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  1. I would take a guess that Windows Image Acquisition is the culprit, but not sure. atlef.
  2. Do you have the Vista DVD, or is this Acer Recovery Disks? If it is the latter, you need to search the Recovery Disks for a file called install.vim or something with the file/files ending in.wim. These are the files you can use to slipstream to. See this thread for more info. If you do not have these, then you need a Vista DVD. atlef.
  3. You can try PartedMagic LiveCD to accomplish this. It is free and contains a lot of useful programs included gparted. Just remember to backup your data before you do this, just to be sure you don't lose anything. atlef.
  4. If you have the 64bit version, unsigned drivers will fail. It demands WHQL signed drivers. I have read that this can be avoided, but it involves starting windows from the "F8" screen. Ie, hit F8 during startup and something, something. Maybe someone else can explain the procedure. atlef.
  5. If you first ONLY slipstream SP1, make the iso, then personalize that image. In other words, this needs to be done in 2 steps. This is how I understand it work, but someone else can maybe confirm this. atlef.
  6. And it seems that Creative did a 180, and will Daniel_K continue. atlef.
  7. So did you go to vLite homepage? It clearly states: atlef.
  8. Just wanted to add that if you only have 64bit vista dvd, you will only have the 64bit version of bootsect,exe so if a 32bit system is installed, you need to get the 32bit to be able to follow this guide. atlef.
  9. Also worth mentioning, is that many, if not most laptop's need YOU to make the backup DVD/media when you receive it. And as stated above, backup the oem-key. Use the program mentioned in the first post, Activation Backup & Restore (ABR) atlef.
  10. And I am considering activating it for the first time. atlef.
  11. This is by far the best, free clipboard manager I have found. Clip Diary. atlef.
  12. Sorry, maybe I didn't understand the question. Did you want to vLite the manufacturer cd/dvd/restore image, or your already installed Vista? My answer was to the latter. atlef.
  13. Also mentioned on this Norwegian site : Hardware.no .
  14. Just need to ask, did any of you who have this problem, rename the Administrator Account and move the personal folders? I did this and search stopped working. As always, great program Nuhi, thank you for your efforts. Regards.
  15. Just wanted to say, thanks for another great release. A small bug, in the burning part of the program. I have two dvd-burners, and somehow nLite get's confused, and thinks my nec is my phillips and vice versa. No biggi, but got me stumped when I tried out this new function. So all I need to do is an install to confirm it's all ok. Louie.
  16. I don't know what the problem might be, but this site has a lot of info about Creative's Players. Good luck.
  17. I would direct you to Atomic Clock Sync , and see if this is what you need. Atle.
  18. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you go for this solution, check this guide for best results: Chris Myden

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