out. It shows ID info- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\USB\ROOT_HUB20\PCI&VEN_8086&DEV_24CD&SUBSYS_80891043&REV_01&BUS_00&DEV_1D&FUNC_07 I rebooted a few times, swapped the files a few times, and although (to my eyes) they show the same name and ID info ... AND ... still don't say Via anywhere.. the only thing I know is that the file that is 67.568 in size (and came from the Via folder I have... is the one that works. Like I say, I dunno what this all means. The only reference I have from HP/Compaq regarding "Via" is their reference to it for xp users of my machine (Presario VIA USB 2.0 Driver for Windows XP) so that's why I have been figuring there is Via something or other in there. Whatever this all means, I'm glad the system is working.
  13. All is still fine with usb on the Compaq. I do have a question though. Is it unusual that there is no mention of via anywhere in the device manager? In fact when I have this machine set up for xp, I never notice the info on that setup anywhere either. The only reason I knew that the usb in this machine uses Via drivers is from a small cryptic note about it on the Compaq website. Other than that, I've never noticed a reference to via anywhere in device manager or on (I think) Everest when I fired that up one time. Where would that info usually be? Especially since the usbhub20.sys name is the same.
  14. Yippe! I did have a USBHUB20.SYS v. 4.90.3000.11 that I found last week. Just booted the sp3 Compaq 6350 into dos and replaced the existing usbhub20 with the via.. rebooted... and voila ... no bsod or crashes anywhere in sight. I've been plugging and unplugging various flash drives for the last 20 minutes and each new one is recognized and the system plays nice when I remove any of them. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks you guys. One system down and five more to test. This is fun.
  15. This Compaq 6350us has an Asus P4G533-LA motherboard 845GL chipset and a via usb. Sold in 2003 as an xp machine, but I have all the necessary win98 drivers for the intel chip, intel graphics chip, realtek etc . I was gathering some extra Via drivers last week in case needed, I have usbhub20.sys 4.90.3000.2........... and I also have usbhub20.sys 4.90.3000.11 sitting around. I've not done this part before. Do I simply copy one of those into the system32 area, renaming the old one there now? I didn't see an upgrade driver box in device manager that seems to work for these types of files. Thanks guys.
  16. Now that I know what Pebcak means, maybe you can let me know about a small issue I'm having on the first machine I'm testing sp3 on. It's probably me- I did a clean install of win98se and drivers on an old Compaq P4 with 512mb ram. After the win98se install, I added Rloew's ram program as a test, maxed the computer to 1gb, and rebooted. All drivers fine and computer works fine. Didn't try any usb devices at that point. I just installed sp3, rebooted into safe mode, removed every reference to usb that I could find, rebooted, and sp3 went through several usb database building messages and then the computer came up. Everything looks great so far. Here's where the small problem starts...... I plugged in a Lexar 16gb usb flash drive and immediately got a blue screen....fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C0031BF0. As a test, I shut down the computer. And then booted it up with the Lexar in the usb slot. Doing it that way, the computer boots fine and then, successfully builds a driver base for the Lexar and then the flash drive is seen under sp3. All seems well. I then shut down the computer, removed the Lexar, and then booted up. Once the computer came up, I plugged in the Lexar and immediately got the blue screen again. Did the same routine with a Corsair 512mb usb flash drive and get the same results. So far, everything is okay only as long as I boot up the computer with the either or both flash drives already connected. If I do it that way, everything is seen and works. I also booted up with the Lexar connected, copied some data to and from it, clicked the little "safely remove hardware" icon, stopped the flash drive, and removed it. The moment I plug it back in though, the blue screen appears. On a third boot up a minute ago with the Lexar in the slot, I notice that it appears twice as both an E and F drive The f: designation shows "removable". The E: just shows a drive icon. Data is accessible on either. So I don't know what I've got going here. I'm going to restore the pre-sp3 ghost in a minute and try everything again, but figured I'd check here too. Any idea what the blue screen is all about? Do you suppose I didn't clear out everything during the safe mode boot?
  17. Downloaded. This will be so much fun to work with this week! Thanks problemchyld and all you guys who share all the fantastic knowledge.
  18. Looking forward to Monday! I still don't know what PEBCAK means. I'm standing by with my trusty windows 98se install cds, misc drivers, and six completely different old systems with drives empty and formatted and ready to roll.
