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  1. Hi, Another little support request .... thanks in advance 1- I would like to know if all command line switches could be specified in INI [settings] section ? as you wrote in INI template file "; ... other settings has same names as command line parameters" Works good as said in INI: DisableLoadMenu = 1 SkipSettings = 1 Those settings seems to works too AutoInstall = 2 RestartWait = 5 UseCurrent = 1 NoCancel = 1 NoAbord = 1 AutoExit = 2 So I have tried those too : Language = en-US Beep=2 TopMost=1 Log="%wihu%\hotfix.log" But it seems not for those I have tried ... it's maybe normal or a bad syntax. 2- Is it possible to disable OSD text ? or are they others variables available as %d ? For testing all I use these temp settings AutoInstall = 10 RestartWait = 99 AutoExit = 99 ... because when wihu is starting OSD say that wihu is waiting user interaction for 99 seconds (?) but autostart after 10 seconds (normal). the OSD countdown timer must not print 10 seconds for user interaction ? Thanks in advance for your reply Moo
  2. Hi, What is the Development IDE you used ? ->>> Found it ... it's VS2008 I'm not a great dev but I will try to add Language detection on files as ntdll.dll?Language Kind Regards Moo
  3. Hi, First thanks for this amazing tools. Very powerfull with a lovely classic interface. I have a question about environment processing. Is it possible to "concatenate" or substitute environment variables into another environment variable ? to create a sort of dynamic attribution and resolution and if yes what is the syntax ? Here is my example: windows.systemfolder.x86 = %SystemRoot%\System32\ windows.systemfolder.x64 = %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\ computer.processor.architecture = %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% windows.systemfolder.current = %windows.systemfolder.%computer.processor.architecture%% windows.version = %windows.systemfolder.current%ntddl.dll?Version Also depending on the current computer architecture systemfolder will dynamically be attributed. - windows.systemfolder.current does not work as i have a variable into another variable. - windows.version works great if I specify windows.systemfolder.x86 value for windows.systemfolder.current Thanks in advance for your reply. Kind Regards Moo
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