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  1. Have you try the Network activity indicator from Tihiy ?
  2. That's the trick but no need menueditor, there is an option in this add on to disable "bookmarks" in the menu bar And I add the french language pack , so I have Firefox 6.0 in french now B)
  3. Me too but , the bookmarks doesn't work bookmark is empty; I can't bookmark any webpage ; import doesn't work I just can setup a bookmark saved in HTML as Firefox start page
  4. Hi, I have try this version too , load well , but the bookmarks doesn't work on my system there is no bookmark and I can't import any; same as the official version My system : PIII 450 Mhz , RAM 512 Mo W98SE SP3Beta 4, KernelEX 4.5.1, RP 9.72,
  5. Yes Firefox 3.6.19 is a chemspill release for Firefox that only go for OS X user ( in fact for the new OS 10.7) There is no update for the other platforms; https://wiki.mozilla....6.19/Test_Plan but if you download the last version from the official site you will have the 3.6.19 version : http://www.mozilla.c.../all-older.html There will be an update for all user in 3 weeks : https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases/Firefox_3.6.20
  6. have you try to disable hardware acceleration ? http://www.macromedi...elp/help01.html
  7. I have the last RP and KernelEx and VLC 1.1.10 work well on my machine
  8. Hi, unfortunately Firefox 3.5.* is EOL https://wiki.mozilla...eleases/3.5_EOL
  9. Not exactly: in this moment 3.5 and 3.6 series are on the same level of security. Of course this would change, if Mozilla will not update 3.5 line anymore (Firefox 3.5.18 as the last version). Btw, for Win9x users it's not important anyway. yes , but on my old W98SE machine Firefox 3.5.* run match better then 3.6.* (faster, less HD activity ....)
  10. sécurity update : http://www.mozilla.o...fsa2011-11.html
  11. For me the last VLC 1.1.5 work fine with KernelEX 4.5 Final (I just try it again with some mp3 and flv)
  12. Unfortunately the new update of Firefox 4.0b8 doesn't work on my W98SE with KernelEX 4.5 RC5 even with KernelEx 4.5 final version
  13. You can search there : https://addons.mozil.../en-US/firefox/
  14. Here my list of add-ons on Firefox 4.0b7 : User Agent Switcher0.7.2 CSLite1.4 NewTabURL2.2.0 Add-on CompatibilityReporter0.7 Feedback1.0.3 Status-4-Evar2010.11.20.19 NoScript2.0.7 Nightly Tester Tools3.0 (only CSLite doesn't work because incompatible)
  15. that depend of the add-on ; for example AdblockPlus is without problem ; the recent update work perfectly and is decompressed in the right folder For Noscript the recent update keep in a *.xpi file in the extensions folder and I must decompress it in the original folder of this add-on I have previously and then this add-on work fine.
  16. Hi, what that I can say is that Firefox 4.0b7 work on Windows 98SE with KernelEX 4.5RC5 There is a little restriction : the new add-on manager : it seem like the add-on that I have from an prévious version work but some updated add-on or new add-on doesn't install or work ; that's do to the new form of add-on that keep compressed in the add-on folder and doesn't detected in W98SE ; to make them work I have find a issue with extracting the *.xpi file in the same folder with the same name of the add-on
  17. Hi , I have try to install the latest 3.00.1310 version and it wont work (and don't' install even with KernelEX RC5)
  18. Hi all, same for me with the KernelEX 4.5 RC2 version I've had the same problem with the betas of the 3.6.4 and I have found an issue with extracting the "xul.dll" from the 3.6.3 version and replace it in the Firefox program files folder; So for the 3.6.10 version, I take the 3.6.11pre nightly (zip version here : http://ftp.mozilla.o...lla-1.9.2-l10n/) and extract "xul.dll" and replace it in the 3.6.10 folder and this work
  19. Me too; as I said in post #748, I have ownly problem with the RC3 version The RC2 version work well for me
  20. Hi, I have the same error with KernellEX 4.5 RC3 on my Win98SE french version 4.10.2222A, Explorer exe version 4.72.3612.1700 EXPLORER a causé une défaillance de page dans le module KERNELEX.DLL à 016f:bfa07d96. Registres : EAX=00000000 CS=016f EIP=bfa07d96 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=0080396c SS=0177 ESP=01a3c9b8 EBP=01a3ca00 ECX=2530c766 DS=0177 ESI=00803944 FS=3fef EDX=00000000 ES=0177 EDI=008030e0 GS=0000 Octets à CS : EIP : 8b 14 81 03 55 e4 89 55 dc 8b 45 10 89 45 d8 8b État de la pile : 637d9238 01a3c9e8 636a3264 02569008 000000f0 00000013 637e5080 00000013 00000128 00000000 000008ad 7f2d0000 7f3069e0 2530c766 637e5080 00000128 I uninstall it and reinstall the 4.5 RC2 version that work for me here my Dr Watson log : DrWatson_10-09-2010.zip
  21. Yes, I notice that too since the first build of Firefox 3.6.4 ; and I notice when I browse a web page with flash contained, Firefox crash (if I disable OOPP by changing all the "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled" value in "about:config" to "false" there is no crash and I can see the flash contained, but the CPU stay at 100%) It seems like the "plugin-container.exe" don't run on W98SE even with XP SP2 compatibility set Firefox 3.6.3 work fine but, I revert to Firefox 3.5.10 do to security issue .
  22. Hi, the last version of Adblockplus that work with Firefox is 1.0.2 https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/1865/versions/?page=1#version-1.0.2
  23. In your case , you can try to manualy set the swap file, that work well on a little machine look at this : http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=54635
  24. Hi I have the same issue with some application some weeks ago; there were some fonts files that were corrupt I resolve this with restoring the original fonts of W98 from the install cd ; You can try this to restore the original fonts of W98 with this tutorial: How to Restore the Windows Default Fonts in Windows 98 But first uninstall KernelEX and reboot you computer; after restoring the original fonts you can reinstall KernelEX
  25. There is a way to permanently set the User Agent in the urlbar enter "about:config" ; in the filter search the line "useragentswitcher.reset.onclose", right clic on it > modify and set to false ; restart Firefox and enjoy
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