  19. Don't know if this needs to be a new Win 98x Security thread for "2012" topic Clamwin looks interesting for win98se. I do have the old Norton antivirus 2002... not sure what the "intelligent update" service is that someone mentioned for that. I stopped using Norton 2002 a long time ago when (I think) they sent an email saying no more updates for that one. Networking the win98se machines to some of my other winxp or win7 machines that have avg free 2012 on them sounds like a do-able plan. I don't use my win98se machines online much. Maybe I will though after I get the sp3 on. What about this idea... My win 98se C drivers are in removable ide bay/trays. So are a couple of my online winxp machines (all have extra drive bays inside for addl drives) that have avg free 2012. Do you suppose I can slide a win98se fat32 system drive from one machine into ide bay 2 of a winxp online machine, do an avg free 2012 scan of all and catch problems that way? That would certainly be the fastest way for me to do things right now. Anyone try that so far? I could even do that on a few of the win7 machines that have external ide bays connected. That would certainly beat the problem of dealing with an antivirus program that may stop win98 support at any moment.
  20. I was reading that on the sp3 page notes. As only a semi-techie, my oldest machine with usb ports from 1998 (currently with 2.1a sp on it) shows a "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" area in Device manager with "Intel 82371SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller" and also a line "USB Root Hub". Do I delete all of those? Will I be looking for other entries too in Device Manager after the sp3 update? Entries that will be added during the sp3 update itself? Also, is there a reason that the first time removal has to be done only in safe mode? Sorry if these sound like questions I should know.
  21. Cool. I think he emailed an update to me in December or January. It's version 7. I'll have to check with him to see if that's the latest.
  22. I'm jazzed. Can't wait to install sp3 once it's final. Out of curiosity, will this new sp3 install and automatically take care if the ram limitation for some of my old machines that run 1gb and 2gb of ram? Or will I still use Rloew's ram limitation patch that I bought from him a few years back?. Or is it sort of a case by case basis to see which works best ?
  23. I still have 3.11 and its huge manual somewhere. I thought it was clunky on the couple of computers I installed it on. There were SO many dos programs that I was using that I couldn't see the attraction of 3.11. Like others have mentioned, it seemed like a clunky gui. I didn't even really use win95 when it showed up....my existing biz dos programs were still fine through that era. I think I had windows 95 on only one computer and hardly ever used it. Things gradually began to change for me once win98 appeared.
  24. Not sure how to do that but I'll check it out. The non-thinking way I've used Ghost 2003 all these years for win98se is to simply start up the ghost program while in windows (with my backup data drive in the second bay), create a folder on the second drive with today's date, navigate ghost to make the back up image there with standard compression and then click "start". Ghost then reboots the computer and restarts into its pc-dos or dr-dos or whatever that is (only now, the drive overlay screen comes up just before the auto process starts) and then backs up. Normally (with no overlay drive). all is fine and the integrity of the image checks out fine after all is done. And test restores work fine too. But with an overlay drive, it's a no go for the backup ..... The thing that happens on an overlay drive (in fact happened again today when I tried a back up) is that Ghost gets going for an hour, doing the backup, and never stops... eventually even showing NEGATIVE numbers on the time remaining and mb remaing. And other whacky stuff like 110% completed. And it's not in verify mode either. That's what I've always encountered when using overlay drives in past years on some of these oldest pentiums. In checking the topic out on the web, symantic has even replied to users with that problem that the overlay is the culprit. No biggie. My workaround in the past was simply to create a windows98 + autopatchers install on a non-overlay drive (of any size) and then immediately after the build... back it up with ghost. And then, format a drive with an overlay, and restore the image after the overlay boot screen appears. Which is back to the way I'll do it again ... now that I'm back to using an overlay. My entire running system setup for win98se is only about 6gb and hardly ever changes. So one or two backup images are all I really need to have around. None of this may be a problem on the somewhat newer PII and P4 machines I have (once I get back to checking out win98se on those) . I just seem to keep using the oldest machines here because they still work. And that's sorta cool on its own
  25. Thanks for the tip. I have about 9gb on the C drive now (which is a 40gb drive) and for the first time last week, I was getting random notes that windows needed to fix registry errors. Don't know if that was a symptom, but that's what made me re-think the overlay situation. The machine is old so any number of things may happen at this point. I've reformatted the drives, letting overlays be added and restored ghost 2003 images to the two drives I interchange as C drives. Also reformatted and added overlays to the larger storage drives. Random thing about Ghost 2003. It won't let me make backups from drives that have overlays. Although I can restore existing images from my backup drive onto a new drive that does have an overlay. I've always run up against that and the important thing I guess is that my existing images are safe for restoring. The setup of the win98 machines don't change much. For any data I add other than programs, I just manually copy those files from time to time over to the storage drive for safety. Thanks again Rloew!

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