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  1. ensure that the driver inf that you are using contains the hardware id and is of the correct architecture for the winpe that your using. if you installed the WMIC package into your winpe you can get the VEN and DEV from the "WMIC NIC" command within PE. also veryify your winpe startup actually enables networking: manual command: "wpeutil initializenetwork"
  2. if i ever have problems with drivers, i just rebuild the image completely with the new drivers set. injecting 1.2GB of drivers then trying to reverse engineer the problem has always failed for me even upon driver removal (**** you 20 versions of intel HECI!!!!) (ok the censorship is way OTT, it makes it look worse than what i actually said!)
  3. as trip said, Networking driver should be injected into the image. however if your not in a DHCP enviorment (i do tests with a winpe with a mounted ISO on a VM). in this instance i need to set a static address by firstly getting the adaptor name using ipconfig then by using the folowing command netsh interface ipv4 add address "Wired Ethernet Connection" 192.168.x.x ?where "Wired Ethernet Connection" is the name of your adaptor you may or may not have to put the work "static" between the adaptor name and the network address depending on what PE you are using.
  4. Atheros

    UFD Support

    yes using winpe 3. i think it could be something to do with running 2 diskpart scripts from the same sub, maybe it is storing an error somewhere. ah well ill keep trying, once i get a little more time and let you know how i get round it.
  5. Atheros

    UFD Support

    nice thought Trip. i do have a diskpart script running on window_onload but the cardreader seems to retain the letter unless i close and re-open the HTA application: this is what i currently have: Sub Window_OnLoad Document.body.style.cursor = "Wait" If ObjFSO.driveexists("c:") Then Objapp.run "Diskpart /s remc.txt",0,true objapp.run "ping",0,true END IF IF ObjFSO.driveexists("D:") Then Objapp.run "Diskpart /s remd.txt",0,true objapp.run "ping",0,true END IF Document.body.style.cursor = "Auto" End Sub diskpart scrips are as follows: Sel Vol C: Remove Letter=C NOERR Exit any further ideas,,,, not only that i sent a support request to MS about the drive lettering that WinPE allocates when system is booted with multiple drives.... but thats another nightmare in itself. if you are not aware of this letting issue then this is how it goes. drives have partitons configured on them: Disk(0)Partition(1) = C: Disk(1)Partition(1) = D: Disk(0)Partition(2) = E: Argh! hopefully they will send me a fix for this. ignore the lack of object declarations and types.... i didn't bother adding them on here but do exist on the program
  6. Atheros

    UFD Support

    does any one know if there is a fast and simple way to remove UFD support from WinPE... a certain cardreader is becoming a Nuisance... i dont use UFD as everything is blasted over a gigalan. so any quick ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Atheros


    you use the winpeshl.ini file to launch your custom app. by creating an entry it should automatically override startnet.cmd.
  8. just a quick question, something that seems to have been a pain in my side since the dawn of winpe 3.0. does any1 know how to get winpe to display scripting errors rather than just a big white square box? been making diagnostics very ardious and if there is a way of displaying them, a solution or an idea would be greatly appreciated.
  9. compression. 1000MB is a bit large though... mine is only 786MB, but all depends on your customisations etc.
  10. change your deployment method. Use a custom tool along with WinPE to deploy Custom WIM's... you will still run into the space issue. maybe have 2 dual DVDR9's on with x86arch wimfiles and the other with x64 arch files.
  11. all drivers are installed during the generalize phase. as far as i know you cannot add them after. Both Network and DVD install copys a folder that is injected to the system during the installation (just before process generalize phase) personally i just BLAAT them into the Custom WIMfile. that way the image remains HAL free and can be installed on ANY system.
  12. wouldn't it be easier to leave outlook running and minimize it to the systray?
  13. On the HDD config Screen, click "Load Additional Drivers" option. take the win7 dvd out and insert you mainboard drivers cd. select load and navigate to the corresponding folder where your raid driver is installed. load it. reinstert the Win7 product DVD and click next. you HDD should now be seen by the HDD config page. failing that get a copy of the latest driver from the manufacturures website. if you are unsure of what it is. press shift + F10 to open a command prompt. type WMIC DiskDrive >> X:\temp.txt. use notepad to read temp.txt (Notepad x:\temp.txt) in here it will give you a list of the available storage devices and hardware ID's. then use PCIdatabase.com to lookup what hardware you have.
  14. Ok so long time sine i've needed help with much but now i am dabbling with things that i do not fully understand (Exchange 2010). This is the setup: Router 1 (xx.xx.201.1) is L2TP tunneled to Router 2 (xx.xx.1.1) (communication both way confirmed working) Server 1 Attached to Router 1 has 2 LAN adaptors (xx.xx.201.3 - External) and (xx.xx.101.7 - Internal). both AD & Exchange is hosted on this machine and serves everyone in the 101 subnet. OWA internal and external address is working fine at both sites. File and printers hosted by AD are available. just users on router 2 cannot connect to Exchange via Outlook 2007. i think the problem is because the exchange client connector is hosted on the 101 subnet and not the 201... i do not know how to make it available to both.. any ideas? Please just ignore this POST. It does work was just an interference between the users keayboard and chair!!

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