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  1. After several days i got used with this tiny 8Gb folder Today i recognized, that the mountpoint is not anymore ?! I have no idea, what happened Thx again for the effort.
  2. Hmmm, is my AIK got corrupted? Edit: AIK uninstalled, i am still not able to delete this folder.
  3. how can i delete all the 42521 files in \mnt7_inst after work? whatever i am trying, its not posible to delete even one of them access denied. i could do a safe boot mode, or an liveDistro, but interesting is, why i am not able to delete anything. i am running win7x64, my files are in d:\make_p3\..
  4. Hehe, one more submenu? The question from me was not asked very clear. Are u seeing any optimization oppurtinities or unneccessary lines in the upper code? btw: the XP_ALL.iso is 600Mbyte big and size-optimized by mkisofs. Extracted more than 2Gb. Interesting is, that my target Notebook with his 1Gbyte ram, is able to map the iso without problems. I thought, the iso is got unpacked during the mapping to the memory. seems to be not or maybe a thing of mkISO_RAMload_sort.cmd? anyway, very cool Edit: If you are using MultiBootIsos (with several Languages, with/without Driverpacks, etc..) u'll get inevitably a ISO more than 1Gbyte, despite the ISO size-optimized by mkisofs. In my Case 1,2Gbyte. Sorting makes neither sense, if you have several installation sources, like in a multiboot iso. So, it would be clever, if you could take the Driverpacks outside the ISO. I think the paths in driverpacks's i386/presetup.cmd must be edited for that. The loop is scanning all drives on the pc(physical hds, flashdisks, the mounted iso...). Would this work? Or am i missing something? Edit2: Just tested, works like a charm. Dont forget, u have to edit the presetup.cmd, which is located in SourceIso/i386 (or whatever). Advantages of outsourcing the driverpack from the iso file: if u have more than one iso with integrated driverpacks, u will save much space on the flashdisk because of the reduced iso sizes. In addition, with smaller iso sizes u can reduce the RAM-precondition.Updating of the driverpacks is much easier, just renew the files on the flashdiskLast but not least: u can use the driverpacks which are on the flashdisk, for postpone driver installation per wihu or so.
  5. thank u cdob. another issue: Edit: Solved Edit2: Final & Working Configuration thx to cdob, tinybit, chenall, jaclaz, kDn, was_jaclaz, ... for their contributions and for their effort. I think that there is logical problem somewhere on the setupldr patching part. I ll took the cat part from another thread from a posting from u. Immediately after mapping and patching, i'll get the loading screen from the setup and a few mSeconds later - a reset on the VM. Either on a physically PC is neiter working. Grub4Dos is the latest one from chenall. Without the setupldr-patching everything is fine. Edit: I think, i found it but still some problems with the mapping from setupldr.bin into the ramdrive. probably i timing issue. I ll test it soon, and will write a feedback btw: some suggestions for beautification? thats only just one entry in submenu, but its getting longer and longer...
  6. @cdob, with @kDN dd methode, i am recently using several winnt.sif's on the firadisk.image. If I wanna work with two setupORG.exe files (win-original and the driverpack.one) on one firadisk.image, how could i handle this per menu.lst? i mean, one entry in grub with and one without driverpack (each one with specific winnt.sif of course).
  7. Thx, its working great!Im again and again amazed, what great thing this 'Extractor' is... Edit: Just for the record (sorry for OT) Extractor <= self-extracting archive <=SFX
  8. My installer should only run by (-ai1, ai2 ...) command line switches. If i or somebody just accidently doubleClick the Exe-File, i get an error, that setup.exe could not found. To avoid this, î insert the line below: RunProgram="hidcon:nowait:cmd /c dir" Is there a solution, if i run this SFX by doubleclick (without command line switches) to get an output (error) text, that 'this installer' could only run by command line switches?
  9. First of all, you need quotes, if the path or the filename contains spaces. In ur example the switch must be included between the quotes; like this: command.1 = "W:\Windows\Drivers\XP\NVIDIA\163.75 XP x86\setup.exe -s"
  10. btw: i discovered, that its not possible to use more than one quote for each command line. e.g. c:\program files\myprogram\myprogram.exe x:\My Programs\my files.xyz command.0.1="%programfiles%\myprogram\Myprogram.exe" "x:\My Programs\my files.xyz" will not work, in the upper exampe you need quotes, because the path/filenames contains spaces. The solution i found, its to not user more than one quote pair.
  11. Actually Benjamin, he dont mean a feature to add registry entries. @Islander, you can run ur Installfiles like below. [Environment] Inno=/Verysilent /NOCANCEL /SP- /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART Msi=/qb /qn /quiet /passive /norestart [My Setup] description.0 command.0 = "%Wihu%\Software\BlaBla\MyMSI.exe %msi%" description.1 command.1 = "%Wihu%\Software\BlaBla\MyMSI.exe %inno%"
  12. Are the supported Tags now included in the recent release ?
  13. Hi, just a silly example, to explain the Issue/Request ?! [Example] Description.0=Programs from the Same Categorie command.0=* Description.0.0=Innocent0 command.0.0=Innocent0.exe Description.0.1=Innocent1 command.0.1=Innocent1.exe Description.0.2=InCompatibleWith_4 command.0.2=InCompatibleWith_4.exe selected.0.2=if .0.4 selected then 0 locked.0.2=if .0.4 NOT selected then 0 Description.0.3=Innocent3 command.0.3=Innocent3.exe Description.0.4=InCompatibleWith_2 command.0.4=InCompatibleWith_2 selected.0.4=if .0.2 selected then 0 locked.0.4=if .0.2 NOT selected then 0 How can i realize this, without to use Radio Buttons, because these Programs are from the same Categorie and it should be possible to select them all, except two of them: They incompatible to each together. This means; when you select one of them, it should lock and disable the other one. Thx..
  14. Hi, i really appreciate the IntroVideo; nice HowTo. But i still deliberating, how your SelfExtractingSkypeExe gets automatically the Skype Icon ? Edit: I found it out I guess, you changed the Icon from the 7zs.sfx File with a ResourceEditor.
  15. Could you tell us the Ascii Code plz ? I checked the Ascii Table, but didnt find the "arrow". strange: Its not displayed correctly in the CodeTag of board@msfn, but copy&paste into winrar is working.
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