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  1. Thanks for all the replies everyone was really helpful!!
  2. The driver was for a Toshiba L840-BT3N22. The NIC card is a "Qualcomm Ahteros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)" THe HW ID is: PCI/VEN_1969&DEV_2062&SUBSYS_FB501179&REV_C1\4&26d56668&0&00E3 Driver Version: And yes they were in the drivers folder on the WinPE disc. While looking at the device manager using devmanview there is a section that says ".inf File" and it list oem146.inf So i'm not for sure if that means that is the .inf file it used which I'm assuming it is what it means. If so, there is nothing in the driver package that I have found by this name. All the drivers were labeled as L1....x32 or x64.inf files. So that is interesting.
  3. I finally got this to work and I'll share for anyone who is interested because it's very strange. I had the WinPe disk created with the correct drivers for the NIC. I even put these drivers on a USB flash drive and was doing a DRVLOad to that driver and it would say successful. I used a tool called devmanveiw.exe that takes you into a generic looking Device Manager and I could see the driver was there. But I still got no IP. What I finally did was delete the driver from the devmanview.exe application. I tried the DRVLOAD command again and noticed even though it said successful the driver was not in the device manager. So from my USB flash drive I ran the setup.exe file for the LAN driver using the command prompt in Winpe and installed the LAN that way. After that I was getting a 169 address. So then I ran the command wpeutil initializenetwork and then I got an IP and now it's imaging. The only thing is I don't know why I had to run the setup.exe to get it to recognize the LAN instead of just doing the DRVLOAD command to load the .inf file. But in any case it's at least working in a round about way.
  4. I've tried all these suggestions which were all good but still no luck. I don't know what's up with this device
  5. I've tried all these suggestions which were all good, but no luck. I'm not sure what's up with this device
  6. This did not work either. I even did the dvrload and it said successful but it didn't help. I ran the wpeutil initializenetwork and it said successful but no luck. When I do an Ipconfig /all this is all I get Windows IP Configuration Hostname......:minint-ntglq49 Primary DNS Suffix........: Node Type..............:Hybrid IP Routing Enabled.......................No WINS Proxy Enabled...................:No And that's all that shows up.
  7. I"m creating a new WinPE disc with just the drivers for this paticular device. I don't know that it will make a difference but it is worth a shot. Will let you know if it fixes it.
  8. The .sys files were there and the HW id's were in the .inf file. I also downloaded this tool called devman view which is kind of a tool that looks like Device Manager. When going into that it shows the correct LAN driver is installed and the hardware ID is correct. Very strange. I just can't get it to recognize an IP address. I have multiple different models here and they all work. But this one Toshiba is giving me fits. WE are just using it for a demo right now but if I can't figure out how to even image it, I don't believe we will be purchasing it.
  9. The .sys files and all that was found. I am able to even do a dvrload command and it says it installed the driver successful but it's still not working. The LAN is enabled in BIOS. I don't see anything else that would affect the LAN in the BIOS that would be disabled. I'm at a loss.
  10. I'm using Winpe 3.0. I do have the drivers injected. I can go out to the path and find them under x;\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository.
  11. Does anyone have any other ideas, I've tried everything I know how to do. But I have a Toshiba Sattelite L840 model and my WinPe disk boots up but it's not getting a network address therefore I can't use the Net Use command. I've went to Toshiba's site and downloaded the NIC driver and mounted it to the WinPE disc and its still not working. I've tried the dvrload method by trying to install the drivers that way but no luck. I've checked the BIOS and I don't see anything there that would help. WE are on a DHCP network. It will say tha the drive is successfully installed when doing the DVRLoad command and I did the initializenetwork command with no luck. I loaded a Windows 7 disc and put the OS on there and installed the NIC driver (atheros driver) just to make sure it works and it did. So I'm not sure why I can't get the device to pick it up using WinPE. Any other suggestions? I have about 20+ different models I use this disc on and it works fine. It's just this one new device I have that is causing me fits. Thanks in Advance!
  12. Is there a way to install a Lan driver from the WinPe disc? I have the drivers on the disc for this one paticular model and I can see they are there but it's still not picking them up. The disc works on about 15 other devices that are different models but struggling with this new one. It's a new laptop we got in. So I was wondering if there was anyway when booted up to WinPe if you can force it to install the driver?
  13. Anybody have any exeprience with using Big Bang UIU (Universal Imaging Utility) to image Windows 7 devices? I want to use it and have it prompt me for a computer name, which it does and then I want it to join it to my domain. The joining to the domain part is not working. Just curious if anyone uses this tool and if there were any tricks to it. I contacted Big Bang but have not heard back from them yet.
  14. Yes you are correct, that worked. Totally overlooked that. Thank you so much! I wish every fix was that easy
  15. I had not seen that link where there was a contact. So thanks for sending that my way. I will contact the developer to see if this is possible. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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