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  1. Hello. I want to buy PCIe SATA card ASmedia 1061. The description says "Support for 2 TB HDD". I would want to know does it support larger HDD's - 4 TB, 6 TB. I asked the seller, but the answer wasn't clear. Thank You!
  2. Router TP-Link 1043 ND with Gargoyle firmware NAS D-Link DNS-345 PC1: MB Asrock FM2 A88X+; CPU AMD A-10 6700; RAM 8 GB 1600; SSD Intel 520 + HDD Caviar green; OS 7 Home PC2: MB Asrock ALiveNF7G-HD720p; CPU Athlon LE-1620; RAM 2 GB DDR2; HDD Hitachi PC2 alternate: MB MSI 880GMA-E45; CPU AMD Phenom II X2 550; RAM 2 GB DDR3 1333; OS XP and Linux Mint Cables are Cat 5E. I have real speed up to 30 MB/s(240 mbit/s) from PC1 to NAS. But from PC2 the speed is not more than 8 MB/s(64 mbit/s) and in the network settings I see 100 mbit/s. On paper all three motherboards should be capable for 1 gbit/s
  3. I just read one review and I'm not sure how to understand this: "We were left slightly frustrated by the monitor's inflexibility: we liked the colour balance and accuracy that the factory calibration was able to provide, but we wanted to be able to adjust it further to boost contrast and brightness, which some of the other profiles were able to do. Sadly, you can't copy a profile to a custom setting, and there's no way of knowing what the specific colour settings of the factory calibration profile are so you can't even make an attempt to copy them. However, usiung Samsung's NCE software allows
  4. Now I use APU, but I won't try to use hybrid graphics. I think at first to try with my old 6770 and if it doesn't work - I will go for something newer. I think that my chances are good, because more than 2 GB VRAM is needed for heavy games and I hardly ever will play them. I know that the DP is the only working option. I read, that some UHD monitors are artifically split on two parts(1920x2160) to be able to work via HDMI, but this can introduce other problems. I hope, that this Samsung monitor isn't such case...
  5. Hello. I use Dell U2713hm(2560x1440) and I consider to upgrade with Samsung LU32D97. What is the minimal recommended video card for that? I'm not a gamer and up to this moment I'm fine with the integrated video in A10-6700. I have Sapphire HD 6770 1GB DDR5 in the secondary PC - is this enough for everyday use(webbrowsers, video up to 1080p), or I have to buy a newer card? My PSU is CM Silent Pro M500. I have 7 HDD's + 1 SSD and 2x4 GB /1600 MHz.
  6. It turned up, that there isn't enough space on the destination drive to copy the partition - even if it is 8 GB smaller. Anyway I managed to recover around 30 GB. Thank You!
  7. I'm not sure. I open window Copy sectors, and then I open Select Device/Disk - Logical Disks/Volumes - Volume H: I click OK an appears window Partitions - DMDE. There are two rows - Volume H:\ and under it - $Noname 01 (H:) and both are with size 1,99 TB - is this normal? Maybe these TB are decimal and not binary? Does it matter if I select the first row(Volume H:\), or the second($Noname 01)?
  8. OK - I have volH_lba0_1.bin - 512 bytes on drive/partition L: Now what should be start and end sectors for the partition - from 1 to 3890650304, or from 0 to 3890650304? Or I just have to click Source > Partition and then Destination > File?
  9. How to backup the MBR? The destination HDD was recently formatted.
  10. Earlier today I opened the partition with DMDE - I saw there some large files, but they were also marked as 0 bytes. How bad is this? So I have to copy the partition to another HDD as a file(via DMDE). Copy sectors > Source - partition(H:) > Destination - File(in partition L:)? The drive with botched partition has 8 GB unallocated space at the beginning and the drive where I will place the backup has single partition on the whole space(there are some files and I will move them partially or completely to other HDD).
  11. Hello. I was downloading some files(video and photo/zip) via Opera 9.64. At some time I noticed some error on one of the downloaded files. I clicked the button "Resume", but nothing happened. Then I clicked "Redownload again" and then the browser froze for several seconds. Then the browser recovered and continued the process, but shortly after that I noticed, that the download folder was under 40 GB and there should be around 300 GB. I tried with Recuva and another one program of this kind, but it recovered under 3 GB. I ran chkdsk H: /f. OS is Win 7 Home I'm not sure what exactly happened. I
  12. Recently I had to move big folders inside and to my NAS D-Link DNS-345 and often the process ends with this error. Other components are router TP-Link WR740N and PC with XP 32 bit, connected to the router trough PCI LAN-card 10/100. I use regular cat. 5 cables that the guys from my ISP kindly left me. I can't see particular pattern for this error - usually it appears while transferring 10-20 GB folder, but yesterday I tried to copy 1,7 GB folder with small files(web pages, small pictures) and again got this error . In the Event Viewer I don't see nothing related, in the log of the router also
  13. One explanation, please - Mb aligned means Master Boot Record aligned? And this means to format under XP and leave it as it is instead of using the Acronis or other align tool? There I read that: "WD Align is only necessary for users who have: Installed Windows XP to a WD AFD Cloned a source bootable hard drive with any Windows OS to a target AFD Created single or multiple partitions on an AFD using Windows XP". So my "original" hdd now is hooked(and also the new 4 TB hdd) to the secondary PC, running "7" 64 bit(the picture is not very nice ). I think first to try those DMDE commands - just t
  14. You are right. Just my case is a bit complex. I have serious quantity of hdd's. I understand that large hdd and XP is not good combination, but I`m not ready yet to install 7 on my main PC. I still have some things to do under XP(like to backup some browser links and sessions from Cometbird and Opera) and yes - I would want to put back "in service" the "original hdd", but I would consider different way... At least now I won't reserve empty space at the start of the disk. Actually I started something like backup after I bought my third hdd, but I wanted also to "sort" the things and this take
  15. Hello again, jaclaz! I copied/recovered the folders from WD20EARS to the new hdd. Now I want to ask - can I recover the folders/files on the same hdd by recreating the file index or something like... In DMDE I see NTFS tools - Repair Directory INDX-Records. There is also Recover the Object and Reconstruct File System in the context menu - what I should use? The idea is that I want to spare myself another copy of 1.8 TB in the reverse direction. The files actually exist there and now I have them on two other places - on the hdd-clone WD20EARZ and on the new hdd. Thank you for the help!
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