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  1. Hi people Could I apply the nlite IE reg tweaks before to install IE7? Because I don't want to integrate IE7... Thanks!
  2. Thanks Benjamin for add my contribution to your amazing app. About the "repeat password": when I create a new account I have a textbox to type the password account and then other textbox to repeat the password, right? well, the second textbox hasn't any label.. so I have to supose that this textbox is to type the password again. (the textbox between Password and Domain) Regards,
  3. Hi everybody. This is my first contribution to this forum: the Spanish translation for WIHU. Maybe it contain some erros (I don't think so, but you never knows) And many thanks Benjamin for this amazing application... The file just contain the spanish section. download it here: Spanish Translation PS: in the main screen (Create user account) I miss the "Repeat password" tab... would be included in the next version of WIHU
  4. not true. Using SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe you can get a nice silent install: 1) extract SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe with WinRAR: you should get the typical InstallShield files including a setup.exe 2) Run setup.exe with -r in order to record your answers. This will create a setup.iss in your windows folder. 3) place the setup.iss along with the rest of the files that you extracted earlier. The trick is to invoke the installer with -s AND to tell it where to get the answer file ... Assuming you have the files in D:\SomeDirWithLongFileName then you should run: "D:\SomeDirWithLongFileName\setup.exe" -s -f1"D:\SomeDirWithLongFileName\setup.iss" in order to get a silent install thanks!!!!
  5. hi... i have an asus motherboard (a7n266-vm) and i don't know how can i install the sound drivers with a unnattended cd. the reason is because the sound drivers come with NVMixer and i want to install it too, so i don't know if i install the drivers like an application or not. could somebody help me please? EDIT: sorry... i found the answer in other topic...
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