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  1. Win 7 RC is really, really slow.

    I'm tending to agree with John305's entry. Sounds like a video driver problem. Running 7-RC on Intel X3100 video and Win7 SCREAMS. If it remains stable with my Office, AV and other widely used programs, The Big V is no more over here.
  2. help clear up new VISTA ( newbie needs help )

    Keris said it best. Clean the SOB (format) and start anew. Best policy, no question.
  3. Witch speed should i burn the ISO image on?

    I'll use slow speed for laptops and medium on desktops.
  4. Windows 7 - Eariler Than Expected.....

    I would guess Redmond is pushing like crazy to get 7 out to shed the Vista headache ASAFP. Can't blame them. I never wanted to use Vista until well after SP1 came out along with purchasing a PC with enough a** and more to spare to run Vista.
  5. Vista is killing me

    I would figure that "both" computers simply don't have enough a** to run Vista properly. Average PCs haven't been ready for prime time in running Vista until around late 2007 or early 2008, so anything older than that will probably stumble on Vista. Best suggestions I could offer would to uncheck your System Restore and stop-then-disable Superfetch and Readyboost in Adminstrative Tools/Services located in your Control Panel. I anticipate another poster coming along and saying, "Shut down Superfetch? Are you stupid or something?" You know, as if the free world is fully dependent on that bell-and-whistle piece of unnecessary Vista dung.
  6. Why RapidShare? :(

    I use Rapids**t every now and then and have had pretty good luck but I also understand the tight wire they have to walk where they can't upset software manufacturers while keeping their customers happy. That Makeusof link posted is great, by the way. Props to the poster on that one.
  7. I like MSFN

    Anytime I've had a Windows problem and searched for a possible solution, MSFN always pops up with some answers that get the problem solved. I finally signed up last month and always check around here at least three times a week.
  8. Windows 7, will it come in 32 and 64 bit?

    MSDN's released both 32 and 64 betas but there hasn't been anything noted on whether 32 recognizes 4GB or more. I would guess they could develop 32 to recognize more but again, that's just a guess. Maybe I should do a search around here to see if that possibility could be clarified better since I'm new to this forum.
  9. Moving windows around erratic

    Saw that happen on a buddy's Dell a couple months ago and last November ATI produced an updated driver for his laptop fixing the problem. I would guess the claims on the driver would be the case. Note I say "guess would be the case", not downright gospel.
  10. Vista X64...........Worth Moving To?

    I contemplated going 64 and figured maybe I was making too big a deal of the 32 bit emulator not being up to par so I slapped 64 on and I will admit that everything has gotten a huge shot in the ace. I like it. Slap on VMWare to do XP 32 for the critical stuff I want to be 32 where luckily those programs are very light to begin with. Yeah I know...64 is the future and all that ivory tower rhetoric.
  11. Vista X64...........Worth Moving To?

    I had one of those a few days ago. Causes serious champagne s**ts.
  12. Watching another computer discreetly

    Putting a PC in the kids room is a powder keg. Seen that crap a hundred times with buddies' kids where they put a PC in the kid's room and before long massive blowouts occur over chatting, my space and who the heck knows what else baby garbage flying around the net. Guys calling the house or appearing on cell phone bills from Bumblebang, Newbamavania, etc. etc.
  13. Remote Desktop Connect To XP

    Good call Kindovic.
  14. Windows Vista service pack 2 beta

    Agreed JatinBeniwal. Same experience here. Doesn't speed anything up or slow it down. Hotfixes and that's it.
  15. SP3 question...not about slipstream though

    Installing SP3 onto MCE works just fine from my experience, but the Windows Update version of SP3 on MCE doesn't seem to install properly. I figure that installing SP3 simply detects what needs patching and leaves the rest alone.