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  1. Firefox Myths

    Firefox Myths Interesting as quite a few of these are widely believed to be true. Please no flaming.
  2. Windows Prefetching Reference

    He did not post his methods or if he followed the ones I provided.
  3. Windows Prefetching Reference

    I have no idea how he tested it.
  4. Windows Prefetching Reference

    Exactly, crippled nLite installs don't prove anything if they are running with prefetching broken. You have to reboot to get Boot prefetching workings since this is the only way to monitor the boot process. The begining of this article gives clear instructions how to test this, deviating from them will not produce accurate results.
  5. Windows Prefetching Reference

    gdogg, you seem obsessed with not trying. How come with a few posts we found something out very critical about Ibis's setup yet you refuse to try? I find that very telling. Whenever you are ready to get serious let me know. Until then I will work with those that are. Interesting isn't it that the two people making all the outrageous claims haven't properly tested anything? At this point gdogg I cannot take anything you say with any credibility. You will have to rely on other members here to prove or disprove anything. I have a feeling quite a few nLite users have a broken prefetch. Try stepping back for a minute (if that is possible). The myth page, especially the optimization myth section title "XP Myths" relate to #1 Myths Regarding Windows XP. Now no matter how the large system cache tweak myth was worded, the intent was to show that using that tweak on an XP installation will not improve performance. You can clearly see it will only improve a file servers performance. That is quoted directly from Microsoft. If you want to stay hung up on the wording then by all means knock yourself out. Either way it is clearer now.Plenty of tweak sites/forums mention the LargeSystemCache tweak, they use there own wording of course and recommend enabling it for an XP installation.
  6. Windows Prefetching Reference

    gdogg honestly you are the only one who has not tried testing this properly or working with me and I wonder why that is? Ibis clearly found he had no layout.ini file and no disk defragmenter installed. Whenever you want to get serious about this let me know. All the Myths on the site are accurate, the one you pointed out is now worded more clearly. You are welcome to provide proof for anything you want. I am begining to think you have something to do with CCleaner.
  7. Windows Prefetching Reference

    I'll stop "informing" people of an option that slows down their application load times when CCleaner removes the option. Otherwise it is staying up indefinitely.
  8. Windows Prefetching Reference

    Try testing this yourself and you will understand why CCleaner should not have an option to clean "Old Prefetch Data".
  9. Windows Prefetching Reference

    True but if someone wants to confirm it they can try either or both. 1. Disable Prefetching, 2. Clean the Prefetch Folder, 3. Disable Prefetching and Clean the Prefetch Folder.
  10. Windows Prefetching Reference

    Ibis, Sorry there is no boot.pf the pf file for boot is NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.pf. So it is creating the file but without the layout.ini it has no way to further optimize it. That makes sense. How many people remove the defragmenter with an nLite install? PerfectDisk claims to use the layout.ini file to optimize file locations. Diskeeper doesn't touch it and just lets it work as normal. Even with Diskeeper installed the Disk Defragmenter is still there you just cannot access it from the GUI. The prefetcher can still use the Disk Defragmenter with the layout.ini even with Diskeeper installed.
  11. Windows Prefetching Reference

    It is the layout.ini file in the C:\Windows\Prefetch If the file is not there then Prefetching is not working. Also check the dates on the layout.ini and boot.pf file, they need to be recent or it can mean at some point Prefetching was disabled or broken. As for editing it, it is not a good idea. Yes Bootvis will let you run the optimization whenever you want instead of every three days. Task Scheduler needs to be set to automatic for prefetching to work. Check the prefetch folder to see if it is on.
  12. Windows Prefetching Reference

    Ibis, is that an nLite install? Check the prefetch folder and make sure the files are there. You have to have the services on I mentioned. Either way please retest for what I suggested.
  13. Windows Prefetching Reference

    gdogg, seriously already, part of prefetching is laying out the files that are prefetched. This is done using the defragmenter but is not done by doing a regular defrag. This is a one time process for boot optimization unless you change something at boot up, such as add a new application to load or remove one. The prefetcher will automatically every three days use the defragmenter to layout files relating to applications. It does not run a full defrag. It is also very possible that nLite users can remove enough components that the Prefetcher is broken and not working at all. This is where my concerns are because you can never get accurate test results if it is broken.
  14. Windows Prefetching Reference

    Ibis, I think I know partly what is wrong with your testing. You have to have had Prefetching on for over 3 boot ups. Then you had to have the defragmenter layout the files. Do this: Testing Prefetching At Bootup - Moved to Page 1.